Skarbrand: MORE New Pics – Part 2



It’s hot this morning – a 2nd set of images of Skarbrand and rules are doing the rounds on the tubes.  Come see:

Via Well of Eternity (instagram) 9-23-2015


11910173_421671684701013_1410868339_n 2015-09-23_1137

Lets take a look at those rules… wait a minute, what’s this!?

Say it with me: “TOTAL CARNAGE!!!”


Maybe Jervis is a arcade game fan?

Skarbrand Rumor Roundup


  • Matthew

    Hey look its Old-One-Eye!

    This time he is Old-One-Eye-Two-Axe-No-Wing

    • Markus Beckers

      But he has wings 😀

      • Hedwerx

        he should have the speciasl rule “Flap Impotently” which only makes him ANGRIER >_<

  • TheBrokenEdge

    I think he’s freaking awesome. No worries about if he’s overpriced points-wise in AoS 😉

    • Hedwerx

      What are points?

      • Spacefrisian

        Those things that make your fingers bleed when you tap on them to hard. They sometimes hurt as well.

  • sethmo


    Really gw?