GenCon: CoolMiniOrNot Booth Roundup

Wrath of Kings GenCon 1

The GenCon 2015 coverage continues with the BoLS Crew’s trip through the CoolMiniOrNot booth. They had a bunch of new things to show off!

Hey BoLS Readers, AdamHarry back with even more GenCon coverage! What? Did you think we were done already? Oh no – we still have a ton of goodies to show off this week as well! We got a tour of the CMON booth – which was poppin’ all weekend long. They were showing off a bunch of new board games and some updates to a few classics. We even got a demo in…but that’s another story! Here’s the video proof:

There is a photo gallery at the end if you just want to ogle all the pretty miniatures – and they were EXPERTLY well done. If you’re just into painting or the hobby aspect of things or if you want to stretch those hobby muscles out – check out CMON’s offerings because they will put your skills to the test (with fantastic sculpts in resin no less).

Rum & Bones – their new game after a successful kickstarter – was there in full force and we got to sit down a take a look at the miniatures. We also picked-up a copy so stay tuned for a full unboxing of that game. If you’re not sure what Rum & Bones is then the best way to describe it is a pirated themed MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. I know, I know – it’s a board game so how can it be a MOBA? Because it’s a subgenre of the RTS games and… you know what, nevermind. I’ll let them explain it:

Rum & Bones is a game for 2-6 players aged 13+ where players take command of a pirate faction: The swashbuckling Wellsport Brotherhood or the undead Bone Devils. Each side has five characters with a variety of attacks and abilities to fight alongside the faceless crew as they charge headlong across the gangplanks to sink, take, or burn the enemy ship!

It’s a direct head-to-head faceoff inspired by the popular MOBA style video games and brought to the tabletop with beautiful miniatures. Each pirate faction has its own unique theme, and the characters’ abilities combine in startling ways to create killer combos and feats of daring. But, be cautious! Too much power concentrated in one place stands a chance of summoning the mighty Kraken, which can turn the battle in an instant!

So yes – it’s inspired by MOBA style games. But it’s a board game. No internet required! It’s actually pretty neat to boot. And there are a lot more than just the two starter factions. Much like popular MOBA’s there is a deep roster of heroes nefarious pirates to play.

Dark Age was also at their booth – and that game just keeps on going! Many of the older models have been re-sculpted and updated to more modern standards. The Forsaken got a new book and a bunch of cool miniatures as well. This game is a lot of fun and it’s something we’re looking into. I know GentleBen is ALL over this game. We’ve still have our demo game from last year’s GenCon if you want to see it played. And we also have a battle report if you want to watch a larger scale game. The models are just plain cool.

Dark age GenCon

Wrath of Kings was also making it’s big debut, it’s another CMON game that is simple to learn and difficult to master. It uses a unique “single-die resolution” system for combat results. The core rules are available online and each unit has it’s own stat card with their unique rules. They even have a 13 minute “how-to play” video which I highly recommend watching. We also got a basic primer on how to play at GenCon which will be available soon. This is ANOTHER game that has gorgeous models. It’s also got some great background and the fluff in the big rule book is engaging – it’s a really well done piece of writing! It’s all in the core rulebook, online for FREE. What are you waiting for?! Go read it! Plus they have a fishman faction with bipedal sharks. Land Sharks if you will. And they are JAWESOME!

Wrath of Kings GenCon


There is more stuff in the video but I wouldn’t want to leave you without some more teaser pics, would I?

IMG_1647 GenCon DarkAge


GenCon Dark Age 1 GenCon Rum and Bones 1 IMG_1634 GenCon CMON


GenCon: The Coverage Continues! We’ll be back with more goodies, stay tuned…AdamHarry, OUT!

  • I love the CMON games. I play Wrath and Dark Age quite a lot. More of their content on here would be….nevermind, not enough power armor in their games :/

    • StingrayP226

      AoS doesn’t have powerarmor just really thick plate armor :p

      I understand your pain. I would like to see more games covered, but many people will not open a window if GW isn’t in the name (or one of their games). Honestly if BoLS started covering more games they might be able to lower the amount of random spam. I will admit I’m part of the problem and I need to write more articles for Firestorm, Halo, and other games I’m engaged or trying to engage in.

      • Azrell

        Dosnt it? read more about it.

  • Benderisgreat

    That giant egypt-o-tron thing would make an excellent Necron superheavy….sigh. Some day, Necrons, some day….

    • Autumnlotus

      All I see is conversion material for a contemptor dreadnaught for thousand sons :3

      • Benderisgreat

        Or that.

      • jeff white

        or that

  • euansmith

    A nice and varied selection of minis.

  • Grimbuddha

    I just played a game of Wrath of Kings yesterday for the first time. Luckily, I have a buddy who invested pretty heavily because he loves the models, so I got to play for free. The rulebook is kind of a mess, but I have to say that once we figured it out, it was really, really fun. It has the combo shenanigans of Warmachine, the model quality of GW, the “always playing” aspect of Infinity, and a simple but deep ruleset. Trying really hard to hold off ordering a starter set of either the Nasier or Goritsi.

  • izmerul

    it’s almost daunting the minis they make …

    I mean yes they are beautiful but I just can’t buy them because of a) my probable inability to do them justice on the paint job and b) they aren’t cheap so if I don’t paint them well enough I will feel like i’ve wasted my money.

  • jeff white

    love the swashbuckling fat man with the fiery sword… which company is making these?