Kings of War: Battle Camp – Mastering Surge


Mantic introduces a new series to teach you tactics and tips for mastering Kings of War.  Let’s get started Generals:

In the first of our new series of Tactic videos we take a look at Surge. Probably the most tactically diverse of all the spells in Kings of War. With the use of simple diagrams we guide you through how this spell can be made the most of in your games.

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Over the last two weeks we have seen Mantic release free armylists for Twilight Kin and Ratmen. I would be expecting the newest Kings of War weekly army list to be out any day now.

~Let’s here form you Kings of War fans!  What is your favorite thing about the rules?

  • Monly

    This is so old.

  • Alhazred TheMad

    Next week we’ll show “By-pass,” the magic spell that lets you get around copy right infringement.

    • Stan

      The guys at Mantic learned that one when they worked at GW.

      • jeff white

        and the guys at gw learned it when they hawked dungeon magazine.

    • Dan

      Dude just play the game, you’ll soon find out how very different from Warhammer it actually is.

      • Alhazred TheMad

        Your right, I’m not being fair. It’d nice to go back to a ranked system. I’m really digging AoS though and my groups moved onto it.

        • Dan

          Fair enough.

          • Alhazred TheMad

            Honestly what I really want to see Mantic do, since it’s embracing other figures anyway, is an open system. If they made it so that you design your own armies id buy it in a heart beat. I’d like to run fantasy vs sci fi, and have it equal out. Actually what I want to have is for Napoleon’s army to face Seal Team 6, but I don’t see that happening so I settle army design.

        • Spinocus

          Mass battles with ranked units is what drew my gaming circle to WHFB, and AoS’ skirmish based rule set is what drove us away. Power to you for enjoying AoS though, enjoy it!

          Ideally, a healthy, thriving games market should offer a game for virtually everyone.

    • Spinocus

      Are you talking about 40K?!? Because that’s one of the few ‘original’ intellectual properties Games Workshop actually invented and successfully copyrighted. Dragons, Griffons, Dwarfs, Elves, Lizardmen, Vampires, Zombies, Ghouls, Ogres, Trolls, Chaos gods, Skaven (rat men), Dryads, Treemen, etc… all shamelessly ripped off from fantasy books, games and properties and incorporated into WHFB.

      WHFB’s popularity was built on GW’s ability to create an appealing set of rules and miniatures that were based entirely on previously established fantasy races and themes. Other miniatures companies have tried their hand at fantasy wargame rules but never managed to get more than a small slice of the market. Sure, GW added their own unique spin and created original fluff, units and heroes, but WHFB was still built on a foundation laid down by Tolkien, Howard, Lieber, Gygax, and countless other fantasy authors and game designers.

      One of the reasons why GW blew up WHFB and replaced it with AoS is because they knew their so-call original fantasy IP was neither original or theirs to begin with. It was a nearly impossible task to copyright their WHFB races, themes and (most) units that were part of the public domain for several decades before Warhammer appeared on the scene. How the hell can you copyright a Vampire Count or Orc Shaman?!? Take notice that GW never or rarely ever pursued WHFB law suits against other miniatures companies who ‘infringed’ on their fantasy IP. AoS, like 40K, effectively gives GW a proprietary IP with unique races, units, etc. that they can more readily and aggressively protect. Fact… GW specifically cited IP protection as a reason for the changes in their financial/shareholder reports.

      Yes, Mantic shamelessly looked to lure away embittered WHFB players to their KoW rules and miniatures. The amazing part is that it took this long for someone to make the attempt. In Mantic’s defense the Kings of War rules really are a marked departure from WHFB, it’s core design borrows more from historical wargames than the mutated pseudo-skirmishing rules that we knew as WHFB.

      • Alhazred TheMad

        Yup, fully agree Warhammer fantasy is recycled LOTE. No one is arguing that. Joke was centered on the Skaven and Dark Elf created lists for the game. Please write another three pages on the injustice of it all though, but it’s all gravy.

        • Spinocus

          True, Mantic had a Dark Elf equivalent (Twilight Kin) incorporated into the 1st edition of KoW. An unofficial army list for their Skaven equivalent (Ratkin) was created by one of Mantic’s employees years ago, but was never sanctioned, supported or playtested by Mantic. It was only after GW blew up WHFB this year that Mantic officially supported an official Ratkin list, as well as lists for other armies based on WHFB. They would be fools not to do so, especially after GW threw their mass battle baby out with the bath water.