40K RUMORS: New Eldar Corsairs – SUPER Power Creep?


If you thought the Eldar were over powered before, take a look at the new corsair rules rumors for the Doom of Mymeara book from Forge World.

We know this book was out over the weekend, so someone either got the book,  got a really good look at it over the weekend.  OR is trolling the crap out of all of us. Either way add usual level of salt until we get this thing in our hands!

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Picture quoted in same thread:  Via 4chan

Perils of the Warp Chart

Corsairs have their own unique Perils of the Warp chart. In addition to the Void Dreamer, Barons and Princes can be Psykers.

1- Devoured. No Ld check. The Psyker is claimed by She Who Thirsts. Gains Demon, Hatred (Khorne), Rending, and may run +3 inches. Control switches to your opponent. If the psyker is part of a unit they’re locked in combat.

2-3 Soul-Wracked. Slaanesh gives them a back massage is basically what the fluff says. The unit (not just the model) are pinned and your opponent gets to change the target of the psychic power being cast.

4-5 Warp Terrors. Demons swirl about the veil. Unit and all Corsair units within 6″ must make a morale check on 3D6 take the two highest or fall back.

6 The Eye of She Who Thirsts. The Psyker gets the attention of Slaanesh. For the rest of the game perils happen for the psyker on any doubles.

Psychic Powers 

– Psychic power #5: Warp Tunnel – WC2 – Pick a friendly unit within 6″. Make a no-scatter Deep Strike anywhere on the table. The target may shoot and assault as normal. For every 6″ moved this way roll a D6, for every 1 rolled take a wound (saves allowed).

– as a whole their psychic powers are pretty average though. The one that puts enemies into ongoing reserve is powerful but it’s WC3. Not witchfire though so that’s good.

– Primaris power under Aethermancy… not so good IMO.

Path-Ward, WC2 (why?) – Blessing, only works on Corsair faction units. The unit automatically gets a ‘6’ on difficult terrain rolls, charge distances, thrust moves, hit and run moves, reckless abandon special rules. If it was a D3, it’s a 3.

I guess that’s a very long, predictable charge range though.

Army Special Rules & Info

By the way, regular troop Corsairs (now called Reaver Bands), got defensive grenades.
Not sure about the vampire hunter. Firestorm yes. Lynx is still there, holofields unchanged. Sonic lance unchanged, It has a whole new gun though:

Corsairs get these two rules:
– Dancing on the Blade’s Edge: Corsairs are piratey and stuff and not the most disciplined. They come with two Ld Values, ie 8/5. You use the lower value when trying to regroup.

– Reckless Abandon: If within 12″ of an enemy, the unit can “battle focus” only after shooting. But don’t roll D6, it’s a flat 6″. Jetpack units get 6+D6″.

Princes can take relics from either book as well as the Harlequin book. Hello Mask of Secrets.
Dissonance cannon: 24″ S5, AP4, Heavy 1, pinning. For each additional model in the unit that hits, add +1S and -1AP. So if three hit that’s S7 AP2 on all of them. Not bad.

grenades – Tanglefield
S2, AP-, blast. Any unit hit by it takes a strength test, if failed reduce initiative and WS in half until next turn.

So the cloud dancer felarch comes with a brace of pistols, either or both of which can be exchanged for a list of named items…
… but the default loadout just says ‘brace of pistols’.
Meaning what – brace of shuriken pistols? Fusion pistols? Laspistols?
Brace of Pistols is wargear that effectively gives access to 2 shuriken pistols and 2 splinter pistols.

– Yes the Corsair Prince and Baron can both take a Cloud Runner jetbike.

– The Baron is a 30 point HQ base, super cheap. He’s not an IC, can take a lot of upgrades such as a shadowfield, pay 15 pts to become a lv1 psyker. I think he’ll see a lot of action.

– The Prince dropped 25 pts. Anything with 12″ uses his Ld.

– Yes Corsairs have a pistol fetish. They have access to 4 pistols (but can of course only fire 2). For one, this means that they all have 2 CCW.

– There are scout Corsairs called Ghostwalkers. They get stealth, scout, infiltrate, plasma and defensive grenades, and a lasblaster. For one point per model they can get longrifles. They can also get flamers, fusion guns, shredders, and blasters (1 per 5). And they can get haywire grenades.

– Corsair jetpacks grant 4+ armor

CW Eldar, Dark Eldar, and Harlequins are battle brothers. Tau, Imperials are Desperate allies, never may be in a list with Chaos, Nids, Crons. Nobody is allies of Convenience for Corsairs (except different parts of their own detachment lol)hey gained open-topped… But get 4++ rerollable vs shooting whenever they jumped or deep struck on the previous turn.

– For +10 points Corsair Reavers (“basic” Corsairs) can all upgrade to Void Hardened armor. This gives them 3+ armor and re-rolls for dangerous terrain and difficult terrain, but they lose Fleet.

– Balelight: Pistol 3D3, rending, blind, one use, 8″, S3, AP6.

– Elite Slot: Malevolent Band. These corsairs are half-insane because of Slaanesh gnawing at their souls and therefore charge into battle with berzerker-like rage.

: Any Corsairs within 6″ of them get -1Ld
: They’re 2W models with FnP
: Fear, fearless, fleet, furious charge, rage
: 5 points gets the whole unit Jetpacks or Heavy mesh (4+ armor). No-brainer.
: Can get melta bombs, venom blades, power swords (1 per 5)
: Comes with brace of pistols and a CCW

In other news, the Corsair Prince can be configured as a “drug lord” and have a better combat drug chart than dark eldar – and it works for his whole detachment. Roll a 6 on the drug chart and your prince goes full El Chapo and gets to roll for two drugs.
Dark Eldar need a new codex.

Looks like no new model support other than the new WK and the jetbikes and those look like modded kits. FW told me though that they plan on releasing more in the future but couldn’t say what or when.

Corsair Formations & Detachments

Anyway Corsairs can take a CAD. Or they can organize into a…
Corsair Fleet Raiding Company
Mandatory stuff:
– Command Crew (1-2 HQ, 0-1 Elite, 0-1 LoW)
– Primary Coterie (1 HQ, 1-3 Troops, 0-2 Elites, 0-2 Fast, 1 Heavy)

Optional 0-3 Coteries (same as primary)

– Obsec Troops
– Coterie Specializations. Each Coterie can select one of the following rules and you can’t double up on any rule pick. (Command Crew doesnt get one):

Titan Breakers – Preferred enemy tank and walker
Head Takers – Rerolls 1 to wound in CC
Sky Burners – Deep strikes scatter D6 and reroll failed reserve rolls (optional)
Vault Breechers – Gain Dissonance breech
Night Hunters – Gain Night Vision and Preferred Enemy (stuff at night)
Hate Bringers – Pick an enemy unit on turn 1. The Coterie’s infantry and jetbikes get Hatred (those guys) for the whole game and if you kill those guys gain a VP. Any part of your army can kill it for the VP doesn’t have to be the coterie with this ability or even Corsairs.

Drawback!!! Internal Politics: Your Coteries count each other as Allies of Convenience. This is potentially a big deal.

The book also has more choices for the Eldar Warhost formation in the CW Codex. Lots more actually. Here’s one.

Lord of the Undying Host (Command Choice)
1 Wraithseer
1-3 units of Wraithblades

Special Rules:
– Wisdom Beyond the Veil: roll 2D6 for warlord trait, pick the one you like
– Bound to Serve: Wraithblades and Wraithseer re-roll to-hit rolls of ‘1’ in the first round of CC

Warhost (decurion type detachment)

There’s an alternate to the Eldar Warhost in here, sort of a modified version where instead of getting the buffed battle focus thing, you pick a trait.

Warhosts of the Pale Courts (The Pale Courts are the minor craftworlds), uses normal auxiliary and command choices
– Pale Courts Battlehost: Farseer, 3 Guardian Defender units, 0-1 Warlock councils
– Pick one of 11 traits.

> Crossroads of Eternity: The Battlehost may include a Harlequin Troupe, counts as CE Eldar faction

> Children of Khaine: The 3 units of Guardians must be Storm Guardians who are S4 when they roll a ‘6’ to hit

> Disciples of Vaul: The Battlehost adds 1-3 Vaul’s Wrath batteries and the Guardians may take 1 support weapon per 5 models

> Graveyard of Dreams: The Battlehost must take 3 Wraithblade units, the Guardians become 0-3. The wraithblades get Crusader.

> Tomb-Ship of Fallen Heroes: The Battlehost uses a Spiritseer or Wraithseer instead of the Farseer, roll 2D6 take the best for WL traits. Must also take a Wraithlord.

> Aspect-Lord Shrine: Guardians become 0-3, Battlehost must include three Aspect Warrior units from a single aspect.

> Fortress of Discipline – Battlehost adds 1-3 War Walkers or 1 unit of Wasps. They get pinning against anything Guardians targeted that turn.

> Swift to Anger – Battlehost must inclide 1-3 Vyper units or 1 Hornet unit. They get outflank and re-roll reserve rolls.

> Halls of Martial Splendor – Take an Autarch instead of the Farseer in the Battlehost. He re-rolls misses and wounds in a challenge.

The strong stand alone – The Battlehost adds a single squadron of Warp Hunters, Night Spinners, or Fire Prisms. Your army can’t contain any other detachments except more Pale Courts Warhosts.

Well those are some pretty saucy rules indeed. The Warhost really seems to put their power level into overdrive, I mean those bonuses look very attractive. Question is if they to pan out to be correct are they good enough to make folks switch up their Eldar builds and craftworlds? This book may also gives folks more reasons to pick up Dark Eldar as well!

40k Eldar Corsair Roundup

  • euansmith

    Yarrr… The Corsairs’ Code be more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules.

    • Alhazred TheMad

      Yeah it’s pretty left open. Kinda like it that way ore though. Lots of opportunity to make an army that tells a story, make it look the way you want and function within the rules. I dig the semi “create a craft world” chart too. Every Eldar player I know has created armies off of one of the minor worlds. Be neat to make them special snowflakes for a change too. Now if they could just tell us what’s up with Altansar… I always wanted to do them but I wanted a greater fluff perspective first.

    • TumbleWeed

      “Alright, you need to make two dozen 5+ cover saves or you lose.”

      “I be disinclined to acquiesce to your request!”


      “Means no.”

  • SiameseCookie

    So to make sure I got that correct, if the last part is true I can build a Craftworld warhost with 3 units of warp spiders as my core choice? Put that farseer into a seer council and rock wraithknights for the remaining points? And all that represents my smaller craftworld? Awesome.

  • Nathaniel Wright

    I don’t know if I would say ‘more OP’… But I am kinda steamed about them having better drugs than Dark Eldar.

    • Anggul

      I’m not, it gives me hope for my Dark Eldar in their next codex.

      • winterman

        Why? This is a Forge World army list. Written by people who have no say in what is in the Dark Eldar Codex.

        • Anggul

          Good point. They should get get the FW rules people to write all of the rules.

          Still, it’s silly to complain that another list hasn’t been stuck with the same crappy rules as Dark Eldar. DE don’t lose anything for the Corsairs not having the same rubbish.

    • Spacefrisian

      Than again, Dark Eldar can make there psykers join your side with ease, just bring that item that makes them suffer perisl on any double and they help you.

      • Nathaniel Wright

        Wouldn’t call it a dependable foil, though.

  • TweetleBeetle

    If you think Eldar are OP, then you lack understanding of balance, the current state of 40k, and are disqualified from having an intelligent discussion about it.

    • Gridloc

      What?!? Your trolling has gotten so good now Tweetle, i can’t tell anymore if maybe you believe this and really are arguing that 40k has balance.

    • Morollan

      Says the GW shill who has still not managed to grasp that tournaments have taken it upon themselves to tone down the Eldar due to the massive mess that GW made of it. Without nerfs to rerollable 2+ saves, invisibility, ranged D weapons, availability of superheavy/gargantuans etc lets see where the ‘balanced’ Craftworld codex is in relation to the other ridiculously OP recent releases

      • Spacefrisian

        So erm, what are Tourneys actually doing against Gravweapons than?

        • Morollan

          Nothing that I know of, which is kind of the point. Grav remains untouched but many of the things that make Eldar so potent are altered, restricted or banned. Despite that, Eldar are still competing in the big tournaments, even if they’re not actually winning them. Without the nerfs that TO’s impose I would contest that Eldar would be THE army to beat.

    • HateYouAll

      Ah, an appearance by the local village idiot, right on cue!

    • cudgel

      As I understand it your statement has almost as many holes in it as Games Workshop’s “We are not a toy company” line.

  • Me

    I really wish FW would do enhanced downloadable versions of their books. When I buy a book from GW, I usually buy a hard copy (hard backed LE) for personal enjoyment and the enhanced version on my iPad for gaming. Rule and stat lookups are soooo much easier.

  • Mathew G. Smith

    It’s an IA army. They’re traditionally only balanced at all against armies from the same book. Like when Elysians could spam Valkryries before other armies had flyers, except the Tau units introduced in the same book.

    • Nathaniel Wright

      Really doesn’t hold as true as it did five years ago. It’s a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but the IA hate has been losing ground since Necrons 7th, and with each new codex that’s released, it holds less and less true.

    • Anggul

      Think of all the ‘problem’ units and lists over the years. All GW, not FW.

      • Samuel Sanchez

        That’s also because the fw ones were banned.

        • Autumnlotus

          In tournaments maybe, with the local ones here allowing them minis LOWs, but in campaigns and random games they are allowed for use. I have a renegades and heretics army, and have yet to get much hassle given the overall winning army here is Necrons still

          • Samuel Sanchez

            It’s mostly individual units no longer lists and entire books. Things like experimental rules r’varna, eldar revenant Titans, etc. most fw books aren’t even updated to 7th. For instance this book was relatively weak because none of the distortion weapons were updated to str d. However now this book is overloaded with str d. I can definitely see individual units being banned in tournaments from this book. Of course you can play whatever u want with friends. But don’t expect most people or tournaments to want to play against or allow your reverent titan.

          • Autumnlotus

            I don’t take any super heavies, as I dislike their OPness. Don’t even use my Nurgle and Slaaneshi daemon lords, just centerpieces. Strength D is not strong by itself though, only how it is used and its platform. I intend to start the corsairs for their conversion potential for the other eldar models, not to be an OP netlister which a minority tend to be

        • Anggul

          Not even since they’ve been allowed.

          Night scythe spam, nigh invincible jetseer councils, wave serpent spam, wraithknights, scatbikes, screamerstar, heldrakes, flying circus, centstar, triptide and/or o’vesastar, the list goes on. All GW units causing problems while FW is in open use.

          • Samuel Sanchez

            No it’s not the revenant Titan is not usable in most tournaments as are many of fw super heavies. Experimental are just now being allowed however the main obstacle to experimental rules the r’varna was nerfed by fw twice. Fw has gotten better but they also rarely make new stuff for 40k anymore. They occasional update an old book but even that is so far behind that they still have IA books with 5th edition rules. If your lucky you have a PDF update for sixth edition

  • Perversor

    I’m thrilled by the Wraith formations, but a bit confused/underwhelmed by the lord of undying host, re-rolls of 1 as it seems mostly as a Wraithseer side buff.

    Since blades, should be close to the wraithseer or another spiritseer spirit mark.

  • Ferenc Szőke

    Its an IA book, not allowed, so nobody cares. Move along.

    • Bran D

      Not allowed where?

      • Ferenc Szőke

        ETC and other tournaments in Eu

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      er, I ‘allow’ it. The club where I play is full of FW, almost as likely to see a FW army as a GW one..

  • Mr_Pickles

    So when is Kastel-Novem (the Ork book) getting its update? The PDF Errata could use a new copy even…

    • Samuel Sanchez

      I could only hope orks get as many janky broken rules as eldar but we all know that will never happen.

  • Talos2

    Fw listen though, if something is really not going down well they will change the rules. They’ve done it many times

  • Andrew Thomas

    I do like that drawback idea. Hopefully, whosoever is working on the next CD/CSM codices is taking notes.

  • Anggul

    Doesn’t seem that bad. The malevolents don’t make much sense to me, their souls are safe due to spirit stones, but otherwise it seems okay.

    Reckless abandon should really make them run before shooting so they can put themselves into range, running after shooting means moving back or out of sight which is the opposite of reckless abandon. I guess you could say it encourages you to get them stuck in then jump out at the last moment, which is daring in it’s own way.

    It says the Pale Courts are meant to represent the smaller craftworlds, but it very obviously has rules intended for Biel-Tan, Iyanden and Saim-Hann too. As usual FW are well aware that they write rules better than GW so they do it and then act as if they aren’t really treading on their toes. I’m all for it.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      FW do make flavourful rules.Sometimes also rules that don’t work or make sense, but nobody is perfect.

  • Ry

    Now I want the rules to the Redmaw

  • joetwocrows

    Corsairs, living on the edge, and always short of resources; not bad.
    Craftworlds, with some of the most bro,,,err, effective rules in the game currently.
    The Dark Kin, where large cabals have the population of small craftwords, can move whole worlds into the Webway, have an ancient base of operations superbly isolated from enemies, and they can’t easily kill more than one Imp. Knight.

    Why do I think someone at GW loathes the Dark Eldar? (and doesn’t have the stones to say so…)

  • jrallnella

    Stop making playing Pan Eldar harder!!!