The DiRT- GenCon Infinity After Action Review


With GenCon 2015 behind us, lets look at a quick recap of the Infinity event and show off some new things that you can expect from The DiRT.  Warning, this article is picture heavy.


GenCon 2015, for me it meant three things: Minis, Events, and meeting new people who will have Infinity questions.  A special thank you goes out to Corvus Belli, Mark Serrano, and …. for all the photos in this article.

The NEWS: Infinity Happenings @ The CB Booth

This year, Corvus Belli and Warsenal shared a booth.  Truly a perfect match up as in previous years, we had been bombarded with questions regarding terrain.  In all told, there were:

  1. Two demo tables up front (city and forest terrain)
  2. Two amazing Warsenal tables that both showed off the amazing talent of the company as well as showcased the terrain that hung from either side of their constructed crate tables
  3. Two large USAriadna/Operation:Icestorm stacks.



Two minutes after the gates opened for more than just the VIG guests, the main rush (led by Dexter of Shark Mounted Lasers) flowed to the infinity booth.




What were they there to see and purchase?  USAriadna models on Warsenal Terrain:



When people were not purchasing, they were learning.  And this year, I had two full-time demo bros helping at the booth. Thomas Schadle (from Mayacast) and Michael de L’Arbre (who doesn’t run a podcast and is equally cool).

bols 3


In the Infinity model showcase this year were two models that were designed specifically for the Infinity Role Playing Game.  August releases could also be previewed at the booth.

The Skinny: In the Gaming Hall

Guillermo Hernandez led an all-star cast and crew of Warcors who ran tournaments as well as provided extensive demos, and other Infinity events (like the biker combat challenge and the Fiddler events).

This year also featured an Infinity Grudge Match between Nestor and I.  The battle report was streamed on my twitch channel, thank you for everyone who came out.  It unbelievably helpful for debugging our set up in anticipation of streaming the Infinity Seminar.  The really huge thing is just how good the audio is considering the absolute insane amount of ambient noise and tons of people asking people what we’re doing while we are playing.  We totally appreciated everyone who came up and asked, but the fact that you can’t even hear the questions being asked of us due to the noise cancellation of the wireless mics we’re using…. it’s awesome.  If you want to see the game, both part 1 and 2 can be found on my YouTube channel, both with cleaned up audio.

Look for The DIRT to be returning every week Infinity Fans!


  • PrimoFederalist

    You guys did a great job. I picked up Infinity at GenCon and I am loving the game (there’s a robust gaming community in my area, so I’m very fortunate). Cool aesthetic and rules, and I love how CB stays engaged with the community.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Hey, I know that guy from Beasts of War.

    Also, I want one of these gaming tables, they look GREAT!

  • Ah, that wonderful moment when you see yourself in a BoLS photo, looking like the universe’s most perfect schlub. Excelsior!

    Big thanks to Doremicom, who ran excellent demos and was exactly as friendly and fun as you might expect.