40K Schedule: The Month Ahead


It’s time to put together October’s Grimdark releases from the rumors swirling around.  Let’s go!

Ok, now we’ve had a bunch of Tau pictures and information doing the rounds this last week, and today more info coming in on the Horus Heresy boxed game.


This week’s White Dwarf’s teaser has a fairly obvious teaser pointing to Tau the week after Skarbrand. Multiple rumormongers are saying to look for a 3 week Tau release schedule probably like this:

Week 1: XV128 Stormsurge

Week 2: XV95 Ghostkeel

Week 3: Codex, Fire Warriors, Commander

Horus Heresy has been said by multiple rumormongers to be arriving in the October-November timeframe. Then this showed up today:

via Scanner 9-23-2015

“Horus Heresy will be released the first week of November. We can pre order it the week before on Halloween.”

So that is shaking out to something like this.  Note that all dates are for website pre-orders with ship dates the following Saturday:


September 26th: Skarbrand


October 3rd: Tau Empire Stormsurge


October 10th: Tau Empire Ghostkeel


October 17th: Tau Empire Codex, Fire Warriors, Commander

October 24th: Unknown

October 31: Horus Heresy  (Ultramarines vs Word Bearers)


~You’ve all had 3 months to save your wages during the Age of Sigmar.  The Grimdark is back to claim them.

  • Releasing models before their rules? Reasonable.

    • crevab

      They’ve been doing that for awhile

    • Sorien

      I’d bet rules will be in either WD or in the box.

    • Nathaniel Wright

      What, you think they’ll make the new Tau stuff suck? Fat chance!

      • Muninwing

        yeah, that’s why i bought a Nephilim via preorder — no way a new DA flyer well-supported by fluff would ever not be amazing…

    • Parthis

      What difference does it ultimately make? Wait two weeks, our buy it, paint it, be happy.


  • Are the little discs on the sides of the Stormsurge grab emitters to help it stand up again if its pushed over? 😉

    • Spacefrisian

      Those are pimp wheels, they keep rolling like those on cars do during battle.

  • crevab

    Save up? Nah, I’ve gotten into several different games

  • crevab

    Can’t wait to see the new Tau kits and how much better/worse they look when we’re not scanning tiny leaks of one pose

  • Marcus George

    Release the most expensive model first. Throwing tau players in at the deep end there :p

    • Spacefrisian

      Or be smart and proxy, eg Gundam kits are posable and of the same hight.

      • Victor Hartmann

        To a point, proxies can be cool. If someone takes the time to build and paint a really nice model with a thematic display which ties in with the rest of their army, I can get behind that. On the other hand, if someone is just putting a cheaper model on a base because they can’t be bothered with the real thing then they’re no better than the guy with a grey plastic army which is space wolves one week and eldar the next.

        Also, are you going to kit bash to make the weapons and gear wysiwyg so that everything is clear and readily identifiable for your opponents? Avoiding confusion and misunderstandings is certainly worth spending some extra time and money on.

        • OrkiePancakes

          Its fair game if you are playing at home, or with a group of buddies, but you make completely valid points for gaming against strangers, or a set of house rules on Proxies. Ah the gold old days of the coke can Carnifex. Wouldn’t surprise me if Nids were spawned from that stuff anyways.

          • Victor Hartmann

            I certainly agree when your play testing with your friends, nothing wrong using temporary substitutes. Try before you buy, as it were. I wish I had done that before buying and painting a Vindicator. Looks great on the shelf but just doesn’t fit my playing style.

  • Adam Murray

    Tau the least Grimdark race there is!

    • MightyOrang

      I actually like their subtle ‘join us or die’ narrative. It’s quite refreshing to see them portrayed as good…mostly in a game where everything else is ‘yo, dawg, I put a skull on your skull’

    • Marcus George

      Have you read what they do to the survivors of the olanets they capture. Tau are just as grim dark as everyone

      • JJ

        Which book is this from?

  • 6Cobra

    Hey Mods: Why on earth were the comments for the “Narrative Gaming” thread closed after just a few hours and two posts? Seems like that would have been a fun, healthy discussion about what has become an un-sung aspect of playing 40K.

    • It was a repost, comments were duplicated as well.

      • euansmith

        But they were asking for input 😀

        • Well I gave mine. Three months ago, as it seems. xD

          • euansmith


  • Aezeal

    GW really should keep the AoS stuff coming, the old races need a bit more info on where we are at.

    • Shiwan8

      The game works as well as it can? If so, 40k needs the love. Even Tau.

  • Shiwan8

    It’s a shame that they did not make scarbrand worthwhile…

    • spacemonk

      Should’ve made him able to be in Khorne Daemonkin. It even says that ‘no few Daemonkin worship him…’

      • Shiwan8

        Still would be bad. It’s slow and fragile.

  • A.P.

    IM not real sure how I feel about the “Faces” on the new Fire Warrior helmet, the shape and everything else about the model looks great bt I cannot un-see the frowny face with one eye and a nose thing.

    • Ruadhan

      I think those firewarriors look like conversions.
      The helmet, shoulderpad and gun are the only differences from the current model. the legs are identical to the old legs, body, not sure.
      The head looks..awkward. I like the shoulder pad though.
      I may invest in bitz to replace the heads with the older versions if this is the actual released heads.

      • MPSwift

        Doubt those heads etc. are conversions they’re just too uniform. Might just be that the old tool was worn out and they while they were recutting it they changed the heads, shoulders and guns and left the rest as is.

        • Ruadhan

          They’d only need to make one, the GW team have a long history of custom-casting their own scratchbuilds for their own projects.
          I’m kinda taken by the idea that the new Firewarrior box will be a dual kit and these heads are for the new guys (so I can ignore them totally)

          The rest of their gear looks…blocky. like it’s been made from chunks of plasticard. particularly their backpacks and guns.
          I’ll need to see it in person to make up my mind about that.

          • MPSwift

            Fair point. Equally though I can see GW using that master copy and putting it into the sprue. Apparently it is a dual kit so these might be for a different unit but I quite like the idea that the Earth Caste has been updating the Fire Warrior armour as well as the crisis/stealth/riptide suits. Would make sense as the technology trickles down through the miniaturisation process. But then I actually quite like the new design so I am biased 🙂 planning on doing a small “Spec-Ops” style force of stealth suits, pathfinders and a couple of tricked out ‘elite’ fire warrior squads so they fit well with that image 🙂

          • euansmith

            “How did the mission go..?”
            “Badly… all of your guys died…”
            “It didn’t have to be that way. You could have gone to Spec-Ops Savers…”

          • MPSwift

            Hah nice 🙂

      • TumbleWeed

        The one thing about the legs that catches my eye are the feet. It looks like the split the hoof into two toes. Seems like a tedious detail to convert, but I’m not calling it either way. Outside of that yes, the legs do look identical.

    • euansmith

      Grumpy Tau…

  • Nilok

    You forgot about the new Crisis Suit models.

  • Benderisgreat

    That Stormsurge is straight out of the most awkward days of Battletech. The weird dancing pose doesn’t help.

    • Cromer

      it’s not a dancing pose, its a sitting pose. He brings his own little chair wherever he goes. lol

  • Crablezworth

    “the stormdrain”

  • OrkiePancakes

    What sense does it make to release the codex 2 weeks after the stormsurge and a week after rhe ghostkeel? How the hell can you use them with out the rules. Is this a confirmed release schedule?

    • The Basement Gamer

      Ask Tyranid players.

    • Chris. K Cook

      Use the rules in the Wd?

      • OrkiePancakes

        Do we know if the rules are going to be in the Wd?
        Regardless, its still a stupid idea, just release it all together, so we can just put our damn armies together. Oh well, GW blah blah blah.