Warhammer Fantasy – 9th Edition By Fans for Fans


Two of the largest groups of organized gamers in Europe have joined forces to make thier own Warhammer 9th Edition. Take a look!

Age of Sigmar is off to it’s start with GW pushing the new system as hard as they can.  But some players have both feet firmly planted in the Old World.  Here is there new product:

The 9th Age

The 9th Ages is is currently bing put together by european outfits: Swedish Comp and ETC Army Composition. these groups have been actively working on the new site, rules PDFs and  updated codices since late July.

Here is a description of what they are building:

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 2.21.49 PM

The 9th Age Rules

The 9th Age Comp System

WHAT IS THE 9TH AGE? The 9th Age is an rules update for the 8th edition of warhammer fantasy battles, intended to be considered a new version of the game, the 9th version. It is written by a group of players, and thus not supported by GW. All relevant rules can be found here:


Feedback and suggestions are much welcomed, given here:


HOW TO USE THE DOCUMENT To use this document, you need the 8th edition rulebook along with FAQs and erratas (we recommend using the ETC FAQ to complement the official faqs). Sections in FAQs corresponding to updated rules found here should be ignored. In this document you will find both new and updated rules, replacing both the general rules as well as army specific rules. Before each chapter, a short description will tell you how to apply the chapter in relation to the 8th edition rulebook. To make the transition easier for old players, we have colour coded the most relevant changes (from 8th edition) in blue.

It looks like the general goal of The 9th Age is to create an overlay set of alterations to WFB 8th.  The new rules download is centered mainly around:

– Magic

– Shooting

– Special Rules

There is a second document dealing with comp issues and the group is now wading into the individual Army Books.

When Age of Sigmar was initially released, we said there was a real chance of seeing the playerbase splinter in a Dungeons&Dragons/Pathfinder manner.  Age of Sigmar is out there getting constant support from GW, alongside the non-stop new model releases.  Mantic is cranking out weekly new army lists for Kings of War, and now we are seeing a movement within to player community to make thier own 9th Edition.  Everyone hold onto – the train’s next stop is Factionville.

What do you all think of the new system and the entire venture? 


  • ZeeLobby

    Def interested in this. I don’t need Warhammer 0K. I want ranked tactical combat. Looked into Kings of War and may give it a shot, though the Fantasy fluff is why I started playing. If this fixes 8th my group may totally be on board.

    • Caleb Watson

      You can totally play KOW with whatever background you like. The rules are super tight and easy to learn. Its also nothing to bang out a 2k game in 60-75 minutes with some experience.

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        • Hedwerx

          Thats 51 hours per week at $98 an hour. or 7.5 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you can’t even add up your spam messages properly…

          • euansmith

            Thanks 😀 I was just about to do the maths.

          • Only Seeking Snarky Lols

            i think the inability to do basic math may lead to spamming messages

          • jeff white

            counting spam is bad math regardless


      as much as im ok with kow, aos actually rewards ranked units more than kow (and can also use any fluff you want in any of these games really). in kow, with no casualty removal and the troop/regiment/horde system, the units may as well be just one model, (im finding games with smaller scale models are quite fun, eg 6mm kow) whereas aos means every model in the ranks that can reach contribute to the fight as actual combatants rather than whfb’s abstract rank bonus or possibly spears from rear ranks.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah, but then its just 40K without the depth of 40K, with crossbolt throwers instead of boltguns. I liked the ranked combat that fighting in rectangular units adds. And while KoW treats units more like individual models, the footprint of the unit still matters for maneuverability. That said, its basically identical to WHFB, with the reduced time required to determine who can hit, how many ranks, and what models to remove. In the end 40K and AoS could be translated down to 1 man units with little effect on game outcome. Doing it would just mean less money for GW.

        There’s also something to be said about the modeling opportunity for creating dynamic units of ranked infantry over trying to fit models onto their individual square bases just to be able to keep track of wounds/attacks. Which you could just as easily do with some dice.

        • Muninwing

          i think that because GW boosted the War of the Ring rules and gives a mechanic for support, they somehow thought that it would replace the rank-and-file combat that was the bread and butter of WHF.

          there was something… impressive… about a fully-ranked army lined up for war, deployed on the table before the action started. and no amount of lazy angel-einherjar crossbreeds with pitifully-written fluff will capture that.

          i honestly am split on how i feel about AoS as a concept. it was a bad idea, that’s to be sure — it’s just plain foolish to potentially antagonize or openly insult half your playerbase (deliberately or no).

          is it lazy and arrogant, or was it rushed?

          because as incomplete and spotty as it was, it’d make sense if it was a rushed product. but that has its own issues — it implies a panicked, unreasoning reaction here instead of a deliberate plan.

          on the other hand, they seem to have just assumed they’d keep their old players via gravity regardless of the “we don’t actually care about you” message they conveyed (again — deliberately or accidentally). and that AoS would be “good enough” without bothering to investigate WHY people played it in the first place.

          regardless of what the motivation was (and given some insider info i got over a year ago, a former insider who told me to not bother buying any more WHF models because “they’ll be so different as to be useless or they’ll just be useless, depening on what you play”), it seems more lazy than rushed, the lesser-excusable of the two.

          did GW never think that other people would step in and fill the hole they left?

          it’s not even like there wasn’t precedent, with Pathfinder.

          no… bad leadership encouraged bad writing and bad rules and withdrawal from the community. which killed WHF. and now, bad leadership again has changed the playing field (so to speak) to their detriment.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        but its both weird and incredibly time consuming and awkward to have to measure from every single model’s spear or sword tip to see if they can fight, it leads to some very odd results in the game. Models with shorter weapons having to balance on the bases of big models to get into range is also stupid.

        • ZeeLobby

          The rules are just plain bad.


          we arent actually finding its an issue at all, its generally fairly obvious and really quick with a combat gauge thingammy (homemade!). other than one instance of a load of hunting hounds bringing down a giant (whos base wasnt modelled or painted), not seen anyone even try the balance on big base thing yet and had at least 3 games a week since release. there just doesnt generally feel a need to do it at all

  • John Felger

    Power to them although I think they should allow and create options for all sorts of things outside Warhammer too. If you are going to be forced to do your own homebrew… might as well do what you want.

    • ForsetisMuse

      They have said that they are planning on doing that, they just want to finish fixing the existing armybooks first.

  • Caleb Watson

    I wish they would let this die and move onto Kings of War. People are not attracted to dead rule sets. This will not attract new gamers. This only satisfies the guys not willing to admit WFB is dead. I sadly see every tom. dick and harry tourney organizer adjusting this and making it more convoluted then it already is. That’s why I chose to go KOW. Tight, balanced rule set. They have lists for every existing fantasy army you may have on the shelf. Not to forget the company actually gives a crap about their gamers and wants the feedback.

    • Rob

      I can’t disagree with this more. Their toys belong to them and they should be able to play with them as they want. I say kudos to the folks who have created this. Oldhammer is a thing.

      I’m glad people love KoW and they should play that game if they want. Still, KoW isn’t for everyone.

    • Dan

      Speaking as a Kings of War player I don’t want to see this die. Sure I moved on to Kings of War years ago but I still have a lot of friends who played Warhammer regularly and they loved it and were heart broken by Games Workshop’s decision to destroy the Warhammer world. Frankly I hope that for the sake of my friends and the rest of the ‘classic’ Warhammer community Games Workshop will come to their senses and realise what a stupid mistake they made with Age of Sigmar. I kind of wish they would retcon it and release Warhammer 9th edition. Though I highly doubt Games Workshop would do this. (also I guess it would be unfair for the people who actually enjoy Age of Sigmar if they retconned it)

      • Hendrik Booraem VI

        Actually, if I understand what happened in the End Times books accurately, it would be far easier for GW to retcon AoS to some “alternate reality” and bring Warhammer FB 9th edition out, than it was for them to straight-up destroy all the backstory that they had already created.

        • euansmith

          DC Comics-styleeeee!!!

          “Yeah we blew up the entire Universe… heck, we blew up the entire Multiverse… but that was last year… soooo last year…”

          • Oggthrok

            Ooh, good call. Need a way out? Sigmar Prime, the young Sigmar from an alternate universe that no longer exists, can punch on the realm tree, causing fractures that create a zillion matching realms. And then the Skaven get loose and chew on the reality of those realms, until presto, one of them is exactly like the old world, plus all of the existing realms, plus what ever else they want to make up.
            Seriously folks, this is how DC handled the destruction of their multiverse.

          • Mars Needs Beer

            Yes, and it never stops being lame, poor DC 🙁

          • Michael Gerardi

            GW’s version of the return of Bobby Ewing? It’s a nice dream . . . .

          • euansmith

            The whole of the End Times turn out to be the final dream of Archaon Everchosen as he dies amidst the slaughter outside the walls of Middenheim…

            Atop the citiy’s stout defences, a pair of hard bitten guards look down on the fallen Champion of Chaos…

            Otho, “Ain’t that that Archaon bloke down there?”

            Fritz, “Yeah, an’ that’s my feckin’ brick in his head…”

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I think that is the best fluff exit strategy I’ve heard yet. I hope GW are reading.

          • euansmith

            I think Warhammer Fantasy fluff is best when focusing on the little guys, the blokes you can actually associate with and sympathize with; but then my encounters with the background have mainly been through Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

            For me, the image of a feabitten ratcatcher with a small, but viscous dog sneaking through the sewers, terrified he will bump in to a goblin, is what the grim dark is all about. Huge monsters and immortal warriors are all fine and dandy, but should be away in the background somewhere 😀

      • Michael Gerardi

        AoS: the New Coke of table-top gaming. Now if only GW had the savvy that Coca Cola had!

        Even better: GW has the savvy that Hasbro has, and re-issues its entire line of classic rules, like Hasbro has with AD&D.

        • Dan

          It’s funny that you mention New Coke because part of me actually wonders if perhaps Games Workshop is trying a similar marketing strategy that Coca-Cola used with New Coke to sell more regular Coca-Cola. Perhaps Games Workshop thought seeing as Warhammer Fantasy wasn’t selling as well as they would like they would release their New Coke (Age of Sigmar) knowing full well that the majority of people would hate it, then a little while later when everyone misses the Old World they release their version of Classic Coke (‘Classic’ Warhammer Fantasy 9th edition) and sell millions.

          • Michael Gerardi

            If that were actually the plan, and if GW’s “Classic” WHFB 9th were reasonably priced and a clear improvement over 8th (let alone Age of Suck-More), I’d be back in a heartbeat–despite being a TK player *heh*

            Alas, IMO GW is too arrogant, too greedy and too disconnected from its customer base to come up with that kind of plan. I think when they killed WHFB, they didn’t just kill it, they drove a stake through its heart so that it would never rise again.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            It would be so easy to fix WHFB. Go back to 6th as a basis, release a Ravening Hordes type book and watch as everyone floods back to WHFB.

          • Michael Gerardi

            I actually just bought the 6th ed book (on E-bay of course), since I had only gotten into WHFB in 7th. From just scanning it so far, I like it FAR better than 8th, and better than 7th in a number of ways. If GW re-booted based on 6th (and purged all the idiocies of Ward-era army books, btw), I’d join the flood.

    • I built a necromunda crew out of cultists and posted it to my local 40k FB group last week. I have at least 3 other people working on gangs now and we’re starting a campaign as soon as someone else gets a gang painted. Community rule sets are great and I salute the people who put the time and testing into making them! What’s dead can never die, but rises up harder and stronger.

      • euansmith

        I agree, Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn…

        • Michael Gerardi

          We are certainly in strange eons . . . .

    • plasmaspam

      We are constantly reminded that GW is a Models company these days, so if this keeps a player Base engaged and subsequently contributes to their sales, what’s the bother?

      • Oggthrok

        Actually, speaking seriously, I frequently hear a quote on forums attributes to GW, in which they state they are a models company, and not a games company.
        It sounds like something they would say, but can anyone cite where that quote originated from?

        • Joe

          It’s been said in their annual report(s), in particular one of the last few from Tom Kirby, and it was very condescending.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. And quite idiotic…

    • GLaDOS

      Mabie they don’t want to play Kings any more than they want to play AOS?

      • ZeeLobby

        Bahahahaha. Good one!

    • Joe

      WFB may be dead, but people can play with whatever rules they want. I like KoW, mostly because it’s of the ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ style of game. It plays relatively quick, so it fits my life where I can fit in a few games in an evening. I have no issue with people keeping WFB alive, and wouldn’t mind seeing it as the ‘more complicated’ game that has a lot of rules interactions.

  • I’m a fan of tinkering. After all, I’ve done my fair share and shared with the community.

    That said – dead ruleset is dead ruleset and player psychology is a difficult thing to shake.

    9th age is more of a thing for the ETC to continue having ETC games with using WHFB as a base. My hats off to them, I just don’t see it catching on unless an official company picks it up.

    If an official company picked it up it could be huge, but until then it will be largely ignored as its not “official”.

    • euansmith

      Maybe they could kickstart a company to produce new WFB content.

      • Would need GW to give them that license which I don’t ever see happening.

        • euansmith

          I guess so

          • Bobsyouruncle

            Didn’t GW license out WHFRP a few years ago ? If they are prepared to do that and there is enough money in it for them they might go for it . A kick starter of this nature could possibly raise a fair chunk of cash .

          • euansmith

            Fantasy Flight took over the entire Warhammer Role Playing stable and gave it a right buffing up.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          unless they just avoided copywritten names. You can’t patent rules mechanics.

  • Benderisgreat

    The text for the fluff page should read thusly:


    Other than that, good show.

  • Bobsyouruncle

    GW may have spent the last ten years making a fudge of young player recruitment into the game which led to it being scrapped but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a long tail back of people recruited into the game in the 80’s , 90’s and early 00’s who although they don’t need to buy much on a regular bases still love the game and want to be able to play either at tournaments or at their FLGS against friends or pick up games . Good luck to them I say ! Who knows , with the way GW are hiring out their IP to other companies one day they may do the same to this community if they think it might make them a quick buck or several thousand quick bucks .

    • V10_Rob

      Probably the best way for them to go. Be the ‘just a model company’ they keep asserting they are and let someone else do the rule balancing and game design.

      • ZeeLobby

        As long as they officially support it in some way. There are plenty of “model companies” out there which dont turn profits like GW. The reason they could was because they provided a ruleset and universe for their models to be used in. Watching my first game of fantasy got me into GW, not the models. This whole “models company” thing will just see them lose more money as other companies aren’t lazy and do both.

        Honestly I wonder if this recent switch is just because all their good game writers left and they don’t want to pay for anyone new. ..

        • Bobsyouruncle

          You could be right there , as there is a huge amount of ex GW talent now kicking about in the creative industries as a whole . I just found out the other day that an ex GW trainee artist from way back in the early 90’s called Stephen Tappin is now working on the new Star Wars films in what I think is a fairly senior capacity . He started out as one of the artists who worked on the Lost and the Dammed book .

  • benn grimm

    I’ve tried it and personally I prefer 8th or 6/7th even, but I have a lot of respect for the guys doing it and I hope it takes off. Good to see it finally featured here on BOLS, better late than never.

    • BeneathALeadMountain

      No Benn! You know you’re not allowed on the internet if you are going to be all reasonable, calm and have actually read/seen what you are talking about 😉 .
      Must try harder.

      • euansmith

        He’ll be citing his sources next, like a noob, you just see… Anyway, I’ve fallen behind on my Hating, so I’ll be off… Hater’s gotta Hate… its a full time job…

    • jeff white

      a lot of people have been pointing back to 6th ed. i think that going forward there will be a give and take and some standards will emerge and that other manufacturers will get involved more directly, open sourcing the whole thing in a way. i mean, with information communication technologies people can organize easily. and, without gw supporting/driving the game(s), there is no reason to not encourage the use of new and different miniatures from different and new companies, mantic obviously being one of them.

      so, it doesn’t matter so much about kow rules, as an alternative system. seems best for mantic if everyone starts using their minis for all sorts of other games like 9th WFB too.

  • TweetleBeetle

    This is NOT like the D&D/Pathfinder situation. Not at all.

    First of all, D&D 3.5 was still selling, heavily supported, and didn’t have a broken rules system. Fantasy 8th wasn’t selling, wasn’t supported by most communities anymore, and was virtually unplayable unless you were Ogres. Not to mention the impossible start up cost.

    People were mad at WotC because, while they still bought and played 3.5, WotC moved onto 4th anyway and turned it into a carbon copy of an MMO. It was completely combat centric, and once you figured out how a party works, nothing was ever challenging again. What’s more, WotC released 3 PHB’s that you had to buy if you wanted to play all the classes and races. Books were churning out way too fast, and unlike AoS, there was no free download option. AoS has completely free rules.

    People were mad at GW because…well,they didn’t have a good reason, but it’s the cool thing to do right now. The players weren’t divided because they weren’t even playing the game. Many who’ve ACTUALLY PLAYED AoS beyond the starter have thoroughly enjoyed it.

    The biggest whining comes from the same 5-6 posters on two websites. They hate GW, and everything they do is wrong…yet they dutifully show up every day to click on their articles and post. They claim they loved the fluff, yet complained when the fluff wasn’t moving forward…

    As to this fan version – it’s horrifically convoluted. Fans often have the swingiest bias when it comes to rules design and it virtually never turns out well. This doesn’t look good either.

    Pathfinder replaced a beloved rules set that was replaced without good reason. AoS replaced a dead game with unplayable rules that wasn’t selling. 4th ed D&D didn’t sell, and WotC wisely went back to their roots with 5th. Age of Sigmar is selling the starter on online retailers at a good clip, and Fantasy models are moving off of shelves that otherwise sat for five years or more.

    World of difference, and not nearly the same level of divide.

    • Kinda yeah. But I’ll just use my own community as an example.

      The guys that played fantasy here largely never bought anything at retail and hadn’t for years. We had new players every year but 9 out of 10 of them bought their armies 2nd hand either through ebay or some local guy selling an army off.

      They wanted 8th to stick around, they just didn’t want to have to buy into it because they already had their armies and if they wanted other armies they had a deep 2nd hand market they could dip into to get models at 30-40% MSRP.

      They liked the game, and want the game to be supported “officially” even if that means never putting another dime into the company.

      They want a for-profit company to support a dead product to give them their sense of officialdom.

      Thats why they are angry. Nothing stops anyone from playing 8th edition, but that omnipresent “officialdom” that has a strong psychological hold over people today keeps them from playing 8th now because it is no longer “officially supported”, even if the customers weren’t paying into the system and nothing new was coming out really anyway.

      • Simon Chatterley

        No I was angry because like a lot of people I bought all 5 End Times books and was excited to see it breath life back into the game. Lots of people in my club where spending again and buying the really nice ET models.

        Then after getting me to spend the best part of £200 on books and the same again on new Undead models they killed the game and released something that was nothing like the game we loved.

        Age of Sigmar is game most of us didn’t ask for or didn’t want and I’m entitled to be angry at GW for doing what they did. The End Times was nothing more than milking us for the last few pounds they could then chucking us on the bonfire.

        • Or the End Times was a way for them to wrap up the old game and give it a finale and closure instead of leaving it in a limbo and just moving on.

          Of course – attitude and perspective are the key here to which side you want to look at.

          And 8th edition is not gone, it can still be played. I can play it tonight if I wanted, my books are still on my shelf.

          • Simon Chatterley

            We all know that most people will move to supported systems. The crowd that loved movement tray based games are now playing Kings of War and there are some I guess playing Age of Sigmar.

            Our club is pretty much fully over to Kings and from what I see loving it and buying armies again which ironically will benefit GW.

            We tried a final send off event for 8th and were we had 24 entrants the previous event we had 6 and then only just.

            I was a massive GW fanboi and had been for 23 years of gaming but this was the straw that broke the camels back. Even if they made a 9th edition I am not sure I would play it now unless it was free.

          • That goes back to my first comment about officialdom and how people require officialdom.

            I’m glad you are enjoying Kings of War. To each their own, its a hobby and we are supposed to enjoy our hobby time, not fight about it or feel bad about it.

            I tried Kings of War, and find it a dreadful game so until something better comes I will continue to play WHFB and AoS. Maybe if I can get enough money together I can publish my own rules and own a small company so that it is official too! One can dream anyway. That would beat cubicle life.

        • ZeeLobby

          THIS. Holy shizballs. GW shows interest in and releases new content for WHFB and people buy it. Who would have thought so!!!

          Seriously, this is why Fantasy players stopped buying things, cause GW hadn’t done anything cool with Fantasy in YEARS! Ugh, those everybody’s involved campaigns were horrible….

    • Hendrik Booraem VI

      What WotC did to AD&D sounds like what happened in the late 80’s with the 2nd edition rollout and the huge number of books that were produced.

    • KRQuinn

      As soon as you stated Ogres were the only army worth playing in 8th, all credibility went out the door. Either you didn’t play or got owned by Ogres and quit. Maybe I live in a strange place, but the WHFB community here was pretty strong and they’re still playing and running decent size tournaments every month or so. I know people are talking about giving this 9th set of rules a try, but we’ll see how it works out.

      • Ira Clements

        I spit out my soda with laughter and almost choked when he said 3.5 wasn’t broken. I didn’t even have to get to the Ogres part.

        • Josh Watkins

          same here 3.5 the edition where the party gets to pick its loot and meta game instead of *gasp actually role play …

    • ZeeLobby

      Well this is a completely biased post. I love GW, have played AoS and have thoroughly not enjoyed if along with a lot of my friends. I’d say in our group its had a 1/10 attraction rate. So yeah… Way to try to not be biased by being biased.

  • Nuno Castilho

    Looks promising, but I’d like to see the documents all integrated into one – 8th ed rules, FAQ and 9th Ed, so as not to have to jump from place to place

    • Mars Needs Beer

      9th Age is looking to be vastly different from 8th (new lores, 5 dice magic phase, etc) — better to look at it as a fresh start.

      It’s a bit too drastic for my tastes, but interested to see if it gains any more steam than other fanfiction.

    • ForsetisMuse

      It will be, no faq and no gw rulebook will be needed. 🙂

  • I think this is the right idea, but ultimately doesn’t go far enough. Yep, updating the old book is great, but really I think requiring the 8th Ed book is a mistake. One of the great aspects of the living rule books out there (Inq, necromunda, bfg, epic) is that they aren’t dependent on GW published items, so someone who has never seen a necromunda book in person (like myself) can easily download whichever of the current editions the community maintains and get started without having to track down a big old book that I’ll need several documents to use.

    They should do a full self sustained PDF, it will do better in the long run.

    • The thing is that the SG rules were available free online. There is probably copyright issues if they do the same thing with the 8th book

      • Yes, but only if they maintain any of GW’s exact wording. If they rewrote the whole book, GW could not doing anything, tables, attributes, game mechanics etc can’t be copyrighted

        • ForsetisMuse

          They are writing the full book, no faq and no gw rulebook will be needed. 🙂

  • Commissar Molotov

    I don’t know whether to be overjoyed that there’s a new edition coming out or disgusted that it’s had to come to this.

  • Michael Gerardi

    This is the most positive gaming development in a long time. Props to the players who developed it.
    I only wish they hadn’t used 8th as a baseline. Especially the magic system. 7th, or 6th, would have been better.

  • Rob brown

    I think the biggest difference between the D&D/Pathfinder example and this one, is that Pathfinder was published under the open game licence and were therefore able to legally publish their products for profit. Over time Pathfinder has really become a new edition in and of itself. I applaud the guys above for creating this fan-version, making the game their own and sharing that with the community.

    Unfortunately I don’t think a fan-version like this can provide a long term alternative to the support, in miniatures, scenery, rules, fiction etc that comes from a living product. Enthusiam goes a long way but has its limits.

    I fundamentally disagree with the position by some people here that the Age of Sigmar replaced a dead product range. I dont believe any competent business would strip out 25% of its revenue unless it planned to expand its other lines to compensate. Age of Sigmar must be a bona fide attempt to increase sales by what they believe is a stronger – clearer offering that appeals to new people. That situation is exactly the same as D&D 4th Ed’s intention.

    Like D&D I Believe that GW have misjudged – AOS is fundamentally different, and does not cater to a lot of the needs that Warhammer 8th or earlier were catering to. It feels that in trying to solve problems in 8th the designers have thrown the baby out with the bathwater, and because they want the creative freedom to make the game their own it is easier to scrap what came before – rather than be constrained by the ‘lore’. Exactly the same as D&D 4th Ed.

    Interestingly 5th Ed D&D has gone back to basics, actively solicited the old timer gamer crowd and resurected the decimated Forgetten Realms setting as its new core campaign setting. By all acounts 5th ed is proving popular and the real alternative to Pathfinder that 4th ed never was. This gives me hope that we will one day see a 9th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle that taps into the huge devotion to the Warhammer World which is a hugely valuable intellectual property in its own right. The number of Warhammer Fantasy computer games show that big companies value this intellectual property – more than GW does currently.

    • ZeeLobby

      Eh. I think it’s a last ditch effort. I imagine after the initial push a LOT of effort will go into 30K next year.

  • Gavin Bateman

    The problem with 9th age is its not supported really. Unless when gw release a unit they also add its profile to armies i cant see it being widely accepted.

    • ForsetisMuse

      They have said that they are planning on doing that.

  • jeff white

    this set of rules will become de facto law. KoW rules may suffer, but this new ruleset will open the door to all non-gw models and kits as wysiwyg stand ins for all WFB units and characters. the player-developed skirmish scale with RPG elements Mordheim 2.0 will compliment, and the old Warmaster stuff on top. the same thing will eventually happen to 40k. GW management will slowly lose it. Players will make the game that they want to play. And, model makers like GW will be back to lickin a$$ to make a sale while newer lighter better friendlier and more consistent other manufacturers creep onto the market space. Lots of cool minis, why not use them all ESPECIALLY after GW abuses the game and rules to push sales targets. This supply side mass psychology will turn. The player supported RPG and up live action wargaming community will stay strong, get stronger, and many beautiful things will result. ahmen. err… ahriman.

    • ZeeLobby

      It’d be awesome if after the full rewrite Mantic just picked it up.

      • jeff white

        kow deserves attention. but i think that mantic will sell a lot more models once community ‘officially’ transforms wfb into an open source mode.

  • Secundum

    Down with AoS! All hail the 9th age!