Mantic: Free Warpath Alpha Rules – Feedback Wanted!


Mantic Games has released Free Alpha Rules for Warpath – and they want YOUR player feedback!

Warpath – Mantic’s 28m Sci-Fi Ruleset – has Free Alpha Rules!  If you ever wanted to design or help influence the direction of a game now is your chance.  Check out what Mantic has to say:

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Yesterday we told you a little bit more about the design intentions behind Warpath; now it’s time to see them in practice!


These rules have had lots of little tweaks since the earlier release back in May, and a couple of larger ones too! Have a read, and let us know what you think. However, before you do so, there are a few things you should bear in mind:

  • Layout: This document is a work-in-progress version of the rulebook, including notes and directions for graphical layout in green, page references in yellow, and additional text to be added in blue. Once all of the rules are finalised we will get this laid out properly and start to fill the gaps with art and background, but for now it’s in a bare-bones state.
  • Discussion Point: Unit Hubs: These rules were written before the Firefight edition was conceived, and therefore contain a few compromises with regard to how units move around the table – hubs and unit coherency and how they interact with line of sight, model placement etc. We know that there are clunky elements to these rules, and are still working on them.
    • As a mass-battle game, the rules may be slicker if it used some sort of unit stands, like Kings of War or other smaller scale games out there like Dropzone Commander. However, some people were not keen on the idea, and so to cater for as many people as possible the rules were written to allow for individual model placement.
    • Now that we have Firefight, we do have the option to make Warpath use these unit stands – those who aren’t keen on the aesthetic have another option instead. Using stands as a core part of the rules means that the rules on hubs and unit positioning can be massively simplified, with knock-on streamlining effects to other areas of the rules.
    • What are your thoughts?
  • Points Values: Please be aware that these points values have had minimal testing. They are educated estimates, and as such, some of them may be quite wrong. Once we finalise the core rules and go to open beta, these will refined to properly balance the game.
  • Army Selection Rules: These have not yet been written, and will come once the rules are solidified. For now just use what you’ve got that feels balanced. We are also aware that the unit upgrades are a little inconsistent – these will be clarified later.
  • Alpha/Beta?: This release is still an alpha, and will remain so for the next couple of months until we are more solid on the points listed above, and have incorporated all of the feedback. Towards the end of the year we will have a long open beta period to firm up all the special rules and balance the points values.

Right, it’s time for the rules. You can download them here…

DOWNLOAD: Warpath Alpha Rules

We have set up a forum thread to collect all of the feedback – please head over there and post your comments.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!



Go check out more info direct from Mantic at their Mantic Blog. They want YOUR feedback about the Alpha Rules! So check out their forum and let them know what you think.

Players have been raving about Mantic’s Kings of War – Do you want to give their Sci-Fi game a shot? Remember it’s still in Alpha and if you don’t think something is working correctly you can tell them about it. Your input can help shape this game!


Forgefathers, Advance! 

  • euansmith

    It is nice to see a company that interacts with its customers. They might not get things right the first or second time, and their concept art might be a lot better than their minis, but at least they try.

    • Azrell

      Continuous improvement will always produce better results, even if your competition started miles ahead of you.

  • Autumnlotus

    This is something I like to see. Even with playtesting there is sometimes a false sense of participation, but I have never felt that way with how mantic works with its customers. Compare that to WotC when it did DnD NEXT, where they ignored 90% of the criticism to its alpha and never attempted to make the game enjoyable to half or more of its fanbase, and you can see that Mantic at least has common sense so hard to find in this generations companies

    • euansmith

      I like how they have said, “Some players like rules type A and some players make rules type B… lets make both types of rules and let people use the ones they like…”

    • Xodis

      I agree normally with the disconnect with playtesters, have to disagree on WotC and D&D5e though. I saw most if not all of the recommendations I submitted become part of the released product and felt their communication was top notch.

      • Autumnlotus

        And I am glad you feel that way about it. I don’t sadly, the sheer lack of options despite being out for this long has made me just jump back onto Pathfinder despite being more of a broken system. Worst part? Me playing as a Old One Witch and a friend playing a standard Bard had us essentially be identical in roles. Same for fighter and barbarian, and Rogue with ranger. All verrrrry samey, which was why 4e failed so spell plague, horrifying spell plague

        • Xodis

          Yeah the lack of options though IMO, is what makes it great. Allows more freedom to create flavor with an ability. How those classes are remotely the same role though I’m not sure. Bards usually Buff/heal good with ranged combat, Warlocks Debuff and cause a lot more damage with tons of neat perks. Im sure they could be built to be similar, but thats more a failing of the players or a testament to the diversity of the classes.

          • Autumnlotus

            I never understood that logic: a lack of mechanical diversity encourages flavour diversity? Couldnt more options in a game do the same thing but also reward you for those choices? Like for example a character I enjoy: a pestilence sorcerer who uses Acid and disease spells. In 3.5 and Pathfinder its easy to make, but in 5e there are acid spells in the single digits with no energy substitution. So my flavor is obstructed. Same thing for AoS actually: narrowing down spell lists for casters and no equipment options for heroes. Doesn’t matter if one empire wizard is a revered lord of light and another is a sanctioned witch with a familiar: in mechanics they are identical

          • Xodis

            ” Couldnt more options in a game do the same thing but also reward you for those choices” Yes it could, but also adds complexity and opportunities for Min/Max character design. You added Acid to coincide with Disease, but why not Cold or Fire spells? One of the key factors to disease and sickness is the skin feeling either hot or cold, so flavorwise you are not obstructed at all. Especially since 5e’s MAIN goal is to give power back to the DM, so there is nothing preventing a feat specialization allowing a character to change Fireball into Pestilence Ball.

            As far as spell choices go though, those are items being brought in with later additions to the game which we saw for free in the Elemental Evil Players Guide, which is also what I expect to see as AoS grows.

          • Autumnlotus

            A game is reviewed and considered based off of what it can do without houseruled or homebrew. Fire and cold can be hamfisted into the thought, but that is not my objective. It’s not my job to refluff something to the point it doesn’t make sense when mechanics come into play, its the games job to encourage fun games. Currently 5e and AoS are identical in that they are very simplified, but lost a majority of fun and flavor. I can say the same for some of mantics games in how simple they are, but at least they are improving their systems

          • Xodis

            Thats a fair argument, but at the same time it IS your job to create the character you want to play regardless of the mechanics. Since there is no POSSIBLE way to include every thing that everyone would want, they included ways to create what you would want in a game. Im not sure how refluffing it would make it not make sense mechanically though.

            The idea of a Sickness or Cancer mage is very “Villain” and not anything the majority of gamers would play in a normal game. You can’t expect a company trying to market material to all customers (Players and DM’s alike) to find this information useful, especially when its almost exactly like the Death Domain Cleric in the DMG only using the Necrotic damage type instead of disease/poison.

            “..but lost a majority of fun and flavor.” This we will have to agree to disagree on. Unlike AoS, numbers have been released for 5e showing that it has been accepted by the majority of the community and still continues to outperform all other RPG’s financially and by reviews. The verdict on AoS however is still shrouded behind anecdotal evidence.

          • Autumnlotus

            5e is doing good, great compared to 4e.But against pathfinder? I attend proper gaming cons as well as a few stores with gaming tables. I have seen one or two 5e games, to dozens and dozens of Pathfinder games. And I will simplify so this is less “players shouldn’t be evil”. Acid and poison are established as choices for sorcerers with dragon heritage. If someone wanted to be a brass dragon sorcerer (that’s Acid breath yes?) They would quickly find their choices on one hand. That in itself makes it unbalanced because of a lack of diversity

          • Xodis

            5e knocked PF and all other RPGs down and become number 1 immediately after release and according to Amazon digital sales and ICV2 has stayed on top since. Even got on Amazons best seller list at #1.

            Ok but again, how many spells can you alter to be Acid based before they are all the same spell. Fireball becomes Acidball which breaks no mechanics really, can already focus on Acid based spells with, already have a few other options for Acid based spells, etc…
            Sure there are more Fire based spells in the book, but honestly thats always been the case until 5+ supplements come out for most games.

          • Autumnlotus

            It’s that there are so few spells that aren’t Fire or ice, and no legal way to alter them like you are saying without homebrew. Added to the fact that FEATS are not standard in game also adds to the annoyance. It’s how I feel about the spell list as a whole though: it is very threadbare, but also doesnt properly change the imbalance from previous games for casters. Casters soloing bosses is still possible, and now there is even less variety for mundane classes that isn’t being a caster (eldritch knight, Arcane trickster)

          • Xodis

            Feats not being standard is a good thing, granted I know of few games that DONT include them, but it adds to the power of the DM who truly should be in control anyways.
            Casters soloing bosses though? Other than that, nigh impossible, ridiculous Necromancer build, Casters have really been taken down in power levels. The melee classes are dominating raw DPR, yet casters have the advantage of a practical Batman utility belt for all situations. Power vs Variety really.

          • Autumnlotus

            It’s mostly non-damaging spells I saw that broke boss encounters. High DC plus mind control or other save or suck spells still break things easier then a mundane class. Obviously it’s LESS broken then 3.5, but it also steal options and variety from the players. WooHoo GM has control of the power level, but I have heard a lot of dislike for the game over here for the same reasons from the players side.

          • Xodis

            Those DC is max of 19, plus Legendary actions if its an amazing boss, and the simple nature of gaining advantage should turn a broken combo into a waste if abused by players too much.

  • D_Ork

    So should I wait for the Marauder lists, or jump in with Orks as Veer-myn…

    • TheNickelEye

      Probably proxy for now. From everything that has been said lately Marauders are getting a major overhaul similar to Twilight Kin in KOW, everything from background to mini’s and rules. So it’ll be proxying and fan lists for awhile if you wanna use your green skins.

      • euansmith

        The Deadzone models for the Marauders where pretty darn cool, so I’ll be interested to see how them top them.

    • petrow84

      I would be very surprised, if they didn’t enlist the Marauders and the Corp. Marines to the later stretch goals.

      • Joe

        I’m expecting Marauders, Corp Marines, and Plague to all have rules, even if it’s similar to the treatment of Twilight Kin in KoW (it’s an official army list, but they don’t have the models to support it at this time).

        • petrow84

          In today’s update they sneak-peek’d the hard plastic 3rd gen, so yeah, I expect Plague coming in pretty soon. Also, the artwork with the Asterian tank was quite telling.

  • Brae


  • Ronin

    Hopefully, they’ll be someway to convert 40k over to Warpath. I’d be interested in keeping the same setting and miniatures, but trade the gameplay if it’s better and more balanced.

    • Joe

      That would be the Firefight rules. I expect that they’ll have some good ‘count as’ rules for all the 40k armies. As seen in the Alpha rules, and their other systems, they tend to go with the ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ style of gameplay.