Age of Sigmar Battle Report – 4 Player Megabattle!

TTM 4 player megabattle

Get in here Age of Sigmar fans. Join us for an epic 4 player battle report using the new mail order exclusive battleplan “A Convergence of Fate”!

Four rival armies march to war, each with the same goal – at the battle’s end the relic must be in their control. Enemies cast aside long hatred’s of each other and offer terms of parley and alliance scheming and back stabbing to succeed in their quest. The Relic is all. Who will come out ahead of this apocalyptic clash?, Join us and find out!

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What do you think of these larger games?

  • euansmith

    That looks like fun.

  • Matthew

    Nice paint jobs. Thank you for the AoS report, I have been eager to play larger games once the budget permits.

  • Davor Mackovic

    I never really pay attention when people roll the dice, but having the cam over their hands when they roll, you hear the dice shake but the dice are not being randomized. I thought the idea of shaking your hand before you roll the dice is to randomize them.

    Is this cheating and they are just use to it, or is this normally how people roll dice, shake it with the dice not moving just rattling against each other so it makes noise and then you roll the dice?

    What’s the point of shaking the dice when all is happening is the dice are rattling against each other but not being randomized?

    Other than that, great bat report. I really enjoyed it. I like how we get to see them move the minis and actually roll to hit/wound/saves. And they explain as well which I don’t see a lot in bat reports.

    Great job there guys and girl. 🙂

    • Azrell

      Im confused how do you roll dice? Shake then roll has been the standard method for rolling dice since… well since dice. You seem not to understand how they work.

      • Davor Mackovic

        They are shaking but the dice are not moving when they are shaking. When I roll I cup my hands so I can feel the dice go all over the place so they are randomized.

        What is the point of shaking when say the 5 is pointing to the top you shake, but it’s still a 5 pointing at the top. Isn’t the point of shaking so the 5 can become a 3 then become a 6 and then become 2 and then you roll.

        They may as well not bother shaking and just drop/roll the dice.

        So what am I missing here?

      • JJ

        Watch the video they just kinda shake them in their hand lightly. What Davor is saying is normally people cup their hands and shake pretty vigorously. I don’t think anyone is cheating, its just how the group chooses to roll dice. Some people prefer to have more randomness in their roll hence a dice cup or other things to help keep the dice random. It looks strange to me, but whatever if their group is cool with it good for them!

        PS: Thanks for the battle report!

        • Well explained.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            this is where GW small rounded dice are actually better, they roll easily on the table and aren’t big enough to knock over models if they hit them. As long as they bounce a few times and roll a few inches they will be random.

            Casino dice need more attention to make sure they generate a real random roll, even though they are in theory more random than rounded dice that tend to produce more 1’s.


        • Davor Mackovic

          Thank you, not good with words, you explained it perfectly 🙂

    • izmerul

      looks like they are trying to keep the dice under the camera. They are letting the dice roll off their hands, as long as the dice is rolling you’d have to be some sort of magician to control the outcome. I just tried at home and it’s completely random … no control whatsoever.

    • MarcoT

      Does it matter? They’re all the same, plus the initial picking up is pretty random already. As long as they roll and/or bounce over the table properly it seems nonsense to me to doubt the randomness of any form of dicerolling.

    • Geko747

      What are you talking about?? Of course its random, even the slightest movement will make a random dice roll. if they were placing them down then I could agree with you but as long as they drop them to the table then any result could appear.

  • TweetleBeetle

    Great report for a great game! Excited to see more.

  • Good stuff guys thank you for taking the time to do this.

  • Thorleiv Ytterøy

    Nice report! Well played.

  • DeadlyYellow

    The more I see of it, the more I want to play it. The Sigmarines are starting to grow on me too, I just don’t want to pay GWs asking price for them.

    • Geko747

      Then buy from one of the other countless stores that sell most models at 30% discount like TripleHelix

      • DeadlyYellow

        If there’s one thing that would greatly help me swallow a price point on a product, it’s a thriving and active community in my area.

        Which is something Age of Sigmar unfortunately doesn’t have. And probably won’t, given all the WHFB criers that seem to emerge just to squash the enjoyment of it.