GEEKERY: NEW Halo Opening Scene!

halo 5

The Halo: 5 Guardians opening scene has been released… and damn is it pretty!

Skydiving super soldiers, swords, Nathan Fillion, and a bunch of guns are ready to battle The Covenant once again.

The release date is approaching… are you ready?

  • ToffeeRunt

    Look at all that backside-kicking that could’ve been gameplay, rather than a Transformers-esque one-shot cinematic. Actually, this feels incredibly Avengers-ish, reminds me of the Age of Ultron intro.

    Bleh, as a long-time Halo fan I’m really unsure what to make of it.

    • TumbleWeed

      I argee, and I’m getting a little jaded towards the whole “supersoldiers that make fighting look easy and choreographed. It does seem like they’re trying to piggy-back off the big Avengers action setpieces which have been so successful, but I think those look better because you actually have some attachment to the characters. Its a lot of “Oh man, did you see when Iron Man did…” or, “How cool was it when Hulk and Thor teamed up for…”
      You don’t get that with this. It makes it seem cartoony and shallow. But it should work really well with a younger audience, and maybe that’s what they’re aiming for in a world where COD has become the big-kid’s shooter of choice…

      • That sequence immediately snapped me out of the moment, bored to hell, because none of the guys have any trademark moves, colors or effects attached to them so there is NO WAY to keep up in the slightest.
        With the avengers example – you can always see a silhouette whizzing by and tell immediately who it is: If there’s lighning, it has to be Thor. If he has a bow, it’s Hawkeye. If its huge and green, it has to be the Hulk.

        Here ALL of the characters wear armor and carry some kind of rifle. They look the same despite the different colors. The only one that stood out a tiny bit was Buck because of his shotgun. And even that kinda fell flat for me because in ODST his usual weapon was the MA5C assault rifle.

        • ToffeeRunt

          I think that’s it. It’s just people sliding around shooting and punching things. Just doesn’t have the same cool combo thing of watching Thor hammer Cap’s shield at some Hydra dudes, and that sort of thing.

  • I loved all halo titles up until now but… seeing Destiny fail hard, seeing the Master Chief Collection fail even harder I’m concerned.

    And this… this isn’t the deliberate, methodical Halo-combat I know and love.
    Also, Buck is a Spartan now? Jeez, I liked him more when he was a ODST, showing that you don’t NEED to be a spartan to be a badass.

    • Tynskel

      you know that Bungie doesnt do Halo, so… seeing Destiny fail ≠ halo bad.

  • am1t

    Master Chief is gonna get his ass-kicked by Team Osiris … I hope they resurrect Noble 6 as well …

  • oldgrue

    Is that Nathan Fillion? That looked and sounded like Nathan Fillion…
    edit: And yes, that’s the only reason I watched this. Man crush strikes again

    • It is. He already was featured in Halo 3, Reach and most prominently in ODST (along with half of the rest of the crew of Serenity and Nr6 from Battlestar)

  • Overall, and as someone who is not much of a halo fan (played 1 and 2 that’s it), I like I, I think they’ve made improvements in presenting the Spartans as not just elite troops but transhumans, that said obviously it’s also ridiculous and a bit too long.

  • DaveTycho

    The cut scene was okay. It would have been much better if you could have played it.

  • georgelabour

    And they shall know no giant shoulder pads.

  • dustin

    That was awesome, I like to be excited by the ridiculous awesomeness of super soldiers. Halo has always been over the top, maybe you guys should go play a realistic game of call of duty. Don’t get to mad about it though, someone super hearing might pic you up before you round the corner. Oh…….I loved the ridiculousness of avengers and superman…….maybe that’s because if it wasn’t super it wouldn’t really match up to a super hero.