GW: Weekly Releases 9-12-2015 Links & Prices



Games Workshop unveils two more Knights for the Stormcasts and a batch of new bundles! Check it out!

via Games Workshop

Knight-Vexillor $30



Blazing with the glorious light of celestial energies, the banners of the Stormcast Eternals are carried proudly into battle by the Knights-Vexillor. A grand declaration of war in the highest regard, these banners proclaim the hatred of Chaos and the intent of Sigmar to reclaim the realms. A Knight-Vexillor can call upon the power of his standard to send forth blasts of hurricane-like tempests, or call down the very stars themselves to smite foes with blazing heat.




This multi-part plastic kit gives you everything necessary to make one Knight-Vexillor, the standard-bearer of the Stormcast Eternals. A single-pose miniature armed with a warhammer, and carrying either a meteoric standard or a pennant of the stormbringer, he features incredibly intricately-detailed armour. Twelve components are included in total, with one Citadel 40mm Round base and a transfer sheet.

StormcastKnightVexillor05 StormcastKnightVexillor06


Knight-Heraldor $25



At the very forefront of the Stormhost are the Knights-Heraldor, whose blasting clarion call announces the return of justice and order to the realms. His battle-horn sounds like a glorious thunderclap, the very sound of victory, spurring the Stormcast Eternals on to ever more astonishing feats of bravery in their war against Chaos. Of course, this battle-horn serves more than an aesthetic purpose – the incredible pressure of the sound it makes can be directed to shake apart even the dread fortresses that litter the realms, causing them to crumble and crush any creature unfortunate enough to be near. In combat, they wield sigmarite broadswords – weapons of formidable heft that they can use to split enemies apart with deceptive speed.



This multi-part plastic kit gives you everything you need to build one Knight-Heraldor. Clad in a strapped cloak, clutching a sigmarite broadsword and battle-horn, he features lion detailing on his greaves and scale mail. Nine components in total, includes a Citadel 40mm Round base.




Web One-Click “Deal” Bundles 

The Host of Azyric $821



The Vengeance of Azyrheim $822


The Vengeful Storm $260 – Knight-Venator, a Knight-Azyros and three sets of Prosecutors

Stormcast Eternal Warrior Chamber Command $208 – All Six of the Special Character Knights


The Vengeance of Azyrheim is a massive force – If you were waiting for an all-in-one army deal that’s the one! You can also get the Host of Azyric exclusive Warscroll Battalion rule sheet for FREE! You might want to check those two battalion abilities – the look like they can cause some havoc on the battlefield.

At this point the Stormcast Eternals are a full-fledged army; they have all the major units, character-types, and even a “Super-Unit” in the Celestant-Prime. I’m curious if Games Workshop has anything else up their sleeves for this month. The only things I think they are missing are a mounted unit and a big warmachine. But we’ll have to wait and see whats in store for next week!


The Wrath of Sigmar will not be sated until he has freed all the money from the wallet realm!

  • Hendrik Booraem VI

    Don’t care. Not even a little bit. Warhammer Fantasy had a reason for every battle to matter – lose a couple of major battles and your faction might be wiped from existence. Age of Sigmar is like a Free-for-All First Person shooter – your armies die, they get reconstituted back on their magic island, ready for the next fight.

    All the motivation is gone.

    • Meekaeel Khan

      Hey, gives us more time to save up for something worth while! 😉

    • fabiobile

      I think there needs to be a Kitchen Nightmares for miniature gaming companies. I’d love to see Gordon Ramsay lay into the execs at GW.


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    • Alex Williams

      Cant like this enough

    • Aezeal

      Yeah if you lost a few battles you had to trash your army because your faction was whiped out… ow wait.. no that was complete BS too.
      Your faction can still loose ground in the various realms where they fight the other factions and they can still protect people from dying.

      • E65

        Loose ground must be tough to fight on.

    • Alex Williams

      And they are focusing on a stupid story arc too.

      I RAGED THROUGH ETERNITY TO FIND MY HAMMER… oh, yes manling, you can have it instead.

    • Xodis

      Yeah, thats not exactly how it works, I wont go into detail and bore you though. It seems you wouldn’t care regardless.

  • Kenneth Lee

    I dont see anyone buying this overpriced crap.

  • dodicula

    so much for the entry level game theory

    • ZeeLobby

      That was the dumbest crap everyone was spewing in its defense. It was really annoying to hear over and over again…

      • Necky

        To be fair, it could have been a good idea. Get people in on the cheap to the GW plastic crack… I bought those 20 khorne marauder dudes. They were surprisingly cheap. I felt the ophidisn archway and the realmgates were priced right too.

        • DeadlyYellow

          20 bloodreavers for $58? That’s about $2.90 ppm. Which is Bones level and not terrible. I got one to bash with Catachan bits for some better looking and more diverse cultists.

        • ZeeLobby

          Oh. The prices are fine. It was the argument that the barrier of entry would be lower than fantasy. In the end it just depends on how big the games you play are, and now that they’ve released this whole range, to own it as a whole force suddenly becomes very expensive. I don’t think low barrier to entry was even part of GWs original plan, but every defender of AoS is touting it as like their only goal…

      • DeadlyYellow

        Hey, for $125 the starter set is a great value. And with the additional releases of the units individually, it’s feels like a steal. Get two starters, toss in some bits and green stuff and you can create competent Counts-as’es for the super expensive models for comparatively cheap. Two armies for under $300.

        • ZeeLobby

          Which is true of most starters. It’s the models after which define the price point. Your right that SEs all look identical, so creating equivalents is pretty easy.

          • DeadlyYellow

            The biggest shame is there won’t be any more WHFB starters. They have always taken the cake for GWs product lines. For the price of one, you usually got two battalion boxes and some terrain. Due to the nature of the game over 40k, it meant upwards of 70 miniatures.

  • Matthew Pomeroy

    55 models for $822? that seems pretty excessive.

    • Spacefrisian

      Yeah but you save time and energy costs because its a 1 click get all stuff….Totally worth it (dont forget, models come unpainted and unasembled, thats another $30+ if you starting out)

  • Spacefrisian

    Behold, the hammerbanner man.

  • zemlod

    Also, everywhere they step, there’s a small green weed growing out of the ground. On the Vexilior it’s his port side foot, on the Trumpetor it’s the starboard foot. I’m pretty certain I’ve seen this weed on/under a couple other Sigmarines as well…

  • Alhazred TheMad

    If you read the novels you see that doesn’t happen quite like that. Most of them return kinda hollower than before, and the Relictors (or at least Ionus) have Nagash hounding them in the back of their minds. The Prosector who saved Alarielle took a bolt of mutation for her and was changed into a screaming spawn that she had to put out of its misery. It was implied that he wouldn’t come back. Canonically Stormcasts stay dead if hit by powerful magic or magic weapons. Also it’s implied that they could die in the Realm of Chaos or if their swallowed by a Greater Daemon.