New Age of Sigmar Web Exclusive Spotted

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A new web exclusive Age of Sigmar Battleplan has been spotted today. Come see what some lucky customers are finding in their mail orders.

If you’ve been itching to play multiplayer games of AoS, this is the battleplan for you!  It’s built to support up to 4-player games.

It’s also great base for running bigger demo games of Age of Simgar as well, and even comes with rules for a “Mass combat system” to boot!

via Dakka Dakka reds8n 9-3-2015

aos missioncoveraos missionpg1
aos missionpg2


Wow checkout those mechanics for “massed combat” in the Age of Sigmar!

Age of Sigmar Roundup


Have fun out there on the tabletop you guys (and gals)!

  • John Felger

    Yeah… wow… hurray…. smell the desperation. 😀

    • Brian Griffith

      It’s a freebie they toss into Age of Sigmar orders. What were you expecting?

      • Béla

        Something of value.

        • Brian Griffith

          Which you paid nothing for, and didn’t know you were receiving when you placed the order? (As has been reported by folks who just randomly had this tossed into their shipping box).

          • Hedwerx

            I was quite pleased with the two enamelled badges I got in my box alongside the AoS starter. This must be a new thing they’re doing.

          • euansmith

            I was a cheapskate and got mine from Darksphere, so no badges for me… 🙁

          • Hedwerx

            Ahaha everyone point and laugh at the pauper! hahaha! (jk)

          • euansmith

            You just wait for the revolution… you and your badge-wearing 1% mates..!

          • Hedwerx


          • Brian Griffith

            Not all that new. Back in the day it wasn’t uncommon for the GW mail-order Trolls (their official designation, if you can believe it) to stick an extra mini in large orders. Since then it’s been more promotional items. Of late I’ve gotten a Nurgle button, a Mechanicus pin, and a Stormhosts elastic bracelet in my orders.

          • Hedwerx

            I got one of those bracelets in the box too, a Khorne one. I’m 34 though, so I don’t think I’m ever going to actually wear it.

          • Hedwerx

            I don’t wear Cradle of Filth t-shirts anymore. So it doesn’t go with my outfit.

          • Hedwerx

            I only started ordering stuff from them recently, my previous stint of collecting GW I’d just go and hang out at the Portsmouth shop. Younger me thought ordering via cheque and paper form was too much hassle, and took too long.

          • DeadlyYellow

            I’ve gotten those Nurgle pins too. Also the Santork Klaws card they send around the holidays.

            Thought they were pretty nice until I got a package from PP that had a promotional Christmas Butcher pin in it.

          • Corey Bailey

            I bought the old fortress model about 3 months ago.. it came with 3 extra walls and 2 extra towers

          • Brian Griffith

            I’m inclined to think that was just them dumping stock of an item that was about to be discontinued.

          • Chris. K Cook

            They have been doing it for a while. FW started doing it first.

    • Alhazred TheMad

      I’m desperately wishing for the trolls to stop hating once during this ten week window. Jokes on me, why even post in AoS (or bother looking)?

  • Neal Laxman

    Pretty cool as a freebie goes. Wonder if it will get made extra official and be downloadable on the app?

    • Erik Setzer

      Or, much better, put on the website, for people who can’t use the app.

      (I have an older iPhone and a Kindle Fire. For some reason, GW licensed apps and games tend to not work on the Fire, and older iPhones can’t run the OS needed for newer apps. No, I have no intention of rushing out to replace a perfectly functional phone, especially as it’s proven to be a lot more durable than the newer versions.)

      • Spacefrisian

        Or put it in a White Dwarf so they can boost its sales…a bit for those who care.

    • Hedwerx

      I think the entire thing is up there. You could just save those images.

  • Sputnikwriter

    I bet four armies splatting into each other in the centre of the board is gonna be a mess.

    • War is organized chaos

    • Erik Setzer

      It pretty much is. Every week at the local GW, the people who play AoS (the crowd’s gotten that small) all throw their armies onto one table against each other. It’s a huge mess, they never end up determining a victor, it’s basically just “put all your models on the table, sling dice, and talk BS for a few hours.”

      It might not be as bad if they weren’t putting out large armies each, but they spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on their collections and want to use them, and the game has nothing to suggest typical game size, so… eh. Personally, if I’m going to do that kind of thing, I’ll go to the bar with my friends and BS there.

      • Xlightscreen

        I found this is the case only when you play a deathmatch mission. We had a blast with the destroy the realmgate mission. If you were the attacker, you found yourself breaking combat in hopes of rushing the gate, why the defender had to keep several layers of defense.

  • Ben_S

    Aren’t the massed combat rules a fairly obvious extrapolation from the two player rules? I don’t see what’s so worth checking out.

  • Jared130

    I got this with my AoS starter pack the week it was released, how is this breaking now

  • Thorleiv Ytterøy

    YES! GW keeps on delivering!
    Age of Sigmars make me HAPPY!

  • Byungwook Kim

    I’m not the only one – Who wishes GW uses all of those AOS production lines to make – plastic reaver titan, plastic thunderhawk etc.

    • Byungwook Kim

      Also plastic fellblade… Can’t leave that out

      • Spacefrisian

        Plastic Battle sisters?

        • 3dken

          You’ve just gone too far now!! 🙂
          (hopes for them too)