Mantic Games: Warpath Kickstarter is LIVE!



Mantic Games’ new Kickstarter for Warpath is now LIVE! It’s already past it’s goal so come get in on the action!

As of writing time, Warpath had $180,000 and is going strong, so get onboard!  This one is going to ship!


New Rules, New Models, tons of Add-ons and really cheap battlegroups – what’s not to like?! They’ve already hit their goal and now everything else is just icing on the cake. You might want to get in on this action if you want to get any of the Kickstarter Exclusives…

Warpath Kickstarter Page

via Mantic Games, Gamewire

The Warpath Kickstarter is now live and we hoped you would want to know more about it! This Kickstarter is to fund the Warpath sci-fi gaming system, where the aim is to create two sets of rules for playing sci-fi games with squads of miniatures.

Warpath-Table-SmlShould we beat our funding goal, we will look at adding hard plastic vehicles to the range for the first time.


The Kickstarter

There are two main pledge levels to get you started with Warpath.

With the Warfare ($50) pledge level, you will get both physical and digital editions of the Warpath and Warpath: Firefight Rulebooks, the Warpath Source Book detailing the background behind some of the galaxy’s conflict, as well as a free set of Warpath command dice and counters.

The second pledge level is called Advanced Warfare ($125), and includes all of the above plus a choice of either the Operation: Heracles Warpath two-player starter set or great value Warpath Battlegroup to get your collection started. More Battlegroups will be made available as the campaign progresses.


We hope that together we can create the best epic sci-fi wargame possible! If you’re new to Kickstarter you can check out our Guide to Pledging, Stretch Goals and Add-ons here. We will of course be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Please pledge your support and spread the word – we appreciate your support!

You can also download our free and updated Warpath Alpha rules below if you want to get involved with making this epic game.

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They are introducing a bunch of new models and have tons more on their Kickstarter page – go check them out!

Mantic Jetbike warpath Mantic Battlegroup Warpath veer-myn warpath


Mantic is on the Warpath – and this Kickstarter is Rockin-n-Rollin!

  • Douglas Burton

    Think I’ll jump on board this one as well. Kinda like the Ver-myn and $50 for 2 different rules sets and a sourcebook seems like a great value. Mantic is always good at letting you add on more stuff later down the road when the pledge manager comes out.

  • Valeli

    I haven’t really looked at this one. Is it their version of 40k?

    If so, I’d love a more balanced 40k but am skeptical that Mantic would catch on where I am. People are just too invested (monetarily and emotionally) in their 40k minis at this point to massively up and quit unless GW did something really stupid like… oh, i don’t know… scrap the game.

    But yeah. I’ll stick with mantic for fantasy, and think they’ve done a bang up job with it. I don’t think they have the clout to push a 40k equivalent over 40k though. Not around me, at least.

    • Xodis

      Well if they go the Kings of War route, it wont be too long until your 40K armies have Warpath rules.

      • DeadlyYellow

        They already have many faction equivalents designed if Dreadball is anything to go off, just got to wait for them to work their way into Warpath.

    • Zethnar

      Firefight might be. The Warpath mass battle rules aren’t. If you’re interested you can download them off the kickstarter website and have a look (the mass battle rules at least, we still have no idea what the firefight rules are going to look like).

    • Johannes Dingle

      Rules are a mixture of epic armageddon, lotr and 2nd ed 40k. They have a morale system that is based on blastmarkers, quite a bit like in epic, where your unit becomes suppressed when taking enough casualties etc. While suppressed your unit basically performs a lot worse than while unsuppressed. This is a mechanic I’ve been looking for in games since it was introduced in epic armageddon.

      I hope that the warpath firefight has these same elements. Firefight is more squad level game and they are developing it based on people’s demand.

      I think warpath would be better on 15mm scale but I understand their decision to keep same scale for both systems. Luckily there are tons of suitable options for 15mm models to use in warpath.

      Their world and armies isn’t direct port from 40k either. Yes they have orcs and elves but they have twisted their background enough to make them feel different. They have squats too, which is nice cause mantic has showed that dwarfs in space could actually work.

      Enforcers aren’t a copy from space marines. They resemble more the spartan warriors from halo than our beloved astartes. Which is a really nice move from mantic, they are building up a world which isn’t dependant on people’s existing 40k armies, which is how kow started, instead they are building up a hype on their own take on power armoured warriors.

      Anyway the rules is the no.1 reason why I’m hyped about this.

    • Sam Townsend

      Contrary to the party line you don’t have to quit 40K to play other games.

  • TheBrokenEdge

    Have Mantic done anything that isn’t a KS?

    • yorknecromancer

      When they started.

      But given that every Kickstarter they’ve done has been a complete success, with absurd over-subscription relative to their target monies, not to mention working nicely as a cost-effective word of mouth marketing tool, why should they stop?

      • TheBrokenEdge

        I just don’t understand how they aren’t self sufficient yet. They’ve done what… six or seven?

        • Simon Chatterley

          You assume that they aren’t. As someone else said Kickstarter is more of a pre-order and display window these days.

          Its a shame some of the smaller guys trying to get going are struggling. I backed Icarus games recently but that looks to be dead in the water already.

          • TheBrokenEdge

            I agree with you, sir. I personally look on big companies using KS as lazy and unfair to the smaller guys who aren’t established yet. Mantic shouldn’t need to use KS anymore to fund it’s projects so essentially it’s being used as advertising and pre-ordering which overshadows the genuine start-ups on there.

        • DeadlyYellow

          Some simple logistics for my area: Within four hours I can get to about forty-three registered GW retailers, six of which are actual GW stores.

          In the same amount of time, I can reach four registered Mantic retailers.

          Plus the last time I ordered from them directly, it took four months for the packages to arrive and they were heavily beaten from customs.

          • TheBrokenEdge

            I assume your are in America somewhere?

          • DeadlyYellow

            Yeah. Northwest Indiana. Mantic doesn’t have a strong store presence. Which is a shame, because their games seem fun and I like their products.

        • Local Ork

          They are.

          It’s just shady business practice of exploiting crowdfunding platform as means of getting that sweet preorder money.

        • Cylux

          Its not so much self sufficient as it is avoiding bank loans. In general small/medium businesses with an idea for market will get a loan to cover the upfront costs in the hopes that the profits from the products sales will both cover the loan and interest, as well as continuing to provide more profit on top. Kickstarter eliminates (or at the very least reduces) the need to lend and thus pay interest.

          • crevab

            Hadn’t thought about it that way. I guess Kickstarter fees must be a lot less than loan interest

          • Zethnar

            Not only that, but if your kickstarter is successful then you’re establishing a small community that is invested in your game, who are all going to start playing at about the same time and with reasonable sized armies.

            That just on its own probably helps bring more people to your product (plus the ability to come to market with more than just one or two plastic kits).

    • Cylux

      The thing with Kickstarter is that for all it’s guff about crowd funding and backers, it’s basically a pre-order service for products which might never actually exist. With already established companies like Mantic, the chances of something massively unexpected cropping up and blowing the project out of the water are close to nil, so Mantic is essentially a safe bet for backers.

      It’s hard to see who exactly is getting shafted by their continued usage of KS, to the point where I don’t think anyone actually is.

      • Xodis

        I think thats the problem a lot of people have with multiple Kickstarters. Its “suppose” to be a way for starting companies to get started, not an entire business model. That said I dont think anyone is getting shafted or hurt, I guess its just a betrayal of an idea really. I’ve supported Reaper several times now, so I’m guilty of supporting this type of business model lol.

      • ChubToad

        Problem is CMON and Mantic are already “big” names in the business. They don’t need the KS platform to launch games. But they still use it. It’s a safe bet for them 2k-5k instant customers is a bargain no company in the actual market can afford. Add to that that time constraints to launch the product are almost non existant, and “backed” KS policies and you have a paradise for these two companies. It’s really easy money.
        Also the influx of cash the magnitude Mantic or CMON generates with each KS is huge. From one to another you have in your bank account 10-15 times the initial ammount of cash you expected to receive for your project. If you did your numbers right (and I bet they do), that’s an instant 1000% profit right there. No strings attached.
        I don’t back KS game projects anymore. They have lowered the quality of games published all around. Out of the hundreds of games published on this platform, less than 10% of them have made it to the actual market. Others have died a slow death and been forgotten quite quickly.
        But people still back projects, because of the sense that you are getting more for the same money you might invest in “household” games (quantity over quality thinking). But in reality, you are not.

        • UnpluggedBeta

          As others have pointed out, however, it’s a glorified preorder service.

          It generates automatic hype and player bases for products, so it makes a lot of sense.

          Best of all, there is no way in hell I’m backing “Startup company X” kickstarters, because of the very real risk that nothing is delivered.

          I sure as hell backed the Warpath ones, however.

          Like others have said, the chance of this fizzling into nothing is basically nill.

        • Johannes Dingle

          You do want them to remain independent though?

      • Johannes Dingle

        And they don’t have to explain their decisions to stockholders, which gives them a huge freedom to do what their audience want.

  • Richard Mitchell

    God those models look stupid good. Stop making quality products Mantic!

  • Simon Chatterley

    Hmmm…£85 on a single GW miniature that I don’t really like or on a whole army in game system from a company that wants my feedback….

    So GW – you have lost your way and you have decided you don’t want my custom.

    Hello Mantic again. Time to take my sci-fi gaming money as well.

    I really hope someone in Warhammer World starts to realise just how under threat they will become if they don’t snap out of this rubbish view that 8 out of 10 people buy there stuff to display….

    • DeadlyYellow

      Did you miss GWs market announcement a few days ago? Gamers account for only 20% of their revenue, and therefore aren’t a target audience.

      • Simon Chatterley

        No, I reference that with my 8 out of 10 people only buy their product to display.

        I have no idea who these people are. I haven’t ever met anyone who does this.

        I wonder if they stopped making rules just how much the 20% really spends….

        • Xodis

          I am probably considered one by now. I buy and paint/model MUCH more than I really play anymore.

          Its the same reason video games have an advantage, its always there, requires no prep time really to get started, and I can come-n-go as needed if I am trying to squeeze it in a busy schedule.

          • Local Ork

            As far as GW is concerned, time You “use” Your Codex is meaningless.

            If You and Your buddies spend 80% on models/paints and 20% on rules, Your group is 20% of gamer(s) and 80% of hobbyists, no matter how much You play or care about hobby aspects or how do You treat Your models (ie. as display models or just really expensive game pieces).

      • Local Ork

        I bet this come from conclusion only 20% of their profits come from books and game related materials (because hey, You only need books and dice to play the games, right?).
        Remember, they don’t do market research.

        Also, they only know for sure what they are selling (and what sit in warehouse) only from their own trade reports… which are roughly half of what they are selling worldwide.

        • DeadlyYellow

          Yeah, I also believe that consumer ratio was based on kits to “gaming essentials” sold. I’m mean it’s not like gamers would buy a lot of kits to support their army based miniature game… right?

      • Mahauk

        Ah, the mighty 20%. It was 20% of revenue when specialist games closed. 20% when they ended Fantasy. Another casual 20% benefits again?

        That argument is getting 20% effective over time.

        • Zethnar

          Wait, Specialist Games made up 20% of their revenue? What sane person just throws away 20% of their revenue?

          • Erik Setzer

            The games didn’t individually have large profits, and anything not making a large profit (even if it made profit) had to go in the new order of things.

            I’m not sure any sane group trims their business all the way down to two products lines (one of which needed a reboot to try to salvage it, the results of which is yet to be determined), and then goes about trying to further paint themselves into a tiny niche. Especially while they’re complaining about not having enough reach and saying their products need to be in non-niche stores…

      • Erik Setzer

        To be fair, that wasn’t a “market announcement.” The guy did note in the comments of his article that it was brought up in conversation, not put on a powerpoint or anything official.

        It still shows a bad attitude among at least part of their management, but it’s important to make sure the story’s accurate there.

        • DeadlyYellow

          I think I was having a brain fart trying to come up with appropriate phrasing there. Sometimes better words are just beyond grasp.

  • Xodis

    Eh, I’ll just wait until they have rules for Spiky Evil Enforcers and play with what I already have.

    • Local Ork


      Oh wait they do it already.

    • Gennadios

      I think you mean spiky evil space dwarves. The Hammerfist drop squad sounds like the termie equivalent and the 5 man dwarf squads have one heavy weapons option and a leader unit with a pistol thing and a melee weapon.

      The enforcers look more like Eldar to me.

      • Xodis

        Enforcers are Space Marines
        Rebs are Imperial Guard
        Asterians are Eldar
        Marauders are Orks
        Forge Fathers are Squats
        Plague are Chaos
        Veer-Myn are Skaven in SPAAACCe

        Its how I see it at least.

        • Gennadios

          Are we talking fluff or crunch wise? Fluff maybe, but just skimming over the alpha rules I’ll have a way easier time organizing my space marine army to work under the space dwarf rules.

          • Xodis

            Oh sorry, I dont know the fluff or rules AT ALL. Im judging purely off the aesthetic.

          • Christopher Szynkowski

            Model for model… the Veer-Myn and half the enforcer line match up roughly to Guard in options.

            The ForgeFathers and the other half of Enforcers match up roughly to Space Marines.

        • petrow84

          I’d rate the Corp. Marines as the IG equivalent.

        • UnpluggedBeta

          Rebs don’t really have a 40k equivalent from what I’ve seen from deadzone.

          Like another guy pointed out, corp marines are your IG

    • petrow84

      Well, they already have:
      – Plague Striders (“possessed Sentinel, or Dreadought)
      – infested Enforcers with experimental weapon,
      – cheap-o zombie horde,
      – nugrlin… erm, plague swarm + dogs
      – small spiky boyz with autogun and HMG
      – bigger, brawler spiky boyz
      – and an awesome looking, daemon-prince sized Stage 1 Plague.

  • Xodis

    Mantic already had Deadzone and Deadzone:Infection which is a Skirmish game and an Skirmish game update/campaign am I right?

    Is Warpath: Firefight a new skirmish system entirely, an update to the existing system, or what? Its easy to see that Warpath is the “Massive Army” game, but why another Skirmish game?

    • Tyr

      Basically, Deadzone covers single models, youre basically controlling a single squad. Over ten models a side and the rules get really clunky, you miss which models youve already activated, etc.
      Firefight is supposed to cover games with 15 to maybe 50 models a side. Youre controlling squads, so theres less micromanagement. Think, 500-1500 point 40k, but designed to play at that number of models.

      • Xodis

        Ah so Warpath would actually be 40K: Epic?

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          warpath would be 100 models plus, squads become the entity you control rather than individual troopers. Its really what Apocalypse should have been if GW hadn’t been so lazy they just said “well play normal 40K just with more models”. A game designed for fast play with lots of models.

        • Zethnar

          Yeah, pretty much, a better way to put it would be:

          Firefight = 40k around 3rd / 4th edition.
          Warpath = What GW are pushing us to think 40k is in 6th / 7th edition.

          By that I mean hundreds of minis, lots of vehicles and, just maybe, big stompy things. Not that Mantic have mentioned any big stompy things, but if there was a market for them why wouldn’t they?

  • Alhazred TheMad

    Not sure about this, Mantic has been treating Warpath like a red headed step child for too long and instead focused on Deadzone and Dreadball. Arguably Deadzone and Warpath compliment each other well given that their mostly the same range (the Plague faction for instance was minted for Deadzone before hoping to Warpath), but for quite a while it was easy to forget that Warpath existed even on Mantics website.

    • petrow84

      It is openly admitted, that Warpath 1.0 flopped big time at the release. Instead pushing it further, they started to build up, and expand the WP universe, by creating such games as Deadzone, Dreadball, and even Project Pandora: Grim Cargo. Now, they felt that it is time to release the 2.0, and make my wallet cry, just before X-mas shopping spree kicks in…

  • benn grimm

    Looking pretty cool, the judges on jetbikes are my faves so far.)

    • Simon Chatterley

      I just love those flyers. Dunno why, just something in the style really grabs my eye.

      • V10_Rob

        Tell me about, I’m in the KS just to pick up one or two of those birds. FINALLY a respectable looking sci-fi dropship/troop transport for my terrain collection.

  • Agent OfBolas

    WOW, those miniatures are simply.. GREAT!!!! Especially JETBIKES!

  • Parthis

    All good… but Mantic don’t need crowd sourced money. This feels a little cheap and dirty.