Mantic: Shows off Abyssal Dwarves


Hey Kings of War fans – sit down with Mantic and checkout their latest brand new army – the Abyssal Dwarfs!


“To kick off our new series of Whats In The Box we take a look at the new 2nd Edition releases for the Abyssal Dwarf Army. We delve into the new Army Set, take a look at the Iron Caster and finally inspect the beast that is the greater obsidian golem.”

The miniatures featured in this video can be found on the Mantic Webstore:


Abyssal Dwarfs


So who’s already bought into Kings of War?  What do you think so far?


  • Retconned Legion

    Latest army…that looks like it was sculpted in the ’80’s by a drunk Gary Morley.

    • Mad Leprechaun


    • Shadowlord

      That is an insult to Gary and booze in general…

    • wibbling

      Could you do better?

      • Retconned Legion

        Critique does not require the critic be able to do better. Nor is that any defense for poor quality. I couldn’t finance a movie, but that does not make Uwe Boll’s films any better because he can.

      • calming rain

        in that logic. you should NEVER EVER criticizing
        politician, cook, your mom ;p

  • I have a chaos dwarf army and bought a couple of mantic’s characters. They aren’t “bad” but they aren’t overly good either. The Forge World line is still aesthetically leaps and bounds over these guys.

    • euansmith

      Have they produced actual Abyssal Dwarfs or are they still using regular dwarfs with a fiddly head swap for the rank and file troops?

      • That i’m not sure. All I ordered were the characters. I’m contemplating the golem thing to represent my kdaai destroyer but I have to get over its warcraft-like appearance.

      • Mad Leprechaun

        The video shows them as fully plastic now it seems

        • Cergorach

          While synthetic resin is thermoset (plastic), it is the same kind of crappy material they previously called restic and now lump it in with the better quality plastic on sprues. imho that makes me less likely to buy any Mantic stuff without some extensive research. I am comfortable to lump in ‘Restic’ with Crapcast from GW, both are terrible materials.

        • euansmith

          Yeah, looking at them on the Mantic site they appear to be newish sculpts cast in restic.

    • Matthew

      Silly question, but what happened to ForgeWorld warhammer monsters/armies?

      Did they get a AoS rules reboot too or are they just models for 8th ATM?

      • Horus84cmd

        FW said in their bulletin blog a week or so back that all the Warhammer Forge mini’s will be getting AoS’d shortly. No time scale was given though

        • Matthew

          Thank you.. It would be cool to see those warscrolls pop up in the app.

      • Nothing yet. We did our own conversion of chaos dwarfs for now:

  • Jason McFarland

    The quality is what’s always kept me away from Mantic. These are bad.

    • Horus84cmd

      I get that too. There is a distinct air of the miniature industry from 10+ year ago in quality. Also for me it’s that all their sculpts are, in my opinion, mediocre. None of Mantics sculpts are bad (all companies have dodgy mini from time to time) but nothing’s good either, that stand out sculpt that you go wow over. I have the same issues with Warmachine/Hordes sculpts

      • JN7

        I’ll grant you WMH has some poor sculpts, but there are plenty of good ones as well. Certainly better than that golem or GW’s centurians.

    • Agent OfBolas

      it’s OK. I have few sets of Undead for them and they are quite nice price/quality.

      They require a bit work, but this is not a problem for me, I like it. And the price is hard to beat, you can get quite nice sculpts comming with Ork army for… 100 bucks? Great deal.

  • Jim

    “Abyssal” or “Abysmal” Dwarfs?

  • Andrew Thomas

    I’d rather have metal Mid’Nor Dwarves. At least I can believe they’re evil.

    • Sisyphus

      (sigh) I think Confrontation is gone forever… CMoN never even hints at what the delays are or even if they have given up.

  • Koszka

    Those sculpts are painful.

    The golem looks like a child trying to sculpt a mountain king.

  • Jonathan B.

    When I first read the title, I thought it said “Abysmal Dwarves”. Then I saw the pictures and thought it should say “Abysmal Dwarves”.

  • Lewis Everitt

    I must be one of the few people who really like these, vocally at least, but then I loved GW stuff 10+ years ago too. These are nowhere near GW quality now, but then they are nowhere near GW prices. I mean it’s £49 for the whole lot for jebus sake!

    If you want to see the best Mantic sculpts look at their latest Deadzone stuff and their Dreadball stuff, it’s really much better.

    • euansmith

      I think Mantics is starting to slowly catch up with their concept artwork; though the forest shamblers looked horrible 😉 I have some hope for my Salamanders and Nyads.

  • kaptinscuzgob

    i dont think the sculpts are bad, rather, that theres nothing about them that makes them interesting or stand out

    • Retconned Legion

      Nope, the sculpts are bad. All the interesting features in the world wouldn’t make them good.

  • Spinocus

    I’m a supporter of Mantic but they’re clearly still struggling with the quality of their sculpts. An odd rule of threes seems to be in play; every good miniature they make is offset by a mediocre one and a terrible one. Their designs have certainly improved over time but it seems like very few of their miniatures come close to the quality and detail of their artist’s design sketches. I’m not sure the artistic quality of Mantic’s miniatures is related to the cost of production and relevant manufacturing compromises either. I suspect the internal evaluation process for their sculpts is likely to produce more praise than criticism, certainly more so than the average miniatures gamer/hobbyist would offer for a given sculpt. On the other hand you can’t blame them for loving their own babies, beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all that.

    In defense of their Abyssal Dwarfs most of these sculpts are quite old and date back to when the army was a hybrid of metal, plastic and resin. I believe the gargoyles and golems are the most recent sculpts and they’re fine, especially considering the price. However the Greater Obsidian Golem does not seem like a good deal at that price. Full disclosure, I have an Abyssal Dwarf army and am content with it, especially given the price I paid (bought via Mantic’s first KoW Kickstarter).

    The good news is Mantic’s Dungeon Saga miniatures seem to be markedly improved over their older KoW stuff.

    • euansmith

      There vinyl minis do seem consistently good.

  • Bobsyouruncle

    I think it’s easy to forget Mantic are still a young company and I guess most of us have got used to the quality of GW sculpts , yet they have been on the go for 40 years and produced plenty of duff looking minis over the years . That said , with the squating of WHFB GW have handed Mantic a huge opportunity that they need to grab with both hands and in this day and age their figure quality is holding them back , especially when compared to the quality of figures produced by other companies created by ex GW staff like Warlord Games and Perry Miniatures .

  • Nazdreg

    If Mantic make money off of the WFB IP, it’s only because no one else is trying.

    Right now I would encourage all other companies that make a living from the Fantasy IP to step up to the plate. Almost any other could do a better job than this – particularly in this day and age. If Kromlech or Dreamforge do Chaos Dwarfs, I know they will be incredible – as good as FW maybe.

    • Spinocus

      I would have to agree with this. So many WHFB gamers were driven into the wilderness by AoS that it seems
      crazy not to try and lure them back to the market. Mantic is
      in a great position right now but they most certainly won’t get them all. Makes you wonder who else is scheming to cash in on GW’s complete abandonment of the industry’s number one mass battle (non-skirmish!) fantasy wargame?

      I’ve said this in other BOLS posts but my money is on Warlord making a serious go of it. They’re flush with success & cash thanks to the huge reception of Bolt Action and the continued popularity of Hail Caesar and Black Powder. Warlord recently gave the green light to one of their employees to produce a free, fantasy variant for HC (he even posted the files to his site) but they’ve made no serious forays into this arena… yet? Warlord certainly has the marketing, infrastructure and logistics to make this happen.

      • Bobsyouruncle

        Warlord Games would make a great job of making a dark , gritty low fantasy universe especially with the likes of Rick Priestly and Paul Sawyer in the mix .

        • Senexis

          Absolutely. It’s almost like they have peeps who were there back when the game was great. Oh, wait, it’s exactly like that…

  • Kostas Kostis

    When GW makes exquisite models but beyond the crapdome rules players whine and complain . When mantic makes decent but outdated models at very low prices and good rules players still whine and complain . What exactly were the people complaining expecting as sculpts when their figures cost so little?

    • Spinocus

      You make a good point but you have to consider that good sculpts and reasonable price points are not mutually exclusive terms.

      Two things… First take a look at the historical miniatures market, the per figure costs for top quality plastic AND metal minis rivals and often beats those for sci-fi and fantasy minis. Victrix and Perry produce excellent plastic minis at price points well under $1 per figure! Secondly, look at the miniatures produced over the last year or two. Reaper’s Bones line, while lacking really sharp detail, are fantastic for the price (especially for the larger 40mm high figures and monsters). Then there are the multitude of board games produced on Kickstarter (Zombicide, Conan, etc.) that sport some jaw dropping, spectacular sculpts at shocking good price points (inclusive to the overall game package). The talent and manufacturing technology is out there to produce high quality, cost effective minis, which leaves me to believe Mantic’s problems are not necessarily rooted purely in cost.

  • Jason McFarland

    Mantic is like the dollar store. Yes, I can still get a dozen cookies for a dollar, but I don’t want them to taste like cardboard, so I spend $3 a dozen to get tastier ones.

    • Douglas Burton

      Lol. If this is supposed to be a GW analogy, it would be more like spending $3 a cookie.

  • euansmith

    The big golem looks like a nice cast of a poorly posed mini.

  • Jay Shepherd

    I think it looks cool. Maybe I’m just easily pleased.

  • Douglas Burton

    I do think that the dwarves are hit or miss in style. But then again, when you are looking at figures that are 1/10th the price of many of the other manufacturers, well, you can’t complain too much.

  • Stan

    I think the miniatures look fine, but what is the hook? Is there a reason for the Golem to have those crystals, etc.
    A lot of 40k miniatures look pretty goofy, but their role in the story make them really interesting if you are in the know, and that is what the miniatures from Mantic seem to lack – a back story and reason for being part of the game.