40K BREAKING -Tau “Decurion” Style Formations




Someone has the new Kauyon campaign book early, and is spilling the awesome xenos beans. Get in here!

Grab some popcorn folks, it’s Q&A Time with Iuchiban!

Via Iuchiban 10-23-2015

Q: – Is there a Decurion-style detachment in the book?
– How is the artwork in the fluff section, are there new pictures or do you feel it’s all recycled?

Yes there is, and looks powerful:

Hunter Contingent:

Consists of:
0-1 Command
1+ Basic
1-10 Auxiliaries

– 1 Commander or Shadowsun
– 0-1 Ethereal or Aun’va or Aun’shi
– 1-2 Crisis bodyguards

Basic (Hunder Cadre):
1 Commander
0-1 Fireblade
0-1 Crisis Bodyguards
3-6 Strike, Breacher or Kroot
1-3 Stealht, Ghostkeels, Riptides or Crisis.
1-3 Scouts, Piranhas, Vespid, Drones
1-3 Broadsides, Hammerhead, Stormsurge, Sniper

Rules for Hunter Cadre:

– Defensive fire at 12″
– Can run and the shoot. In this order.

Rules for Hunter Contigent:

– Reroll Warlord trait
– Units can combine their shooting attacks, and shoot as if they were a single unit. So they can get benefit from special rules and the same markerlight, for example. This is really, really powerful.


Q: So Hammerheads and Skyrays in squadrons of 3 get BS 5 natively?

Thanks so much for your efforts Iuchiban, we all really appreciate it!

Now, a question: what does the Armoured Interdiction Cadre (3 hammerheads 1 skyray) formation do?

Let’s go with the formations:

Hunter Cadre (see previous posts)

Retallion Cadre
– 1 Commander
– 3 units of Crisis
– 1 Broadside unit
– 1 Riptide unit
Rules: Relentless
+1 BS when Deep striking
May choose to enter from reserves in turn 2 via Deep Strike. This includes Broadsides.

Heavy Retribution Cradre (see previous posts)

Infiltration Cadre
– 3 Pathfinder units
– 2 Stealth battlesuit units
– 1 Piranha unit
Rules: If one unit of the formation is destroyed, rest of the formation enters from reserve next turn automatically.
If an enemy unit gets hit by 3 or more markerights from this formation, you get a free Seeker missile hit to this unit.

Optimised Stealth Cadre (See previous posts).

Firebase Support cadre
– 2 units of battlesuits
– 1 unit Riptides
Note that they do not have to be max size like before
Rules: They formation can combine their shooting attacks and shoot as a single unit. When doing so, they get Tank and monster hunter SR.

Armored Interdiction Cadre
– 3 Units of Hammerheads
– 1 Unit of Sky Rays
Rules: Choose a point in the battlefield. When shooting to a unit at 6″ or less from this point, reroll to hit.

Air Support cadre:
– 1 Sun Shark Bomber
– 1 Razorshark Strike Fighter
Rules: Ignore shaken and stunned with 2+.
Beginning of the turn, roll a D6 for each lost hull point. If you roll a 6, recover 1 HP.

Allied Advanced Cadre
– 4 units of Kroot
– 2 units of Vespids
Rules: Vespids get Infiltration and Stealth (Forests)
Kroot at 12″ from Vespid units, get Obscured (Forests) instead of Stealth (Forests), and get +1 BS
They all get supporting fire with other units of the formation..

Q: – Can you clarify the last line of Contingent buff? What kind of limitations do sharing special rules have? Could a Broadside fire a twin-linked weapon at a unit and other units enjoy that rule?

May be this is a bit confusing. The rule says (will try to translate as accurately as possible):

– Any time a unit of the Hunter Contigent shoots, any other unit of the same Detachment, that still can shoot can join their fire power to the attack. Those units have to shoot to the same unit, as if they were a single unit; this includes use of markerlight tokens. If 3 or more units shoot this way, they get +1 to BS.

I think is pretty clear: They can benefit for example from the Tankhunter or monster hunter as you only need a model in a unit to get this rule. Special rules that apply to weapons only do not get any boost.
The Firblade will boost all units that shoot with him, as attack is resolved as a single unit.
Very powerful.

Very powerful indeed. The new Tau 6th Edition books looks to have gotten a HUGE buff in the Kauyon supplement. Seems like this thing may be a must have for every Tau player out there not wanting to buy both the new codex, AND the Kauyon book!

Kauylon Tau Roundup

~OK, so how do you think the Tau “Decurion” compares to the other race’s?


  • pokemastercube .

    no farsight?

    • georgelabour

      Maybe he’ll get the Hemonoculs covens and waaagh ghazkull treatment?

      Or the farsight book will be updated the way the fists and hands were updated?

      • pokemastercube .

        well compairing to DE and Ork isnt that well balanced as they dont use a decurion. my comment is mostly on behalf of my brother who uses farsight and it is suppriseing he cant be used where u need to use a battlesuit commander while shadowsun can be used and both etherial charcters can be taken insted of a generic one

        • Bran D

          Farsight is a rebel and more than likely wouldn’t be caught dead in a Cadre, especially with the ethereal in there. Since it seems everything is going to be the same (points, wargear options, etc) the Farsight Enclaves supplement will still be valid without an update.

      • Andrew Thomas

        Def thinking the later.

    • Paul Nox

      If the new codex is the same of the old one, Farsight is one of the HQ choices of the book, so you can play it using the rulebook FoC (I believe).

      Anyway, I agree that the Enclave Supplement will not become obsolete, but still can be used in the game

      • pokemastercube .

        better not or i think my brother will explode cos he built up the 8 and they do look reasonably good (autisitic side limited him a little but the best i ever seen him do)

    • ChacoStylez

      Farsight has never been a fan of Kauyon, he’s been known to be a master of Mont’ Ka, I’ll be looking forward to that book.

    • Andrew Thomas

      He’s still in. I’d guess most of what’s in the new book would be legal, but you’ll probably need to ally or 2nd D to get the nasty bits, although you’ve never HAD to run Farsight to play an FSE list.

    • DaveTycho

      At least the Farsight Enclaves supplement is still downloadable

    • Spacefrisian

      Retaliation formation, and if the dex is still called Tau Empire you can use Farsight enclave, cause it refers to that.

    • Secundum

      He’s a separate faction from the Empire-remember, he killed his own Ethereal.

      • George Yu

        Daemons killed his Ethereals on Arthas Moloch.Farsight was actually a bit depressed about that initially.

  • Djbz

    Well It’ll be funny to hear about “Death stars” that get shot by an entire cadre at BS 10 and ignores cover.
    That’s one powerful proton torpedo….

  • tiberius183

    Still need clarification on whether or not Target Lock shenanigans will work with the Hunter Contingent rule…

  • Geo

    completely overpowered.. How can Tau players even enjoy games, do they think they win because of skill? lol very funny.

    • That’s what has been said aboot Necrons, Eldar and Space Marine free transports..THATs whats funny.

      • TheSilverPrince

        Free transports? Really….. What the heck can a rhino do? It is easily one of the worst transports in the game. I can understand if we went back to 3rd Edition when Rhino’s had assault ramps but in current day the Rhino is a joke.

        • An_Enemy

          Rhinos are great even when you have to pay for them. Only Chaos Marine players are allowed to whine about Rhinos.

          • Andrew Thomas

            Only because the rest of their list is so subpar that they can’t really get the most out of their copious vehicle upgrades.

          • TheSilverPrince

            You are trolling. Get out of here with that nonsense.

          • An_Enemy

            Yeah, you’re right. An AV 11 ambulatory LOS blocking wall with smoke for 35 pts is terrible. Perhaps you should try a tougher army so you can find out how good you have it?

          • TheSilverPrince

            All Transports can block line of sight. That isn’t News at 11. It has to be 35pts otherwise it would be the biggest waste of points since Rhino’s tend to die easily, do nothing in their advance, and the only thing you can say is “they can be used for LOS blocking!!!” . I introduce the Chimera, Armor 12 front, Multilaser and Heavy bolter, and it has smoke launchers plus it has more carrying capacity than a Razorback.

            Perhaps you should get off your condescension and stop acting like an ignorant child? Nah, you just like complaining hard about space marines because you lose constantly to them.

          • ClownBabyROK

            If someone is extolling on the virtues of the Chimera, I tend to think they are the kind of 40k player who plays against his little brother’s Ork army on their kitchen table.

          • Heritor

            If someone thinks a rhino is superior to a chimera than they either are incredibly ignorant of what a chimera can do or they are just a terrible player. Which category fits you? One vehicle gets popped by strength 5 on the front armor and the other doesn’t.

          • An_Enemy

            “All Transports can block line of sight.”

            No…they actually don’t.

            You realize that comparing a Rhino and a Chimera is pointless right? They both carry completely different units.

            Transports in general die easily. They’re designed that way. Otherwise it’d be 5th edition all over again and no one would ever leave their metal boxes. Try playing with AV 10 sometime. You sound like such a spoiled child.

            “My AV 11 is useless. If only it was AV 12 then I could rule the world!”

            You’re giving SM players a bad name. Maybe shut up?

            I like how you extrapolated my praise for the Rhino into me whining about always losing to SM players. It couldn’t be because I use Rhinos in my HH army…no that’s madness. It must be a reason that feeds conveniently into your pathetic ego.

          • TheSilverPrince

            “No…they actually don’t.”
            Only one are skimmers and skimmers are made to play aggressively in their deployment.

            “You realize that comparing a Rhino and a Chimera is pointless right? They both carry completely different units.”

            Actually, comparing them is completely logical. I understand your small mind cannot comprehend but then again you are an idiot. The Rhino is a complete waste of points because it does nothing other than carry. It is the minivan of 40k.

            “Transports in general die easily. They’re designed that way.
            Otherwise it’d be 5th edition all over again and no one would ever leave their metal boxes.”

            Actually, again you are wrong. Transports are not designed to be easy kills that feed your opponent VC. Your transports die easily because you play Dark Eldar and your faction sacrifices durability for speed. Also both the Raider and Ravager can move 18 and get a 4+ cover save. Compare that to a max 12inch move and a one use 5+ cover save. Oh and the Raider can take a Dark Lance which mean it can pop AV 14 vehicles.

            ” Try playing with AV 10 sometime. You sound like such a spoiled child.”

            The only armies that have AV 10 transports are Orks and Dark Eldar. Both of them are required to have easily destroyed transports or they would run over their opponents. However that AV 10 Raider of yours is also backed up by a 4+ cover save if it moves 18 and the Raider can take a Dark Lance.

            Congrats on continually proving that you are an idiot.

            “I like how you extrapolated my praise for the Rhino into me whining about always losing to SM players. It couldn’t be because I use Rhinos in my HH army…no that’s madness. It must be a reason that feeds conveniently into your pathetic ego.”

            You do lose to Space Marines and do not deny it and do not try the whole “I play Rhino’s in HH.” because that BS is just that BS. You can lie on the internet to try and act like you use Rhinos but we both know you are lying out of your mouth. It seems to be symptom of yours to lie and then try to make this argument as if it is about Ego. The only ego this is about is your fragile ego. It must really suck to know that this is the only time you can have a backbone in an argument. Online and in your parents basement.

          • Spacefrisian

            And they can bring Rhinos that deny overwatch, imagin them getting free Rhinos with that. But dont tell the others ok, its our secret.

          • An_Enemy

            All the Chaos players I know seem to ignore or forget about dirge casters altogether.

        • I didn’t say they were right

        • ClownBabyROK

          Rhino’s are objective secured transports that allow a tactical squad to fire a grav cannon and grav gun out of the top hatch while keeping the marines inside safe from return fire. Yes they are only 3 hull points but if you have 8 of them on the field they will last a long time.

          • Heritor

            Except most transports can do the Exact same thing. So the benefits you are listing is the standard benefit of a transport with fire access points. In the case of the rhino only one weapon can be fired out of the hatch. Also highlighting the grav gun pretty much means you aren’t playing against diverse competition and are just facing MEQ armies.

      • ClownBabyROK

        I play Battle Company and I know it’s not skill winning me games, lol.

        • You should challenge yourself and try something different. Unless yer one of THOSE that need to win for validation..

    • Yes, because the army TOTALLY doesn’t have weaknesses built in, like fragility/cost of units.

      • TheSilverPrince

        Like their BS 3 which they overcome with marker lights? The only real weakness the army has is melee yet it has enough shooting to ensure that Melee isn’t really an issue.

        • An_Enemy

          A bunch of units don’t even need markerlights to overcome BS3 anymore apparently.

          • TheSilverPrince

            If you look at the development for Xenos armies they are always the most over buffed all because they do not sell well.

          • An_Enemy

            Uh huh…right. You sure know your stuff guy.

            *backs away slowly*

          • TheSilverPrince

            I know my stuff more than you. Its okay, from your history it seems the depth of your ability is to constantly lose to space marine players and then come on here and whine about how space marines are so overpowered.

          • ClownBabyROK

            You are such a delight!

          • An_Enemy

            Huh? Never lost to a Space Marine player. They tend towards being short bus riders.

          • Heritor

            That is an outright lie. If you think you are that good please message me with where you play, the times, and what army and points limit.

          • Muninwing

            wow, you all need some sleep and a changing. grumpy grumpy.

            instead of calling out armies, go have a few drinks together. that’s get you over yourselves.

          • Heritor

            Have you read anything I posted. If the kid is going to throw down as if he is some sort of gaming god then we should be able to know him and verify his skills. Anyone can claim anything on the internet. It isn’t about my ego but his pathetic and brittle ego.

          • An_Enemy

            Didn’t say I was a gaming god. I just said I’ve never lost to a SM player.

            You going to come beat me up now? Because you seem pretty mad there kid. Whose pathetic and brittle ego is tied to this game again?

            You do realize I haven’t played every SM player in the world though right? I’m sure there are more than a couple that I’d lose pretty badly to.

      • Muninwing

        when you have weaknesses built into your cost, but then get freebie special abilities that effectively cancel out those weaknesses, you’re not paying fair points for each unit.

        i’ve been saying that since the last Tau book… now it’s gotten even worse.

        and i know that everyone is getting freebies these days (well, everyone that matters, sorry horde armies that totally should be terrifying and overwhelming), but that doesn’t mean that this new design idea is fair or balanced, or that Tau aren’t horribly cheezy with their ridiculous advantages…

      • Geo

        pick up a Tyranid codex and then talk to me lol I’ve been playing Tyranids for years, picked up the Tau codex because I’m building a Tau army finally. . I saw the stealth suits first and thought they were amazing. Found out that Tau players complain about them.. Tyranids would KILL for those.. but I realize why you guys complain. Because everything in the codex is so damn good that you just don’t need those suits, but anyways… If you think the Tau are a sub par army then your just an idiot and not even worth my time lol

        • nurglitch

          You’d complain about them if they were a part of the Tyranid army. That one-wound is a killer, especially against anything that ignores cover.

          • Geo

            Lol um, I think you’re forgetting that Tau is the best at ignoring cover out of any army. 2 markerlights.. Also you’re forgetting that a Tyranid army relies on cover, so anything that ignores cover kills my entire army, hence why I’m complaining about the entire codex.

    • Merca84

      Don’t play formation then. Plain and simple. Have fun. Enjoy.

    • ncathers

      Play the OP v. the other OP, take a cad for the rest. A bit of self-regulation in a play-group can keep codex-creep(leap) in check. (I don’t think my 3 wraithknight guy or my skyhammer guy would mind a bit of Tau BS)

    • Jeffrey T Green

      With the assault out of deep strike shenanigans they will need toys to help ward off the onslaught.

  • Drpx

    Lol and ppl were worried about this army being UP.

    • Ron Farber

      1. NEW MODELS
      3. ???
      4. PROFIT

      • Drpx

        Ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  • MajinX

    So are the formations just in the Kauyon book or in both? Is it released tomorrow or next saturday?

    • Tyris

      It’s currently unclear whether or not there are any Tau formations exclusive to the Kauyon book. It’s certainly the only way to get the Raven Guard formations, though.

      Pre-orders start tomorrow, for actual release next Saturday.

      Unless you have some pressing reason to get the limited Ghostkeel Edition of the Codex, you might as well wait until next Saturday when you can see for yourself what’s inside each book.

  • TumbleWeed

    I’m a Tau player, and even I can see this is absolute bullocks. But then, I don’t play the game anyway so why should I care! I’m just a collector! 😛

    • Ron Farber

      hey if you use the super broken formations and i can take fist of khorne formations it evens out right? i mean its all weird and sh!t but we can still have a good game right?

  • Andrew Robinson

    And Tau will remain the most hated army in 40K…..

    • Crevab

      I think its been that way since their creation :s

  • Crevab

    The Stormsurge is part of the basic formation?

    • John Traupman

      putting it in the basic gives a hard limit of 3. would you rather 10 single auxiliaries like a wraithknight?

      • Crevab

        3 units anyway, you can still get 9

      • Andrew Thomas

        Up to 69. But 60 of those would have 30-90 Ghostkeels tagging along, stunlocking everything else.

      • Spacefrisian

        Play 1500 points, than there is no room for 10 single Wraithknights.

        • Andrew Thomas

          Well, a Heavy Retaliation Cadre with full squads clocks in at about 1565 before upgrades. So that’s 3 Stormsurges and 6 Ghostkeel, vanilla, but all BS 4.

  • Koszka

    Vespid/kroot tagteam formation?!?!?! finally something in this codex that appeals to me!

    • Christopher Hawkins

      You get points for fluff!

    • Bran D

      Better cover save and +1BS with Supporting Fire just for their formation isn’t going to make them much better, but yay a formation!

      • Spacefrisian

        Dont forget obscured forests.

      • Koszka

        BS4 kroot snipers sounds really sexy.

        Or when your ethereal gives out those extra pulse shots.

        I also love xenos mercenaries. This is sort of my way to be able to play my old kroot mercenary army ( kroot vultures = vespid!!!)

  • Mark Gutenberg

    Here is a question can someone link me to the, Optimised Stealth Cadre page please and thanks

    • Andrew Thomas

      Check the link. It’s nasty.

  • Andrew Thomas

    Well, he hasn’t been Squatted yet, but a lack of Farsight in these formations is disconcerting.

    • shas’la van

      Why would farsight be in a Tau Empire formation?

      • Andrew Thomas

        Why can you apparently take Khan in a Raven Guard formation (i.e.: the Pinion Demi-Company)? Turns out that he’s still in the book, but there’s an off chance that you’ll need him to run FSE, and won’t get any of the new stuff if you try to use FSE as your primary.

  • aka_mythos

    The way these decurion style detachments keep coming… I bet in the next edition GW dumps the FOC in favor of detachments. It allows them to sell us detachment boxes and reduce the number of boxes retails have to carry.

    • Crevab

      Hmm, an end to sales of individual units and instead only the formation? Sounds evil enough for them to do it

      • Spacefrisian

        They cant be that dumb right?

    • You’re only now coming to this conclusion? I’ve been assuming that was their plan since before 7th Ed dropped, and so far they’re doing nothing to dissuade me from the notion.

      • aka_mythos

        I was out of the loop busy with other things until about 3 months ago… Hadn’t even played 6th and only started playing this edition around then. So I’m late to the party.

        I’ve had the thought before but as you’ve said it certainly reaffirms it every time they put out one of these.

    • Andrew Thomas

      Well, it is a way to play fluffy without always taking special characters.

  • Atzilla

    Is it just me, or is army-wide darkstrider -1T lolsy?

    • Deadlysin

      Indeed. or how about Darkstrider operating the railgun turret on the tidewall? Bye bye any MC with a base toughness of 6…..

      • George Yu

        Then you look at the formations the guy listed and find that you can’t take darkstrider or longstrike anywhere

  • MajinX

    Maybe I missed it, but is that defensive fire just the Tau Overwatch at 12 instead of 6?

  • Geo

    I hope my Tyranids get stupid good buffs like the Tau. How is it that an army that is fast, runs away and shoots, is more durable than my Tyranid army that slogs up the field hoping to get into melee? lol I play 40k for fun but its difficult to have fun when your getting slaughtered before you can even do anything.