Skarbrand the Exile: Latest Pic & Info!


He’s got broken wings, a big pricetag and an anger management problem to match. And we have a pic! Here’s the latest on Skarbrand the Exile:


via Warhammer-Forum user Pouf! Mallette



We’ve had multiple retailers chime in with the following info today:

Coming this Saturday 9-26-2015

Skarbrand the Exile $130

Plastic Kit

Over 6″ tall

Large oval base

Look for both 40K rules and Age of Sigmar Warscrolls to accompany him this week.


Khorne is really cornering the market on fist-punching weapons…

  • The only question that remains is, “can he be used in KDK?”

    He’s mentioned in the book, and KDK warbands pledge themselves to him, so I really hope so!

    • Arthfael

      If I was playing against you and you had a KDK list, there is no way in the Eye of Terror I would oppose you using Kharn or Skarbrand.

      • Shiwan8

        That’s reasonable. Let’s not go there. This is WH40k after all.

  • TheBrokenEdge

    Very nice. Reminds of the Heresy Miniatures demon way back.

    • TweetleBeetle

      Only much better.

      • TheBrokenEdge

        To be fair: that was 10 odd years back so I would expect a current product to look better 🙂

  • rtheom

    He’s a Bloodthirster with Hive Tyrant wings… they have gotten laaaaazy with CAD…

    • TweetleBeetle

      No they’re not. Not even close. A few horn-shaped spikes don’t make it the same.

    • Bruno Alejandro Flores Hassán

      and why is he holding the axes like that… wtf…

      • that’s the best way to carry them, top heavy weapons are hard on the wrists…but hes a demon so, yah…

        • PrimoFederalist

          To carry them, not to wield them. A longer handle allows you to generate more force.

          You’d change grip when you wanted to spill some blood for the blood god.

          • Exactly. So hes not in a battle pose (least not to me) so there is no point in him holding them that way. Looks like hes mad Cuz he stubbed his toe…hoof..

          • Bruno Alejandro Flores Hassán

            my point!.. if you are going to make a badass bloodthirster that all he want’s is to fight and kill… MAKE HIM IN A BATTLE POSE! A killing machine like that doesn’t just walk to his enemies and make a “come at me, bro” pose.

          • I dont think it woyld be a hard conversion really. Pretty much all the poses are “come at me” poses lol

      • Stan

        It is to accommodate the ridiculous measure from the weapon rule.
        He has more range now when fighting most miniatures, lol.

      • Cylux

        Holding em out wide bellowing a challenge before adjusting his grip and charging?

  • latro990

    Wonder if Khorne used that ridiculous goatie to lob him across the realm of skulls when it annoyed him…

    • The “Goatie of Khorne” looks so good, it deserves rules.

      • Azrell

        “Goatie of Khorne”: +45$ to model price.

      • PrimoFederalist

        Are we all purposefully misspelling “goatee” and that’s part of the joke?

        • Damien Coté

          If it was Goatse then it would be more of a Slaanesh thing

  • standardleft

    swap out his wings for the bloodthirsters and I’ve got my new favourite mini.

    • Jet Voidweller

      But he can’t have functional wings, that was the whole point of being chucked across spacetime. lol

    • DaveTycho

      I thought the same thing. It make a less top heavy bloodthirster.

      • standardleft

        Yeah, the bloodthirster is a bit too much like a statue for me. Its not in the most natural pose.

        I’ve remedied it a bit by having him burst from a chaos champion on his base (blood guts and everything), but Skarbrand would make a really nice and natural looking thirster.

        I may magnetise the wings so I could swap out some terrorgeist wings for a before and after the fall Skarbrand.

        The wings here are just a bit too small for me. Probably limits of the mould.

  • Spacefrisian

    Wait thats what ripped of wings mean?
    Raziel would like to show his wings to GW after they been ripped out by Cain.

    • TweetleBeetle


    • Xodis

      Pretty sure that Khorne only shredded his wings as shown and didn’t literally remove them.

    • The lore says that Khorne hurled Skarbrand through time and space like a flaming comet and his impact upon landing is what damaged his wings.

    • Cylux


  • TweetleBeetle

    Those aren’t fist-punching weapons, he’s just holding his axes like the artwork.

    • Azrell

      Take a close look at bolter… its like 50% empty space. that action of gun dose not even line up with the barrel. Im quite certain that GW designers dont really know how weapons work.

  • Xodis

    Wow that looks sexy!! lol

  • Aezeal

    The head gives me vermin lord vibes, well the horns at least.

  • Matthew

    I pictured him black, probably because Furies are black and are a non-aligned demon.

    But I have to wonder why is he holding his Axes up by the head?

  • Eric Lindgren

    That is one manly Bloodthirster

  • monkeypuzzle

    People asking about the axes – it is easier to carry axes that way if you are not swinging them as you are holding it closer to the weight of the axe head. It takes only a fraction of a second to slide them down the handles and it is even possible to fight holding them that way but you won’t get as much power. He is clearly not mid swing in that pose hence the grip.

    • Azrell

      Id like to see him “slide down” that ax. Hes likely to loose his fingers.

    • Nameless

      I agree with what you are saying, but I would also like to point out that if you have to explain that every time you put your model down, then maybe it should have been designed mid swing

  • Retconned Legion

    The pose is certainly a stable looking than the regular bloodthirster.

  • Corey Bailey

    The prices get higher and higher and every time I feel my heartbreak a little more because I know warhammer will never again be what it supposed to be. Im still hoping against hope that Roundtree will see the error in his ways and GW will revert back to what they once were. Hopefully they figure it out before the business implodes.

    • Jet Voidweller

      I don’t know homie, that is a pretty huge model with a massive amount of detail.

      • Nameless

        but is it bigger and more detailed than the Bloodthirster they released only 6-8 months ago? Games Workshop have always believed in charging what they think they can get away with, and when it doesn’t work… well try something else.

      • Corey Bailey

        Glottkin was 110. Its arounds 6 inches so roughly half the size of glottkin

  • karloss01

    Yay… more Khorne… *sigh*

  • 1truesaxon1

    Nice model. Ridiculous price.

    • Marklar


    • andrewbeater

      Most new GW models are. A lot of these big ticket items are reserved for those with more disposable income in their pockets.

  • JJ

    I like the model, except for the chin-beard thing!

    • D. B.

      Well, a shave is easily done if you so desire.

    • TumbleWeed

      Speaking of models, are those new flesh-hounds on either side of him?

  • Autumnlotus

    This looks stupid, I’m sorry to say. It adds nothing that the brand new Bloodthirster models don’t already do, and could have easily been added to the latter’s boxart with broken wings. It’s simply GW fanboying over just one god and demanding more money

    • Brae

      I think it’s a sign of the times. I’d love to see Blanche-inspired daemons, but in line with the new AOS artwork this looks way too clean and formulaic. Having said that, his right axe kinda nails my vision of a daemon weapon.

      • Autumnlotus

        It would be better if he wasn’t using the axes like brass knuckles. That, and the skin looks unneededly complicated despite making sense for him to be wearing proper brass armor instead.

        Granted I am biased, as I think this slot would be better used for Skulltaker :3

        • Brae

          If the LoC gets a plastic kit, I hope it’s more Dark Crystal than FLEX magazine

          • Autumnlotus

            If we get a keeper of secrets I hope it’s more rocky horror and less animal farm xD

        • Jet Voidweller

          To be fair, that is how you carry an axe when you are not in mid swing.

          • Autumnlotus

            That is fair, but the models are (supposedly) meant to look mid-combat

  • Christie Bryden

    looks like a update of the bloodthirster kit.

  • Shiwan8

    Well then, actually cool looking model for a change.

  • Old zogwort

    That price is in Australian or Canadian dollars right ?

    • E65

      Nah mate US. The OZ/NZ will be more surprising.

  • mclargehuge

    Another bloodthirster 😐


  • Draconian

    Nice demon and all, but… why is he holding the axes so near the heads?

    • Chaosrex

      You’ve never tried to swing Axes in close combat do you?…

      • Draconian

        Reading other comments it looks like he’s just carrying the axes and not trying to use them, so the grip makes more sense. I still think it looks wierd.

  • Desc440

    I just don’t get GW… why make a specific kit when the generic BT kit could have contained the parts needed to make Skarbrand? There is a much bigger risk associated with two specific kits rather than a combi-kit.

  • Mordrot

    Oh thank god something for 40k! Will people stop crying now and we can have peace? No? The new Tau suit needs to be banned you say? I guess there was never any hope.

    • Brian Griffith

      Well technically this is part of the Age of Sigmar release.

      Daemons are fun, that way.

  • JP

    A Khorne Daemon the size of a Knight Titan? Awesome. Too bad his 40k rules make him probably not worth the price tag they’ll stick on him.

  • LordAK

    My greatest concern is, ‘Will he survive turn 2 and reach the enemy?’

    I pray he’s a beast type instead of standard MC

  • Kaylum Dicks

    I always imagined him with nothing but nubs where his wings once were. These wings look like something from the undead line.

  • Mordrot

    These “why is he hold axes close to the head” posts are killing me. Go home and swing a baseball bat (or cricket wateva) and tell me if you transfer more strength into a hit holding it at the end or choked up about a quarter of the way.

    • Retconned Legion

      He’s not swinging them, he’s carrying them.

  • frank

    i like it alot. i’m not going to buy it but i think it’s the best of the new bloodthirsters.

  • Master Avoghai

    So if I sum up…

    We’ve got a kit that looks like a kit that already exist (the bloodthirster) and was released recently.
    The new kit looks smaller than the other one and contains less bitz…

    And now you tell me it costs 18$ more than the standard BT kits???

    GW will never end surprising me…

  • Fungrim

    Since all the Stormcast look the same I guess it’s only right that all the Khorne look the same…

  • mikethefish

    He looks completely terrible. As if he were designed by early 90’s sculptors trying to IMITATE a GW style