GW: Next week’s Prices, Products & Tease CONFIRMED!


Get your wallets ready folks – it’s time to say goodbye to the Summer of Sigmar – the Grimdark approaches!

pics via Captain Citadel 9-24-2015



So as we reported Monday, we have:

Skarbrand the Bloodthirster: $130

Various and sundry books and magazines…



wd87-tease1 wd87-tease2


Hmm, let me think here… Next week is going to be all about a storm that is getting bigger…  Ok, what’s a synonym for “rising”… Help me out folks…



Tau Empire Roundup

~ It’s almost TAU TIME!!!


  • meh

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    130 is a lot of money.

    I kind of think the other Bloodthirster box is a better deal. You can magnetize that kit and have 3 different units.

  • crevab

    Tau Stormsurge, more or less than Skarbrand?

    Place your bets here, pool closes Tuesday!

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      A Riptide is 100.

      My bet is that the Stormsurge will be 120.


        $85, actually. And I think my LGS (well, not very “local”) has one for cheap…

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          Google must have taken me to another country that uses Dollars (probably Australia).

          Darn you Google!

      • Spacefrisian

        Ill be going for the more detailed possable 24 euros version 😛 thats what GW gets from me.

      • DeadlyYellow

        I’m thinking either $115 or $165 myself.

  • Bethayne

    I don’t see the reason for the substantial increased price over the normal bloodthirster.The only thing I can think of is it due to being unique and likely selling less kits.

  • Hari Turner

    225AUD? That’s a dollar a point. Seriously?!

    • Aaron

      I wonder how much longer they will be in business here in australia, the hobby is quite literally dying in south australia

      • Hari Turner

        I’m in Northern NSW, and I’m seeing the same thing. I keep up with a couple of gaming clubs north of the border on the Gold Coast, and there are a lot of people jumping ship.

        Infinity gains more traction, as does Bolt Action (my personal favourite). Some are looking at Warmahordes as well.

        I think the only thing that’s keeping the GW addiction alive is the second-hand market.

        GW needs to drop it’s prices in a big way, because pretty soon they’ll price themselves out of the market.

        • Erik Setzer

          Well, to be fair, gaming isn’t their market, right? Their market is selling premium priced premium models to modelers. So being affordable for gamers doesn’t matter.

          • Aaron

            that opinion of gw’s is based on 0% market research, I know very few collectors for collectors sake, I am the closest in my group to that ideal and still play 5+ times a year and would play more if I could, but game balance has thinned out my group significantly, with imperial and wraith knight armies

          • Aezeal

            Well… collectors wouldn’t be known right.. just buying and painting at home?

          • ang56

            You do know that as a gaming group you can police yourselves, it’s not an arms race unless as a group you make it one.

            A little pre-game communication while building lists and setting up the table goes a long way. So long as that communication isn’t used to rock-paper-scissor your way to a win in the list building part of the game. If all parties actually want a competitive well matched game you can make it happen without much effort.

            (Also I know I’m off the collector conversation, but am responding to your statement about imperial and eldar knight lists causing your group to be less active)

          • daboarder

            Even at collectors I could go get amazingly detailed model kits at a fraction of GWs AUD prices. this is truly ridiculous

          • It is ridiculos. I havnt played the game once… But its the game and the models that get me to buy the figures, From the sounds of the rules i may switch to somthin else as one day i would like to play.. once im done painting

          • Spacefrisian

            No there real market is digging.

        • DeadlyYellow

          Bolt Action is fantastic. I wish it would get a bigger following in my area (Northwest Indiana, United States.) Infinity has barely any foothold.

          Warmahordes was going strong, but just up and died after Devastation. All I could find out was the pressganger was “mad at the system,” drove away event turnout, and refused to run any further events. As a result, the shop that primarily hosted it clearanced everything.

          • Hari Turner

            I can’t enough of Bolt Action. I dropped roughly $50 on a box of Perry Desert Rats and got 650pts out of it.

            Bam. Over half an army in a single box and I didn’t need to sell a kidney – top that, GW. I’ll round it out with a couple of vehicles and I’m done, that’ll be the second army in the space of a year.

            It made me laugh when another gamer refused to play it based solely on the activation system – he claimed it was “unfair” XD (He’s also one of the WAACjob gen of gamers)

            I’m leaning more towards Warmahordes as well, the Infinity crowd seems to be the more tournament-oriented bunch, which is one of the things that turned me off 40k.

          • DeadlyYellow

            Likely coming from a game based on the luck of the dice, and he considers a blind pull unfair? Har. While the system is quirky and novel, it certainly livens up the strategy. My only complaint is that I find contemporary settings rather drab, as I tend to favor more fanciful imagery.

            Warmahordes tends to be pretty heavy on the tournament scene as well. It’s tightly constructed and rewards more aggressive play. It just goes a lot faster since you aren’t consulting one table or another every turn and generally only requires two to four dice to be rolled at a time. The game rules also encourage fair and decent play (Page 5,) but that usually falls upon the players themselves.

        • MM 2nd hand and chinese remakes

      • Retconned Legion

        GW’ attitude towards the antipodes continues to baffle me.

        • euansmith

          They get nicer weather in Darwin than in Nottingham… the pricing is a revenge thing…

        • E65

          To be honest, who would want to buy that piece of sh’ite anyway? Really, is that thing worth 130.00US? Is it worth 50.00US? I don’t think so.

      • Nathaniel Wright

        I wonder why an England-based company would have a (centuries old) distaste for Australia.

        Joking aside, it’s a shame. There’s probably something we aren’t being told as to why the prices are marked up by 40 some-odd bucks.

        • DeusXenith

          They dont have an Oz manufacturing plant and have to factor in shipping costs?

          Same reason things are more expensive in Canada than the US – The production facility was in the US.

          • Nathaniel Wright

            Don’t tell them that. It’s easier to blame it on greed.

          • Meeee

            So it costs 70$ just for the transport a single box to Australia?
            Is that really what you believe?
            Strangely enough, all other wargaming company’s manage to ship their stuff to Australia without massively increasing their price.
            Your comment made it quite clear that you haven’t the faintest idea what you talking about.
            But it’s ok. Keep sprouting you uneducated $hit.

          • Nathaniel Wright

            Well fine, if you’re going to behave like that, maybe they should up it to +$50.

          • Michael Szarek

            That’s a cop out. I can buy stuff from Poland, Europe, UK whatever… factor in shipping and exchange rate and still be 40% cheaper than over here.

            Also… they ship in bulk and package locally… so the shipping cost per box is tiny.

            People like to blame taxes and tariffs but really is most “because they can” and “because people keep paying it”

          • DaveTycho

            It costs so much in Australia because of the Australia Tax.

            Before anyone asks, that’s not a real tax. It’s what we call it when prices in Oz are more expensive than anywhere else for no justifiable reason beyond that they can.

          • Béla

            Then explain me why Mantic among many others can manage the same prices there.

          • Purple-Stater

            Shipping is a factor, but they don’t ship product one item at a time. Bulk freight is fairly cheap. Also, costs in Canada vs America are usually higher because companies still use pricing policies of 30 years ago, when the exchange rate was not good for Canada. Shipping is easier from Tennessee to Quebec, than Tennessee to Washington. I have no idea on import fees work with bulk commercial merchandise though, so can’t say if that might also be a factor.

          • E65

            Shipping is cheap for goods due to the ongoing efficiency of Global containerization. shoes ship for 2 US cents per pair. And that was several years ago.

      • evilazzaMachine

        Its crazy, how can you tell me that something like skarbrand is $70aud more then the newest Bloodthirster and you get less choice in bits, less size in wings, less height as he can’t fly and a goatee? Is it a $70aud goatee?

    • daboarder

      BWHAHAHAHA what a rip

    • Michael Szarek

      What’s more… it’s $70 more than the normal bloodthrister

  • moonshadow101

    Remember that Tzeentch release we were supposed to get? /sadface

    • Aaron

      I want muh sorceror conclave!

      • An_Enemy

        I think it’d be a lot cooler if GW suddenly woke up from their fever dream and errata’d ALL the psyker Conclaves out of the game entirely.

        That’s never going to happen so, yes, you’re welcome to your sorcerer’s conclave. At this point, why not?

        • benn grimm

          Indeed, my Orks want a sorcerer conclave too…;)

          • Nathaniel Wright

            Is it really so much to ask for a formation that lets you use cultists to absorb Perils results? What could be more fluffy than a sorcerer stabbing cultists to generate bonus warp charges?

          • Aezeal

            A sorcerer being torn apart by creatures of the warp is pretty fluffy I think.

          • Nathaniel Wright

            Well clearly, but I doubt many will stick their willies out to have that done to them. Much more preferable to let some fanatic sod take the wound for you.

            That being said, I get your point, and while it would be incredibly unlikely for nice things to happen for chaos, it is something I’ve toyed with and wouldn’t mind seeing as ‘accepted’.

          • Spacefrisian

            Should be made instant Greater Daemon of choice when his mind goes boom from perils.

          • benn grimm

            That sounds awesome 🙂

          • DeusXenith

            Orkerer Conclave?

          • Nathaniel Wright

            Wierdboyz Gatherin’.

          • euansmith

            Da Weird Mob!

        • Spacefrisian

          Or just put up the Culexus assasin free for download on there site with the added bonus of it being battle bros to everyone (Orkulexus assasin anyone?)

          Failing that, Psychic dispel scrolls for everyone, 1 point per scroll (i be buying 50 for each game)

    • Spacefrisian

      Tzeentch tricked you, it was a Skarbrand release all along.

      • euansmith

        … or is it..?

  • BrianDavion

    they’ve been doing a fair bit of BL fiction for grey knights of late, wonder if they’re getting an update soon

    • Kevin Buesse

      They already saw one this year. At least I think it was this year. Might have been very late last year. It happened right around the time they put out the assassin game. Which were taken out of the GK codex.

      • Nathaniel Wright

        So did the Imperial Knights.

        • Which were originally released for the last edition, not the current one.
          Grey Knights already got a current edition Codex, so there’s no point re-releasing it.

          There’s also the added Knights that warranted an updated re-release.

      • BrianDavion

        was about a year ago now. it came out at about the same time as codex space wolves

    • Well, the other book was a collection of all of David Annandale’s Grey Knights stories so far (Maledictus, for example, was a Sanctus Reach novel). This one is a new audio, which, in my opinion, should’ve been released earlier and its prose version included in the collection.

    • crusader284

      I hope not, Grey Knights have only been out for a year.

      • BrianDavion

        well updates don’t nesscarily garentee a new codex. we could get a campaign book. but yeah Id have mixed feelings on one hand the new book is still new, on the other hand if it means GKs are more fleshed out I’d be happy about that. my problem is we’d proably use the detachment and get a formation loaded down with less useful units

        • crusader284

          That’s a good point. I wouldn’t mind a Grey Knights vs Daemons box.

  • Tim Currey

    At least your not in Australia. The Australian price is $225 which is $75 more than the other blood thirster kit. However if you convert $130US to AUD it’s $185. So they just slapped an extra $40 on for some reason 😒

    • Jamie Kelly

      Sad isn’t it. Am i right in thinking this is more than the usual % markup?

    • OrkiePancakes

      I really dont understand the reasoning behind the Aus pricing. That literally defines highway robbery. Can you get GW from ebay? There are plenty of retailers on there.

  • Chopin

    I’d say they’re just about to price themselves out of the “modeling” business let alone the gaming business.

  • nurglespuss

    So they are still making Warhammer visions? Is there anything in it?

    Give me more Age of Sigmar races! I want huge muscle Orruks and Seraphon!

    • Gorsameth

      Oh yeah they are still making Visions. Mind you its filled with pictures from the latest codex to be released (as in the same army shots) and pretty much 0 new material.

  • DaveTycho

    “Hmm, let me think here… Next week is going to be all about a storm that is getting bigger… Ok, what’s a synonym for “rising”… Help me out folks…”

    There’s a storm rising… In my pants!!

    • The Basement Gamer

      The engorging storm

  • So they’re releasing a Grey Knights audio drama right *after* releasing the corresponding Grey Knights collection? Great, so that’s already a piece missing from the collection, then.

  • Seismic Ghost

    That’s got to be close to $200 dollars CAD for a sort of neat model with the same rules that don’t work.


  • Bugsculptor

    I wouldn’t worry. That new Tau suit looks totally armless.

    • Shiwan8

      That’s so bad as a joke that it actually was hilarious.