40K: Tau Stormsurge: “New” vs “Classic” Edition


The New Tau Stormsurge gets a “classic” look – Come check out the “NEW” Old School Paint scheme!

It looks like the Studio Painters at Games Workshop are having a ton of fun painting up the New Stormsurge. But these latest pictures have us debating which “flavor” we prefer. Here’s the New Classic:

via Imgur (10-1-2015)

Classic Tau 1 Classic Tau 2

And here are the previous Stormsurge pics in the new white color scheme:

Tau Stormsurge Tau Stormsurge Group

So what do you think – which color scheme do you prefer the “Classic Tau” or a “New Tau” flavor? Me personally, I’ve always preferred my blue fishmen in their native color… RED!



Orange or White? Let us know which and why in the comments below!


  • pokemastercube .

    well i have allways used a blue colour as the primarys for my force, the shade differes between foot warrior, battlesuit, tank, flyer, drone

  • TekkBlade

    At least they got rid of the bright red heads that screamed “shoot me in the face!”

    • Cameron Karge

      To be fair, no one is actually in the face lol

  • Katharon

    Or…make your own paint scheme.

  • James Squyres

    It may be just me but the new tau stuff is looking more and more like it’s out of Robotrch, this one makes me think of a Zentradi (spelling?) Battle pod

    • The14th

      You spelled Zentradi right, but miss-spelled Macross.

  • lucidum

    I always go with my own paint scheme, just curious though….what sept is that White and Grey-greenish scheme supposed to be?

    • JBS

      By my reckoning it is from Vior’la. The white and grey aren’t the important part for identifying septs; you need to look at the color of the writing or rank signifier. In this case they are bright red, which is the color for Vior’la.

  • benn grimm

    Neither. I like urban camo best, then maybe jungle.

    • OrkiePancakes

      My thoughts exactly. 🙂

  • xNickBaranx

    I’ve always loved the Vomit (Leprous?)Brown/Tausept Ochre look. I think the classic rendition looks fantastic.

  • No preference but man, I initially liked the model but these pic look worse

  • Necro Alienerd

    Don’t like the black kroot though that’s a given! Look like little chicken men dipped in marmite.

    • euansmith

      Mmmm… chicken and marmite…

  • Kevin Maloney

    …this is news?

  • tau4eva

    Either color looks fine, but the pics I saw where the legs are positioned better give me hope I don’t have to “squat” pose them.

    • tau4eva

      Also, somebody please convert one with arms and post pics and instructions how you did it ASAP 🙂

  • Slaanesh_Devotee

    That sandy tan colour scheme isn’t really what you call ‘old’, though, is it?

    I always thought it was just the Tau homeworld colour scheme.

  • Manwiththedogs

    No preference, but I have always liked the tan in the artwork when used with turquoise sky. Very distinctive. And also my Tau are Tau Sept, so tan is the bestest.

  • Talos2

    I’d want to swap the guns round and put the rail gun in an arm and the rockets up top. Doesn’t quite work for me, looks unstable like this

    • Mad Leprechaun

      Honestly I was thinking the same. Maybe get a pair of riptide arms and convert it?

      Or is this a dual kit (whatever that new stealth suit is) and you actually get some arms with it?

      • Talos2

        Hopefully but I haven’t seen anything to suggest it does. Maybe gw were thinking it would just be labelled a tau deredeo if they did it that way round

  • Brian Griffith

    Er they’re… just different septs?

    Both color schemes were always a part of the Tau lore.

  • jasonsation

    The Stormsurge looks just like me at a wedding doing the chicken dance.

  • Victor Hartmann

    I like the white color scheme, looks fresh.

    A reminder that I spend too much thinking about 40k hit me this morning when I saw a big white truck and thought “Tau”.

    Then again, grey cars have been Grey Knights to me for a long time

    • So what about red cars? Do they go faster, demand blood for the blood god or do they secretly go mad and turn black at some point?

      • Victor Hartmann

        Red cars are orks because “red onez go fast!”

        Bikes are White Scars although some of them are Ravenwing if their going for the biker gang look.

  • OrkiePancakes

    Well, we know this thing is certainly bigger than a riptide, so the $150 price tag is only slightly more accurate, but not really. I’m thinking $120 or $130 would have been more accurate. (Even if that is still pretty much overpriced, at least it would have been fair for us, going by GW standards) If this thing was $100 I’m betting it would sell like hot cakes. Then GW wouldn’t have to worry about marginal sales, and look more to volume of sales. We all know we would like more toys for our armies.

  • An_Enemy

    Is this anything like classic BOLS with actual content vs New BOLS with constant pop ups and browser redirects warning that our phones have viruses?

  • Seb

    Distinct lack of XV8’s… ? And the classic Ochre scheme gives it much needed, solid look.

  • DaveTycho

    Ain’t this the classic tau colour scheme?

  • TumbleWeed

    The good ol’ ochre scheme brings me back to when the Tau first lauched. The white scheme is cool, but that tradmark tan color just feels more tau.
    Still not gonna pay $150 for it tho… 😉

  • Sebastian Marrero

    So when will they give the Morkanaut and Gorkanaut the status it deserves as a superheavy. It’s the same size as the new superheavy and now I’m feeling cheated.

  • plasticvicar

    Neither, the Tau are supposed to be one of the few militarily sane races in 40k, thus logic would dictate that the fluffiest colour scheme be camouflage.