Tau “Titan” Latest Pics – IT’S HUGE!


It looks like some lucky gamer got a Tau KX-139 over the weekend.  Come look at pics of this Tau MONSTER!

via 4chan/tg and B&C 9-6-2015


The boxes for the big suit:


That is a lot of pieces!


It looks like more weapon options are coming! that looks like a “quinto cannon” of some type to me. Infantry beware!

tau-kx139-4 tau-kx139-5


Yup, that’s going to be a tall one!

Here are the original pictures of the kit from a month back:

taututan106 tautitan107 tautitan110 tautitan108


It’s still hard to tell exact scale, but certianly bigger than a knight.  To me it looks to weigh in somewhere in between a Knight and a Warhound.

~I’m thinking the Tau Empire has found a solution to the Imperium’s titans…

  • Greater good… greater size

  • abaddonsmummy

    hmmm needs more guns i think.

    • Harrower

      Agreed, they missed a spot near the knees. Careless.

      Joking aside, damn nice model!

      • euansmith

        “Activate the Knee Cannon!”

        “Um… we don’t have one…”

        “Okay, fire the Knee Rockets!”

        “Nope… we aren’t fitted with them either…”

        “Right… Knee him the groin!”

        “Activating Saturday Night Bar Fight Protocol in… 3… 2… 1… Knee deployed!”

        “Take that Imperial Knight!”

      • euansmith

        Actually, checking out the model, it doesn’t appear to have a D-Cannon either…

  • ToffeeRunt
  • euansmith

    It is a nice big kit… but in a game played at 28mm scale on a 6’x4′ table, isn’t it rather overkill… like all the other super heavies… and the artillery pieces that should reasonably be placed on a coffee table three houses away from where you are playing the game..?

    • Dan Cross

      As the great Howard Tayler once wrote/drew:

      • Hedwerx

        G12? It says here it destroys everything but the fillings in their teeth, helps us pay for the war effort!

        • Inian

          Mmm… First time I’ve seen Hicks quoted here, very nice.

          • euansmith

            I had to go and Google, because I thought I knew all the dialogue from Aliens… Turns out it is the other Hicks…

          • Inian

            Game over man, game over!

          • Another Biased Opinion

            Barring “Goatboy” yes

      • nurglitch

        Howard Tayler is a self-important cartoonist. Overkill is when you waste firepower killing one thing so that you’re leaving yourself open to being killed by something else.

    • kaptinscuzgob

      you are aware this is for warhammer 40k and not some namby pamby ‘realistic’ wargame? now shush and charge that gun emplacement with your artillery tractor, theres a good space marine

      • euansmith

        Tau Ethereal, “Okay, boys, which one of you has walked Calgar all over the rug? I keep telling you to clean your boots before coming in to the hanger!”

        • kaptinscuzgob

          i wondered what happened there

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          its still technically a miniature as long as its smaller than you are 🙂

          • Hedwerx
          • euansmith

            My favouite modelling joke… odd how it is only available with subtitles.

          • Pointed Stick

            love some Ripping Yarns

    • georgelabour

      Because no battles have even been fought right next to in, on, and or near giant static artillery pieces meant to hurl shells dozens of miles?

      Most certainly not on a beach in France wherein such things have occurred. Especially ones that later get turned into a series of movies chronicling the events.

      • euansmith

        But in the case of Normandy, the static artillery was “objectives” for the table top action and involved in a meta game with the offshore/orbital fleet. Also, I was think move of the mobile artillery pieces deployed by the IG/AM; vehicles that should be engaged in rapidly skedaddling back their effective range, rather than trying to fire over open sights at point blank targets. But still, this is the grim universe of the future where men in tanks wave swords 😀

        • Haighus

          Hehe, I am reminded at this point of how the Russians used their Br-4 203mm howitzers in the Battle of Berlin. When a particularly tough stronghold of German soldiers were holed up in a building, they would roll these things up to point blank range and blast the building apart. Scary scary tactics. I think the AM has been studying Soviet war doctrine…


          Also worth noting this weapon had an effective range of 18km. I think the Soviet forces were using them at point blank range partly because they could more than out of necessity.

          • euansmith

            Particularly egregious to use Howitzers for the job 😀 Those Crazy Ivans!

            Tracked Artillery… cool!

        • georgelabour

          To be fair there are likely a good number of real world accounts where ‘long range’ weaponry has been used for ‘improvised’ purposes such as close quarters urban pacification.

          Then there’s things like the Sturmtiger…

          And it’s also best to remember a 40k game isn’t nescecarrily a self contained fight. Back in the days of epic40k the firefight phase was specifially stated to take place in roughly the same time and size scale as a 40k game. So…forging the narrative and all that let’s us easily say that little fight with a few guardsmen and their battery of heavy mortars is just a snapshot of a larger fight swirling for kilometers around them.

          • euansmith

            That’s why I think that there should be special rules for things like heavy artillery and super heavy units. That they should be able to generate victory points each turn by attacking “off table” targets, rather than wasting their massive firepower killing a handful of blokes at danger close.

            There could be a chart to generate suitable targets with “to hit” modifiers; so your Basilisk battery might be lobbing shells at an enemy fortification several miles away, while your enemy’s Praetorian is trying to pound a Warhound moving up to your rear.

            I think this would give a better feel for the battles being part of larger struggle. 😀

          • georgelabour

            Check out ‘The Rok’ scenario on page 255 of the Apocalypse rule book.

            I also recall there being an old white dwarf multi table battle for 1st edition apocalypse. On one table they had catachancs defending a basilisk battery, and for each turn those basilisks survived (and weren’t used for direct support) another table got to measure from them to their own table and fire them.

      • PrimoFederalist

        Right, because the 152mm navy guns emplaced in concrete were shooting at the Rangers scaling the cliffs and not trained on the ships on the horizon…

        • euansmith

          I wonder what “point blank range” is for a 152mm gun?

          • Azhrarn

            Anything outside 400 yards or so I imagine, depending on the traverse of the guns. ^_^

        • georgelabour

          If the germans could have angled them that way you can bet they would have used them for just such a purpose.

          But as 20th century militaries had yet to evolve their tactics to revolve around chainsaw swords and using standard issue infantry weapons with ranges barely twice that of a pistol I suppose the idea hadn’t yet occured to them.

          Now 38000 years in the future where such high concepts are the norm….

          • nurglitch

            Back in the day even Heinlein knew that a knife could stop a button-pusher. The games of 40k we play are simply the game-able scenarios where stuff can’t be killed from outside of line-of-sight and give-a-damn.

    • Realistic 40k: play with your friend by staying home. Comes with networked dispersion dice support over ios and android.

      • euansmith

        I’m now imagining a 40k themed version of Battleships… I’m sure GW would sell a license for it as a mobile game… “You blew up my titan!”

  • Pointed Stick

    the other gun variant looks like fusion cascades to me

    • ToffeeRunt

      Like, fifty-billion of them.

      If it’s like 5D3 shots with a 12″ range that’ll be pretty hilarious.

      • Pointed Stick

        it is a whole lot of fusion. I suspect it will be slightly better than that.

        anyone know how it was sold? body on its’ own, weapons separate? would be handy to buy the body when it comes out and wait to see what weapon variants come along.

        • ToffeeRunt

          I’m guessing the weapons are separate like the other titans, especially if it has alternate options. Looking at the pile of boxes the guy has, there’s the body assembly, rear weapons, and both arms.

    • Azhrarn

      Indeed they do, larger bore (relative to the size of the “cylinder” they’re on) than the Hazard Suit cascades though. 🙂 Probably quite lethal, but won’t have much in terms of range.

      • Pointed Stick

        yeah of course, will definitely be much bigger versions, more shots etc.

  • kaptinscuzgob

    oh my god instructions in a FW kit what is happening

    • euansmith

      1: Dry fit piece A in to socket C.
      2: Place piece A in to boiling water and straighten.
      3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until it looks about as good as it is going to get…

      • Another Biased Opinion

        4. Add Green Stuff?
        Building my fire raptor I had to shorten the top by about 5mm to get the whole thing to fit together…

    • Syra

      It’s great, their recent kits are using computer aided design and manufacturing processes and they have the 3d sculpts for proper instruction booklets.

      It’s the same with the warlord. There were actually half decent instructions printed on the blister of the quad mortar too…

  • Byungwook Kim

    It IS going to be a gargantuan. So it will be able to STOMP.
    It would be HILARIOUS to see this thing stomp-kill a chapter master.


    • euansmith

      Tau Ethereal, “Okay, boys, which one of you has walked Calgar all over the rug? I keep telling you to clean your boots before coming in to the hanger!”

      • nurglitch

        With I4 Powerfists, and A4+, I think Calgar would paste a Tau mega-suit.

        • euansmith

          Maybe according to the rules, but really, should he? 😉

          • nurglitch

            Of course, where doing so advances the plot of the particular story where that happens.

  • crevab

    Still find it funny Tau R&D put it into production without finishing the arm weapons.

    “What do you mean the arms aren’t ready? Crap, CRAP! Okay, uh, take some heavy weapons out of storage, strap a bunch together, and stick it to the hardpoint. Maybe the Ethereals won’t notice.”

    • kaptinscuzgob

      its suspiciously orky

      • nurglitch

        The Tau are finally wising up to the realities of modern warfare in the 41st millennium; it’s not your best shot that counts, it’s your first 40k.

  • Duo L. Maxwell

    Holy Princeps MechWarrior in a Full Armor ZZ Gundam

    3 Giant Rail Cannons on its back

    • ToffeeRunt

      They’re upscaled Airbursting Frag Projectors, not Railcannons I’m afraid.

      • disqus_I1VIVQiPZK

        Last we heard they hadn’t made the rules for it yet but were thinking of making 3 fire modes for the guns on the back: 1. D str 3 shot, 2. Blast shots and 3. Large blast area saturation. All of which were because the guns were rail cannons, besides they look more like rail cannons

  • Agent OfBolas

    Nothing special I must say… it’s big and…. and nothing more. Just rescaled Riptide with too much guns.

    • flyingtam

      “…too much guns.” How dare you! Nothing in 40K can have “too much guns”! What I don’t understand is why there are no knee guns or why isn’t there a gun in it’s head?

  • So what drop ship delivers this to a planet. The largest the tau have is a manta, and this definitely won’t fit…

    • euansmith

      Durrr… It surfs in on the back of a Manta, obviously!

      “Cowabunga, for the Greater Good, dudes!”

    • crevab

      They’ll either:
      A. Mention a new unit
      B. Leave a hole
      C. “They saw the Blood Angels do it with a Land Raider”

      • Thunder hawk transporter

        And that rule is gone. And was an invention of Matt “team up with necrons” ward, so is irrelevant anyway

    • ToffeeRunt

      The Manta isn’t the largest, merely the largest we’ve seen.

      • BFG fluff says otherwise… but sadly no one pays attention to that any more

        • ToffeeRunt

          Because it’s no longer canon, I imagine.

          • It is. Just no one knows it.

          • ToffeeRunt

            The other argument is that expecting Tau to stick to dogma goes against their fluff. The Imperium, Eldar or Ad Mech, sure, they’re technologically dogmatic and believe no improvement can be wrought upon their kit.

            The Tau? They’re more pragmatic. If they find a need for a larger, dedicated class of dropship, they’ll build one. Arguably they could have seen how the Imperium lands their Titans and mimicked the method of the delivery in the same way they mimicked the use of Titans.

          • Adam Richard Corrigan

            Or it works like Centurions(The old cartoon not the shockingly awful space marine toddler walkers); The pilot drops in with the main chasis/body and then the required weapons teleport/fly in on rockets(also kind of like Ironman in Avengers.)

    • petrow84

      It’s easy, they build the planet around the factory, which cranks out these babies.

  • Orodruin

    Can’t wait to rip one apart with my Kytan. Although, I’m sure it will have the ability to overwatch, and jump out of combat…

  • Mr_Pickles

    All I see is more dakka for me Orkz…

  • Mud_Duck

    I wonder what the ‘replacement’ back weapons are going to be? Missiles? One bigger gun? Close combat arms? hhhhmmmmmm…

  • Walter Bravenboer

    And here he is with a buddy…

    • chip6793

      I think it would have given a better perspective if you had shown the whole photo 😉 … Holy Lord it’s going to be big’ and from what was previously spoken about before, months ago, it’s supposed to be a super heavy.

  • Alistair Collins

    Ahh, 40K.
    Where large units fire “long range” weapons at ludicrously short distances. Looking good guys.

  • Ak318

    Qustion doesnt the smaller guns in the minigun look like fusion cascades in which case a five barreled fusion cascade

  • Todd

    When are we getting this?!?! T-T i need it