Warmachine – New Releases 9-10-2015

35064_ThyronSwordofTruth_WEB (1)

Privateer Press just put a load of new minis on the shelves Warmachine fans. Get your wallets ready:

Thyron, Sword of Truth $22.99

A master of House Ellowuyr’s unique swordfighting discipline, Thyron matches stillness with blurring speed. He is a tempest of sharpened steel, a paragon of Ellowuyr’s art of war. His command of his army is not unlike his technique with a blade. He stages quick bouts and feints with myrmidons and soldiers to draw out the opponent’s strength. When he perceives a weakness in the enemy line, he guides his army like a sword thrust directly at the enemy’s heart.


Iron Fang Uhlans $99.99

Serving as the forward fighting arm of an Iron Fang contingent, Iron Fang Uhlans are often the first to ride into the enemy. These mounted Iron Fangs fluidly ride together and meld classical horselord cavalry tactics with the shoulder-to-shoulder fighting formations customary of Iron Fang assaults. The armored horses are so powerful they have been known to knock warjacks to the ground, and they can easily crush an enemy’s skull under their spike-shod hooves.

41125_SergeantNicolasVerendrye_WEB (1)

Sergeant Nicolas Verendrye $15.99

A former physician who has turned his skills to the ceaseless conflicts of western Immoren, Sergeant Nicolas Verendrye is highly esteemed by those under his command. Verendrye has found his place in the bloody press of melee, employing his medical expertise to keep his men standing and using his keen battlefield acumen to lead them to victory.

41132_SavioMonteroAcosta_WEB (1)

Savio Montero Acosta $17.99

The Ordsman Savio Montero Acosta is determined to test himself against the finest melee combatants the Iron Kingdoms has to offer in his relentless pursuit of martial transcendence. As an unabashed Thamarite and a master swordsman, Acosta regards perfecting his own abilities to be the highest calling. Armed with twin storm glaives, a legacy of his time fighting alongside Cygnar’s Malcontents, this duelist faces down the mightiest of foes. Few combatants can hope to match his prowess—and those are precisely the opponents he seeks most fervently.


Saeryn & Rhyas, Talons of Everblight $24.99

The twins Saeryn and Rhyas are two of Everblight’s most deadly warlocks, and their bond has grown such that they are far more dangerous together than apart. The very being of the twins and their athancs are now entwined. Their living vitality is shared, so that destroying one is impossible without eliminating the other. As long as one twin still draws breath, the other can endure even the most severe wounds. Injuries not shunted to warbeasts can also be shared between the sisters, each shielding the other from lasting harm.

These are in stores NOW.  Who’s your favorite?


  • crevab

    C’mon PP, quit it with the crazy expensive cavalry. At least remake them in restic and knock off $20 like you do

    • Davor Mackovic

      Ouch. I am guessing these are US prices so I hate to see what Canadian prices would be. That is like almost $25 a mini.

      Looks like someone wants to become more like GW. At least when it comes to price.

      • petrow84

        Loath to see even more what EU prices will be… guessing about 75 GBP 🙁

        • Spacefrisian

          Would be 20 Euros or something.

      • Matthew


    • Damon Sherman

      at least we dont need to spam at least 4 units of them.
      But, this is why I never picked cav, way more pricey than id like to spend.

    • Richard Mitchell

      Ya you must be a GW employee because I have two factions of the all metal cav. where you had to buy a set of 3 and then the two add ons. 99 bucks is a steal and if you buy them online you get them even cheaper than that. Plus white metal AND resin are way easier to work with. So you are either misinformed out of ignorance or purpose.

  • Necky

    Remember the good ole days when man-sized solos were $9.99? 😛

    • Damon Sherman

      yeah, the warcaster unit is almost okay priced. i guess white metal prices spiked up again.

      • David

        I’ve gone back to GW for my minis fix; too many repeats in units, limbs missing from kits, bad casts, pricey cavalry, pain in the rear assemblies. PP is more of a fiction generating company, IMHO

        • Richard Mitchell

          To each their own but I don’t understand the logic. I been in this hobby for 15 years and play in 4 different systems and GW was one of them. You may always run into 1) bad casts, 2) some models are priced higher than others 3) missing parts from any company you buy from. GW included. what really matters is their customer service and community support. I would take PP, Wyrd, or Outlaw over GW’s any given Sunday. The repeats in miniatures is not really a big deal for me. I paint all my armies but unless I am fielding 3 full units of WG it really isn’t noticeable and my opponent across from me really doesn’t care either. Even from the hobby side it doesn’t register. Between work, family, hanging out with family, my kids school, his activities, taking vacations with friends and family, partying with family and friends, going to my friends’ kids sporting events, and birthdays the fact that a model happens to be a repeat doesn’t even click. In the end I want to 1) spend my money on a competitive product, ruleset, and community support and 2) get good customer service when the company fails at these things.

          • David

            I’m only interested in casual games with my son and prefer to paint. I love P3 paints but find I get better results from the new Citadel paints.

  • petrow84

    That’s what Rhyas should’ve been in her prime form – flashing blade+reach+weapon master is awesome… they would’ve been a lovely couple with Butch3r.

    • Damon Sherman

      I really want to pick these two up, but I haven’t even gotten a game in with pRhyas yet. Thankfully later this year they’ll drop the plastic swordsmen, so then I can play pRhyas.

      • Nathan Oldacres

        Pick up the Twins and you have 3 Warlocks in 1. Rhyas1, Saeryn1 and Twins. At least that’s what I’m going to do, as the original casts are amoungst the worst models in Legion.