Kings of War: Twilight Kin Armylist Arrives


All you fans of evil pointy elves of the fantasy north – rejoice.  Mantic just gave you a new armylist!  Come take a look.

Take it away Mantic:

Elves are as capable of evil as they of good, and although most choose a life of goodness, there are those to whom wickedness is irresistible. For long ages the Twilight Kin were a network of secret cabals within respectable Elven society whose membership was made up of the jaded and perverse. They would meet under dark skies to celebrate the shadowy sides of the Celestians, for the ancient deities of Mantica encompassed good and ill within one form.

It was only with the shattering of Fenulian’s mirror that the Twilight Kin gained real influence. As the world fell from perfect balance into violence, certain magically gifted members of these cults sought out the attentions of the Wicked Ones. Flattered by the worship of the most ancient of races, the Wicked Ones provided the mages of the Twilight Kin what they desired – quick and easy roads to power.

With their new found might, these mage-lords corrupted their kin, appealing to the arrogance of the Elves. They were the first people, they said, they were the true masters of the earth. Too long had they bowed their knees to the Celestians and given too much to the lesser creatures of the world. At such a time, when the world was in uproar, their words found a ready audience. And such Elves who could not be turned by their reason were twisted by magic. The Eastern and Southern Kindreds in particular lost many of their brothers and sisters to the darkness, a secret that is never acknowledged today.


This week the Kings of War Rules Committee have put together the 2nd Edition Force List for the Twilight Kin – bitter and twisted Elves. This list is a temporary one allowing existing Twilight Kin players to field their in Kings of War 2nd Edition. It is in-line with the core armies for points values and rules so tournament organisers and opponents should feel safe allowing and playing against armies from this list.

Free Download: Twilight Kin Kings of War Force List (COMPLETE)

Please be aware through that the Twilight Kin army and all the background are both due for a major overhaul so do not assume everything in this list is either an indication of what is to come or will survive to the new list when it is made available.

Buccaneers, Blade Dancers and Hydras – OH MY!

So, who’s tried out Kings of War since Age of Sigmar arrived?  What did you think?

  • Corsair6

    Wow. That picture looks like GamesWorkshop circa two decades ago. The game looks about the same

    • Drpx

      It more or less is. Mantic is playing the rebound and scooping up all the WFB players who don’t want to play 40k apocalypse.

      • vlad78

        And it’s fair game imho. Now they need to improve the aesthetic of some of their ranges.

        The new deamons are great albeit a bit cartoonish but older range like elves are just bad.

    • vlad78

      Actually that was GW golden age.

    • Valeli

      IE: Exactly what I wanted. Fluff and world isn’t as fun, but I manage.

  • Simon Chatterley

    Well having made the full switch from 8th I have never been happier. They are churning out content for a game which is (IMHO) very well balanced and from the 20 ish games I have played it really is properly strategical.

    I have friends with Dark Elves who have been waiting on this temp list to jump over to try it out so I couldn’t be happier.

    1 year ago I sneered at Mantic. Never again. My GW blinkers are off now and I’m sticking with a company who want feedback and actually act on it.

  • Tried it. Couldn’t do it. Tried it again. Still can’t do it. Can’t get engaged with the game no matter how hard I try.

    • vlad78

      What do you dislike?

      • Pretty much all of it. I guess – too vanilla. Thats the easiest way I can describe it.

        • Tyr

          At least you tried. That counts for a lot, imo. Hope youll find a way to continue with a game you enjoy! 🙂

        • vlad78

          So you don’t like the concept of a game focusing on trying to break the enemy line?

          I’ve also heard critics saying many armies were similar but after reading the rules and seeing some games I think most have a very distinct feel and need different tactics. Dwarves are tough and slow, elves are faster, deadly but more fragile, men are average but reliable and so on.

          Or do you speak about the magic which is a toned down or magical artifacts which are less insane than wfb?

          Is it the concept of not removing casualties but weakening the moral of units instead until they break? the lack of attacks coming from a unit which is charged?

          Something else? just out of curiosity.

          • Simon Chatterley

            I suppose I am lucky to have owned a rather huge Undead collection already when I switched. I did need to get a few from Mantic as well to get all the choices but not much.

            As such I have been able to put out around 6 vastly differently playing variants from the list options available.

            Had a 2k game tonight as it happens against Dwarves and I went with my very fast elite army (Soul Reavers and werewolves – very twilight I know) but it plays entirely differently to my other lists.

            Personally I have seen more variation in this game than 8th which basically became the same mono-lists spammed to eternity. Most of the time you just needed to know what army your opponent had to near guess the army you would face.

            But that is just my views 🙂

          • I think its just overall that after i played a few games (and I own the first ed book and have the 2nd ed book on preorder from kickstarter) that afterward it felt flat to me and that after having tried to give it a shot after a handful of games that its not my thing and i will continue looking for something else or write my own.

          • vlad78

            I wish you luck.

            With all the games existing nowadays, there must be something tailormade for you.

          • Not really unfortunately. Most modern games are missing something. But thats ok thats why I write my own things 🙂

  • moonshadow101

    “most choose a life of goodness”


  • Bobsyouruncle

    I think it’s good that Mantic are trying to get lists done so WHFB players can transfer across to a new game , my only problem is that since the death of 8th the fantasy scene has really started to dry up a bit in my area . I’ve become a bit like the doctor David Banner of fantasy war gaming with my army in it’s cases in a ruck sack , moving from place to place to find a game of KOW , 8th or Warthrone …..never staying anywhere to long ! ( Cue that sad music at the end of the Hulk TV show ! )

  • Joseph Norton-Jones

    I don’t really play games. I just like to paint. Is it just me (I doubt it) or are mantic lacking a little originality with their art and models. That dark elf picture is a bit close to GWs.

    • Mantic profits off of the disgruntled GW base. You are seeing in my opinion design as intended.

      • vlad78

        Only in part. Those designs are mostly generic fantasy design.
        GW only parted from those designs in the last decade and often it wasn’t a good move.

        The dark elve you see is also strangely close to how Peter Kackson described Sauron in the lord of the ring.

    • AircoolUK

      Their models are pretty average. A few good ones crop up, but I’m not a fan and tend to proxy in mantic games.

      • vlad78

        It’s true, they’ll have to improve the design of their minis.
        Yet, it’s damn cheap and with some customization, many miniatures can really look good.

        Except the elves. Those are just hopeless.

        Goblins and deamons are good omho. Ork are also ok and undeads are great.

      • Erik Setzer

        But they’re still great models for the hobby, because they’re quite affordable. Newer players especially might not be able to buy more expensive models, but could easily afford Mantic’s stuff. And they’re certainly good enough to play games with and look decent with a good paint job.

    • GreyMage

      Well, seeing as Mantic was founded by a long time GW employee…..

  • Dan

    Apparently Mantic is going to be re-doing their Twilight Kin range some time soon. Hopefully they will look really good and hopefully once they are finished with them they will revisit their old elf, dwarf and orc ranges as well to bring them up to visual scratch.

    • Bobsyouruncle

      Just seen some of their new orc range on another site and I would say there has been a real improvement in sculpt quality compared to the older range .

      • Dan

        Yeah their Dungeon Saga orcs look awesome.

    • dinodoc

      A model upgrade and they’d probably seal the deal on getting the WHFB player base to switch, Especially if it matches the quality of their Dungeon Saga range.

      • Dan

        I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until they get an upgrade.

  • marxlives

    I like Mantics angel humans, evil dwarves, and undead but the others need to grow on me first.