Wyrd Weekly Teaser: Dead Doxy Edition

dead-doxie closeup

Wyrd has knocked out another weekly miniature teaser you Malifaux fans. Come see the creepy!


“This week’s Monday Preview is a look at the renders for the upcoming Dead Doxy models. These Resurrectionists are a great addition to any force, adding new ways to move models around the table and debuff them.

In addition, we launched the rules for the Nythera Worldwide Event today, so make sure you sign up on our forum!”

~ Tune in next week for more from Wyrd

  • crevab

    Dang youtube is failing me. I wanted to post the Treehouse of Horror clip with the inside-out chorus line

  • Beefy

    man, no malifaux love here at all

  • ruleslawyer

    That Dead Doxy looks like Mad Moxxi

  • ruleslawyer

    That Dead Doxy looks like Mad Moxxi

  • nss

    Wyrd seems to be getting pretty near the limit of what can be done with plastics. You look at their renders, say to yourself that there is no way the model will look like that, and then get the model and it looks exactly like that.

    Putting together a Collete crew now, and they seem to have gotten sneakier about how the pieces fit together, with many of the pieces being cut along natural edges in the sculpt. Like where two pieces of fabric meet.

    The only knock against them is that they’ve looked at the lowest common denominator and scoffed. They don’t sell stuff aimed at people that want to bungle stuff together and dry brush it and have it coming out looking decent. You need legit hobby skills to get anywhere with the Wyrd stuff. Which as a business might not be the best approach for maximizing profits. Of course, that is the benefit of being privately owned: make what you want while keeping the lights on. They clearly want to make quality products and the money is just a means to that end.

    The rules and the game are tight, well written, and solidly balanced too.