40K: The Orks Rampage in 2016’s The Beast Arises


Games Workshop advances the fluff in a GIANT way – 9,000 years in the past.  Come see what 2016’s year-long Ork event is all about.

Her’s the rundown of the yearlong 12-book series by Back LIbray that looks to fill in a critical linking period of 40K background – the post Heresy – very early Imperial of Man era.  Here’s the Series major points:

  • 12 books (it looks like 1 a month)
  • Kicked off by Dan Abnett
  • Setting is 1500 years after the Horus Heresy
  • Entire Chapters will be destroyed
  • The Orks Return in Force
  • The Eldar strike at Terra
  • “Legends will return”

Books listed are:

Book 1 I am Slaughter – December by Dan Abnett

Book 2 Predator Prey – January

Book 3 The Emperor Expects – February

Book 4 The Last Wall – March

Book 5 Throneworld – April



My two cents on this are:

  1. It looks like they may be wanting to tie the xenos into the “Heresy era” or “Near Heresy era” so all you xenos players dont feel left out in the cold with the new game system being spun up.  I have a feeling these books will introduce new exciting units and vehicles that will be making thier way onto the tabletop in time.
  2. The Horus Heresy series is nearing book 30 and Terra isn’t even within sight.  So the timing on this seems a bit premature.  Maybe this is proof positive that the HH novel series is not intended to approach completion any time soon.  I mean Black Library just devoted the resources to produce 12 novels to this INSTEAD of cranking out 12 more Heresy novels.


~ Who’s up for this and what do you think it means for 2016 and GW’s longterm plans?

  • This would make me wonder if it’s a sigh of a new 7th ed ork codex.. Doubtful.

    • Samuel Sanchez

      The beast as a special character would be awesome. He makes ghazkull look like a grot. The beast was the most powerful Ork ever and likely on par with a primarch in ability.

      • Aaron

        I think tzeentch daemon kin may be next

        • Spacefrisian

          I think you be thinking that for along time, unless it drops than you dont need to think about it anymore.

          • euansmith

            The Tzeentch Codex was released months ago… but you know how the Changer of the Ways rolls… all you need do is buy the last five codices and apply a code breaking algorithm to them… the seed number changes randomly over time so the Codex constantly mutates…

          • Those are the instructions I got at all.
            What am I suppose to do with this stool sample and these fuzzy dice?.

          • Luis Otero

            Dude seriously? …………. Flush the fuzzy dice and hang the stool sample from your rear view mirror. I thought everybody knew that!

      • Erik Setzer

        Really? “Makes Ghazghkull look like a Grot”? Bollocks. Have you read the Waaagh! Ghazghkull book? He punches his way out of a Mawlock, wrecks a Tyranid invasion so bad they had to veer off a big chunk of Leviathan to deal with the Orks he rallied, can psychically project himself across the entire galaxy to see what’s going on elsewhere and speak to his lieutenants, and is doing his best to bring about galaxy-wide Waaagh!.

        The only way this “Beast” makes Ghazghkull “look like a Grot” is if he was a literal god that the Imperium couldn’t defeat but got lucky when he went to wander off somewhere else bored of the lack of challenge.

        • AddictedToStyrene

          Everything you have written would make sense in the 40K universe, and I hope it all happens 🙂

          • euansmith

            I hope it happens soon… and that more things happen afterwards…

        • Samuel Sanchez

          The beast was as powerful as the Primarchs.
          He lead the largest waaagh ever including ghazkulls or the waaagh that resulted in Horus being called warmaster.
          He United ALL the orks.
          He nearly conquered the entire galaxy; ghazkull is still working on Armageddon.
          And the beast nearly wiped out what was left of the astartes ghazkull is still trying to figure out how to kill a commissar.

          I’m sorry you have no clue about the lore and wrong as usual but yes the beast completely wiped the floor with ghazkull who can’t even take over a single planet after multiple attempts.

          • Ghazghkull’s Waaagh is still going strong, and it took a truckload of chapters to hold him at Armageddon. He survived and has Helbrecht and Yarrick after him.

            “Multiple attempts” are… two. The first of which he canceled and didn’t even lead from the front, the second he had great sport with dozens of Astartes Chapters, plenty of which got wiped out or reduced to the bare minimum in the process. He wrecked their fleets, their troops, and their morale.

            And no, Ghazghkull is not “trying to figure out how to kill a commissar”. He *respects* Yarrick. He had him in captivity for quite some time, after the disaster at Golgotha. *He let Yarrick go*, even going as far as to have his Doks put him back together. He is impressed by Yarrick’s fighting spirit and appreciates him as a rival – he could’ve had him dead thrice over, it is Yarrick’s leadership that he wants to be pitched against, not his physical prowess.

            Thraka also went willfully back to Armageddon – *after telling Yarrick he was looking forward to a rematch*. He doesn’t necessarily want or need Armageddon, but he is highly intelligent and understands the symbolic meaning of Armageddon.

            He gave the Imperium plenty of opportunity to prepare for his arrival, whereas the Beast caught them blissfully unawares when they were still licking their wounds.
            Abaddon had just started with his first Black Crusade and attacked Cadia, the Primarchs went missing, the Space Wolves had Magnus pay them a visit at Fenris, and it seems very likely that, just as the Beast was rampaging, Vangorich was having the High Lords of Terra assassinated. The Imperium was in quite some trouble even before, and during the Beast’s Waaagh. Enough so to underestimate his threat.

            Besides, Ghazghkull is treated not as a simple Waaaghboss – he is a
            Prophet. He is an idol for the greenskins to rally around, not the hulk.
            Their ways of going about it are vastly different.

            And let’s not pretend that there is a lot of info on the Beast. There isn’t. We don’t even have his name, or the name of his Waaagh, when we have plenty of smaller ones readily available.
            All we really know is that he was powerful and caught the Imperium off-guard, in a time where the Imperium thought the Orks to be mostly wiped out. There were barely any left after the Great Crusade, but the Heresy saw the White Scars cancelling their extermination campaign.

            And the Ork slain by Horus, after almost kicking the Emperor’s shins, was a different level entirely. His greenskins were technologically advanced, that’s all. Horus got awarded for *saving the Emperor*, not *killing a mean Ork*. There’s a difference there, even if they coincide. Besides, that ork didn’t actually lead a big Waaagh to begin with, so arguing that the Beast’s Waaagh was bigger is nonsensical.

          • Samuel Sanchez

            Your factual inaccuracies are blatantly off abandon didn’t start his crusade until several thousand years later. Most of the other facts such as assassinations hasn’t occurred yet. And thr green skins weren’t nearly wiped out because the great crusades happened thousands of years prior. It is referenced in several places the beast lead the largest galaxy spanning waaagh ever. Also if you even read the waagh supplement ghazkull didn’t mindlessly chose to atk Armageddon. It was and is a strategically important world that he directed all his resources into conquering this one planet and failed. Ghazkull also tried to kill yarick and failed which is why he commented on the fact old man yarick won’t die. Yes he respects him but hex didn’t let him live; he failed to kill him.

          • Drakan Vangorich attempted his coup in 546.M32, two years after the current date set for the Beast’s Waaagh. With how this novel series is shaping up, it seems likely to last more than just that year.

            Abaddon’s first Black Crusade was dated as 781.M31, the second is in 597.M32, barely 50 years after the Beast’s failed takeover.

            This is not “several thousand years later” either – it is barely 1500 years after the Horus Heresy, which started shortly after Ullanor, from where Horus sent Jaghatai Khan and his Scars to wipe out the remaining Orks. He was doing that up until years into the Heresy.

            I’d actually like to read your multiple sources about the Beast. He certainly isn’t even mentioned in the 7th edition Orks codex. The 7th edition Rulebook mentions it in a single paragraph, only saying that it was the biggest Waaagh the galaxy’s ever known and the Beast was only stopped by the combined forces of the Imperium. Considering that it also states that the attacks were growing in frequency and all, this just points even further to it taking more than one year. Oh, and the next section, dated two years later, is talking about the Beheading (see above).

            Leading the largest Waaagh doesn’t mean that the Beast was also the most powerful warlord of the ork race, however. Your Primarch level power is pure speculation at this point, for example.

            And *of course* Ghazghkull didn’t “mindlessly” pick Armageddon for his Waaagh – nobody ever implied that. I even stated the opposite – he chose it for its strategic and symbolic value. It is an important world and an easy stepping stone. And even *then* the Imperium only actually succeeded in beating him back after a long drawn-out campaign with massive losses and massive preparations involving many of the greatest chapters loyal to the Emperor. They knew years ahead of time that this would happen – via Yarrick.

            And yes, *he did let Yarrick live*. He had him, and he let him go, about 50 years prior to the Third War, where he told him to expect a bigger war next time. Look up the Battle of Golgotha.

            And after the Third War for Armageddon, Ghazghkull went on to start Da Great Waaagh, too – the largest Waaagh in 8000 years, since the one led by the Beast.

            You are trying to claim my sources are inaccurate, but in fact, you seem to know very little. I can back up everything I say here, mind you.

          • Emprah

            I doubt this beast is the same as the one on Ullanor, since that got killed.

          • Samuel Sanchez

            Except you are wrong by your own admission none of your facts were correct. You stated the imperium was beset by assassinations and dealing with abandon and yet by your own admissions none of that even occurred yet. Which I already stated happened thousands of years later. I did not quote the exact dates but it is still correct it all happened after the beast waaagh. Abandon has literally no effect on the beast waaagh it happened well after his defeat. And your speculations on the assassinations happening is not backed up by anything.

          • Reading comprehension, buddy.

            The 1st Black Crusade happened in M31, 500+ years prior, whereas you claim he didn’t start them til ages later. The coup happened two years after the date given in the material from years ago, which is likely going to be inaccurate for a galaxy-spanning waaagh.

            The Beheading did NOT happen “thousands of years later” – it happened literally TWO YEARS after the date given for the Beast’s Waaagh. You didn’t quote exact dates, but I did – straight from the rulebook.
            Abaddon and the return of the traitor Legions *were* a topic that likely occupied the Imperium more than random Ork attacks – a species they thought pretty much extinct by the end of the Great Crusade, and nobody paid attention to in the millenium following it.

            The whole thing with the Emperor and Horus against that Ork warlord has already been elaborated on by Black Library – the circumstances were quite different from just an ork mauling the Emperor over. There’s more to it than that.
            Nevermind that “ONE of the most powerful orks ever” does NOT actually put the Beast at the top of the list, nor is it even talking about his physical prowess. For all we know at this point, he could be a grot with a lot of influence with a puppet-warboss, or physically weak but imposing enough to inspire other greenskins – we simply do not know the source, or kind, of his “power”.

          • nurglitch

            Power is not physical strength. That Ork controlled the empire of Ullanor, an Ork rival to the fledgling Imperium.

          • grendal1989

            lol “factual inaccuracies”

          • Erik Setzer

            “Ghazkull also tried to kill yarick and failed which is why he commented on the fact old man yarick won’t die.”

            Nope. It’s pretty clear in a number of places that he likes fighting Yarrick too much to kill him, even letting him escape from a world after Ghazghkull stomped Yarrick and his Squat allies.

            “Also if you even read the waagh supplement ghazkull didn’t mindlessly chose to atk Armageddon. It was and is a strategically important world that he directed all his resources into conquering this one planet and failed.”

            Wow. Clearly YOU didn’t read the book. He wasn’t trying to just take the planet. He was trying to start a massive ongoing war in the region, AND HE SUCCEEDED. Everywhere it says the same thing: Armageddon is a “stalemate” for the Imperium only because the Imperium continues to throw resources into the meatgrinder. If they stopped throwing lives and materials at Armageddon, they’d have to admit they lost the planet. The only way to ever really get the Orks off of it now is to vaporize the whole thing to remove all the spores (by this point, there’s entire generations of Orks being born on Armageddon, even). They can’t admit they lost the world, so they just keep throwing in more men and more guns, and the Orks get more to fight, and the Orks get stronger as a result. Ghazghkull got exactly what he wanted. Then he went to Octarius and did the exact same thing, getting Leviathan’s attention.

            That’s right: Ghazghkull’s fighting not just the Imperium but the Tyranids. So yeah, your whole “The Beast also fought the Eldar and Ghaz would never be able to do that!” is laughable. The Tyranids are nastier, and Ghazghkull INVITED them to come play.

            Ghazghkull’s Waaagh! should also not be referred to in past tense, since it’s still ongoing and growing galaxy-wide. (Especially after a psychic call to arms pretty much got broadcast to all the Orks.)

            You would know all this if you read the books.

            So, again, pretending Ghazghkull is nothing is just ridiculous.

          • euansmith

            “… He nearly conquered the entire galaxy…” What, all 300 billion stars?

          • Samuel Sanchez

            It makes no sense but yes that’s an exact quote. His waaagh spanned the entire galaxy and nearly succeeded In wiping out the imperium and all other races. The few quotes we have detail him as one of the most powerful orks who ever lived and the leader of the biggest waaagh ever seen. The black library is devoting 12 books just to his waagh next year so it’s a massive crusade.

          • The only quotes I have seen up until this point, the most recent ones at that, are from the 6th edition rulebook, which were copy-pasted into the 7th edition one and not even mentioned in the Ork Codex:

            “544.M32 The Beast Arises

            The Orks rampage across the Imperium on a massive scale. The number of attacks grow until it becomes the greatest greenskin invasion that the galaxy has ever known, eclipsing even the one defeated by Horus upon the world of Ullanor, which earned him the title of Warmaster. Nothing is safe from the Orks’ primal desire to conquer the galaxy, and their widespread advances are only halted when the Imperium resorts to the most extreme of measures, at great cost to the Adeptus Astartes.”

            The second quote is from the 6th edition book, barely a footnote in the Ork fluff page:

            “The Warboss known only as the Beast nearly took over the galaxy, and it can only be a matter of time before another apocalyptic greenskin rising takes place.”

            You’re seriously overhyping the Beast, I’d say. It’s not an exact quote, it doesn’t mention the “entire” galaxy, and doesn’t even bring up the other races at all.

          • euansmith

            “… nearly took over the galaxy…”

          • Erik Setzer

            Yeah, I finally found the two footnotes given to the Beast, and NOWHERE does it say he “made Ghazghkull look like a Grot.” That’s preposterous BS. He gathered a strong Waaagh! that spanned the galaxy… Okay. But the current lore is very clear that Ghazghkull’s doing the exact same thing, with the Orks gods tasking him with doing so as the instrument of their will, and he’s even bringing in the Tyranids to fight the Orks so the Orks get stronger. And it’s not even to “take over the galaxy,” it’s just the Orks’ natural drive to kick butt and enjoy themselves doing so.

          • Erik Setzer

            No, clearly YOU have no clue about the lore.

            Ghazghkull’s Waaagh! – which is combining multiple Waaagh!’s – is being described as the nastiest ever, with the Orks being more vicious than ever before.

            On Armageddon, he won. The Imperium views it as a “stalemate” because they keep pouring resources in, but the entire region, not just that world, is now embroiled in ongoing conflict, which just makes Orks stronger. The Imperium sent a lot of Guard and Marines to Armageddon and they still couldn’t stop it. Ghazghkull left because he had what he wanted: An unending conflict in the area that would just strengthen the Orks.

            He then left to go to Octarius, where he helped the Orks who were about to be overwhelmed not just fight back, but slaughter every Tyranid around the planet, forcing Leviathan to send a chunk of its might to the planet while also attracting other Orks. It was yet another region where the Orks were now gathering for ongoing fighting, where they would just get stronger and stronger. And once he was done getting that going, he was off to go somewhere else.

            They aren’t losses, they’re part of a plan.

            The Ork codex and Waaagh! Ghazghkull both clearly describe Ghazghkull as the most dangerous Ork yet, and his Waaagh! the most brutal to date. The Orks gods literally chose Ghazghkull to be the herald of the Great Waaagh!, the mightiest Waaagh! ever and basically the Orks storming the whole galaxy and crushing everything (in what’s pretty much a great big party for them, Gork bless ’em).

            So yeah, the lore is clear: Ghazghkull was chosen by Gork and Mork to be the Ork who leads the mightiest Waaagh! and sets the Orks in their rightful place on top of the galaxy, uniting them in war in a way that the Imperium knows, if successful, they can’t stop. (Pretty much the only thing that could stop the Orks at that point is the Tyranids, but even that’s debatable.)

            To quote Waaagh! Ghazghkull:

            “His mighty green crusade is no mere planet crusher, but an invasion that will shake the foundations of the galaxy in a war for total domination.”

            “After all, he is no mere Ork, but rather the living prophet of the Ork gods Gork and Mork. Ghazghkull is their mightiest instrument of destruction made manifest.”

            So, yeah, claiming someone could make him look like a Grot means that person would have to be a god.

          • Samuel Sanchez

            Selective quoting much even waagh ghazkull flat out claims ghazkull waaagh is smaller then the beast. It directly states this was the largest waaagh since the beast nearly conquered the entire galaxy.

            And claiming ghazkull is the prophet chosen by gork and mork is a joke. That’s ghazkull own words. His history is well known there was no divine intervention mad dok cut open his head and he had illusions of grandeur after he was hallucinating and seeing things claiming to hear the Ork gods.

            Armeggedon was a clear victory for the imperium they are no longer pouring resources into it. They completely stopped the Ork advance. Hence why there were considered multiple wars for armaggedon and not just one prolonged war. If what you said was remotely true they wouldn’t call it the second war for armeggedon but just consider it the same prolonged war. It’s not.

            And yes claiming the beast is the one of the most powerful war bosses who ever lived given the fact prior war bosseson ukbric nearly killed the emperor and a primarch by himself is on the same power level as a primarch or stronger. Ghazkull is no where near that strong.

          • Erik Setzer

            Wow. You REALLY need to read the lore.

            It states that it’s the biggest since then SO FAR, but is growing.

            It’s also pretty darned clear that Gork and Mork DID choose him, it’s not just him being insane. The Ork gods freaking took over his Warpheads, spoke through them (with witnesses), and blasted him to a spot where he could get more Orks.

            Armageddon is NOT a “clear victory.” The Ork “advance” isn’t “stopped” unless you mean there’s nowhere further for them to go because they’re all over the planet and everywhere in the sector. From the 7th edition 40K fluff book (Dark Millenium, in the rulebook set):

            “After months campaigning on Armageddon, Ghazghkull realises that no other greenskin has his ambition. For the rest of the Ork race, a good fight is a victory in itself, but Ghazghkull years for something greater. Possessed by a sudden, manic energy, Ghazghkull departs Armageddon, leaving behind him a world still locked in the grip of a war that neither side can win.”

            Did you catch that last line there, chum? Did you? It’s pretty clear. There’s so many other references that say the same. It’s an unending war that just makes the Orks fighting in it stronger. The Imperium didn’t win. By the Orks’ own nature, the Imperium can’t “win” now, because they’d have to wreck the planet’s ability to hold life in order to get rid of all the Orks and their spores.

            You’re relying on two very small snippets about the Beast and trying to extract a lot from them, while ignoring the much greater amount of background on Ghazghkull. And since Ghaz can’t go against the Emperor as a mortal or early Primarchs, we’ll never know how he’d fare, but the Beast didn’t fight them either, and just because his force was larger doesn’t mean he personally was nastier.

            (Oh, and given that Ghaz had a Mawloc tooth stuck in him that they tried to pull out with a tractor beam with results that would prove disastrous for most living beings, finally resorted to using a kan with a saw to cut it out, and an hour later he was able to headbutt a Squiggoth out of the way with no trouble, I’d say Ghaz is clearly getting up there in terms of personal strength, too. But, much like the Imperial leaders, he knows he doesn’t have to personally fight in every battle to win the war.)

          • “even waagh ghazkull flat out claims ghazkull waaagh is smaller then the beast”

            Source. Section, page number, direct quote. The thing doesn’t even mention the Beast – it just calls Ghazghkull the Beast of Armageddon. The only mention of the Beast’s Waaagh I could find was “this happened”, without naming the leader, and only in context of the Orks’ history/near annihilation as a prelude to Ghazghkull’s birth.

            You’re also completely missing that Ghazghkull’s Great Waaagh! is STILL GOING STRONG! It is all over the galaxy by 999.M41, and only growing. He is uniting greenskins in numbers that the Beast has yet to prove capable of. The Beast got slapped down, whereas Ghazghkull achieved his goals and wandered on, to fan the flames of Waaagh further.

            And while you’re so eager to make up your own theories and claims of the Beast’s power and Primarch-level strength, you try to wave away all sources that’d contradict your claims. Armageddon was NOT a clear victory at all. Chapters died, fleets were devastated, the Imperium failed to destroy Ghazghkull, and even the Black Templars and Yarrick pursuing him had him escape once more.

            We only have TWO wars for Armageddon. The 2nd was Ghazghkull’s opening statement, the 3rd only just barely ended its main phase and still keeps Armageddon itself as a warzone. What a clear-cut victory for the Imperium…

            And you don’t seem to realize that Ghazghkull’s strength does not solely relate to his physical strength – he is a strategist, a genius, a leader with vision and he has the skills and abilities to learn from his mistakes, think outside the box, and out-do every Imperial general to date. That’s the point: He grows with adversity. Not just brawling, like other orks, but actual challenge even on the intellectual and strategic level. He is exceptional where others were pure brawn.

      • Simon Neil Westerby

        More likely to be Ork releases for the 30k line than 40k atm I reckon

        • That would be good!

          • Simon Neil Westerby

            No it wouldn’t – it would drag me into playing 30k (and I can’t afford that ;)))

          • Kicking and screaming I’m sure!
            No! no! Nooooo! Not new dead killy ork Stuff!
            WHY!!! Why! Why didn’t they do this a few years ago!!!

          • euansmith

            The way Ork-tekk works, I guess they could just stop believing something is good and it would enter a negative feedback loop.

            “Dat Ort-ta Buttin… I don fink iz’n all itz krackt up ta be!”

          • euansmith

            But Orkz iz Orkz. It don’t matter where or when.

      • Mr_Pickles

        There was an Ork Warboss that almost killed the Emperor in a straight fight, and it took a Primarch and the Emperor to kill him. So, a Warboss that is as strong as a Primarch or bigger would make sense.

        • Emprah

          That was just Emprah being a drama queen for Lil Favourite Horus.

          • euansmith

            “Horus, save me… I’ve fallen… and I can’t get up…”

    • An_Enemy

      Well its been a year since the first 7th edition Ork Codex…so why not?

      I’d love a 2nd 7th edition Dark Eldar Codex.


      This is so sad.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      We already have a 7th edition Ork codex.

      What we’ll probably get is a new supplement filled with formations and, maybe, re-jiggered points costs.

      • Spacefrisian

        Codex Speedfreaks? 40 Euros for a half written codex?

        • JJ

          as much as I hate to admit it I would purchase any codex that includes the Kult of Speed!

          • euansmith

            The formation should be all transports are free and no vehicles give up kill points.

    • Erik Setzer

      I’d love that, but I seriously doubt it. We got the first 7th edition codex, and it took what, ten years to get a new book for a major race?

      You’d think with the way Orks are presented in the fluff that they’d give more love to them.

      • I know, I know.. I was thinking about other armies getting a new codex about the time they have books coming from the Black Library.
        What I missed.. was 12 months of books might mean a new codex every month!

        • Erik Setzer

          April: “This month Grots have become the only Troops choice in the codex”
          May: “This month Orkanauts have become a Troops choice and Grots are now Elites!”

          That could be a funny joke if I had to time to do it… 😛

          • Oru new product is spread out over a years worth of White Dwarf weeklys! buy them all for your complete codex!

  • georgelabour

    Makes me wonder if they’ll flesh out other ‘past’ events of 40k such as the astropath wars.

    • Julien

      Yea I love all the references to crusades. The macharian book are sooo good

    • Spacefrisian

      I think they skip the one with the Sisters of Battle in it…like always.

  • crusader284

    Would have been nice if they finished the Horus Heresy before moving on to this.

    • Robomummy

      the horus heresy will never be finished until the time it takes to read all the books is equal to the actual time the heresy lasted.

      • Julien

        In a Reddit AMA Graham McNeill did say that we are definitely going to see the siege of terra so there’s hope!

        • effinger2

          Hope springs eternal. Did he say what decade that will be? The series has slowed to a crawl. Slugs move faster than the release of these HH books. BL seems to think that the novellas count but… they are getting annoying because they do not advance the story line. A few of friends have stopped waiting and lost interest. That’s sad.

          • Julien

            I totally agree. The audio and short stories are annoying at this point and it’s getting hard to keep track of the timeline. We’ve been stuck at the whole Calth and Ultramar invasion aftermath for at least a dozen books. The last book deathfire finally moved things a bit though.

      • crusader284

        Do you ever just sit there and think “GW/Black Library could have handled this in a better way”? Don’t get me wrong, I love how they’re constantly looking to expand the lore, but in my opinion the main events leading up to the Siege of Terra should have been covered first, then they could have focused on short stories and other books after. I’ve kinda lost interest because I’ve just got too much to catch up on and it doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

  • WarsmithHonsou

    I reserve judgement. Though I doubt this will be anywhere near as good as most heresy fiction. Just looks like more GW crap. Likely no better than most of the crappy “novels” that come out each month to pimp the GW army of the month. I’ll hope for better.

    Not really sure why so many who love the heresy are so insistant on seeing it end. I agree that I’d like to see them arrive sooner. But I blame that and all the collector’s ed BS on GW.

    Do any of you really think the most interesting stuff is gonna happen at the end of the heresy? Sure they’ll add a few *what a twist*s. But we know how it ends. I’d be happy if each legion got 5 to 10 books. There are very few stinkers in the series, even the shorts and novellas are great.

    It seems to me that too many nerds value plot and conclusion over characters. I believe that we as GW fluff fans will never see a BL project again that is as good as this is. And no i never read Abyss and don’t intend to. I could be wrong though.

    • cudgel

      While I really enjoy Dan Abnett’s books(his guardians of the galaxy run is awesome as well), I can’t enjoy the others, the writing is not very good.

      I’m stoked to read his Orc book.

      • I personally haven’t been enjoying Abnett’s novels for BL in ages. Partially because he barely writes for them, now, and because he keeps screwing up the endings of novels, rushing through stuff and completely moving away from what his books were supposed to be about.

        Prospero Burns? Barely a footnote. Imperium Secundus? Happening on the last few pages of The Unremembered Empire.
        Dan’s far too hung up on his original content and ideas at this point. He’s injecting ties to Gaunt and Eisenhorn in the Heresy, adding Perpetuals (which were a fun idea originally, but now they’re all over the place!), and he neglects the actual heresy content as a result. His depiction of the Primarchs in TUE was bumpy at best, too. It really felt jarring coming from the novels leading up to it.

        Call me when he’s finally done writing the Bequin trilogy, the first of which I was stupid enough to buy in hardback format since I didn’t want to wait a year for the paperback. Joke’s on me, its been on my shelf for years now, with the follow-ups on hold forever….

  • Would have been so excited about this a few years back. Now.. meh.. Timing is..
    ooh.. right
    it’s everything!

  • Alex Harvey

    Iirc, Black Library have been hiring lately so it might not nesacarilly be a case of diverting existing resources as you suggest.

    • benn grimm

      Well since Abnetts writing the first one it look pretty much just like that.

      • Alex Harvey

        Always good to get a known-name to start off a series

        • euansmith

          Unless it is MATT WARD!!!

  • miniwar monger

    Totally in line with the “our consumers are collectors” assesment.

    • GaryT

      lol, yes. It is almost like a monthly magazine subscription but with books.

      • They’re already doing subscriptions for short stories and audio dramas anyway. They’re a better deal than paying for them piecemeal, though, which is surprising considering GW took the reigns a while back. “Savings” for the customers? Not very GW-like….

  • Shawn Pero

    The more badass the Orks are in the fluff, the worse they are in-game… new rules see Boyz at 11pts apeice, with a 7+ armor save and exchanging sluggas for shootas is 5pts per. The Trukk becomes the first vehicle with an armor value of 9 all around and adding Cybork takes a point away from Toughness.

  • “The Emperor Expects” so, the emperor DOES have a girlfriend?

    Other than that… we’ll see. Orks tend to be the token enemy in the books if they need a cheap and stupid force of dudes the Space Marines can slaughter in droves to show how awesome they are.
    I hope this is better.

    • AddictedToStyrene

      The Emperor has a girlfriend. She’s Cadian. You haven’t met her.

  • benn grimm

    Not impressed. Get on with the Heresy already, and a decent Ork codex would be nice at some point, another series of ‘Space Marine Battles’ I can live without.

  • Julien

    They should have gone more pre-heresy. Ullanor, dark age, conquest of terra? That’s the stuff I can’t get enough of.

  • Adam Murray

    What about a nice Rom Com?

    • euansmith

      Rom ‘Cron – When Dante Met Szarekh

      • We already got that story, though.

        • euansmith

          But not the scene when Szarekh fakes an orgasm in a diner…

          • Just the one where Szarekh ditched Dante because he couldn’t handle their romance and all the family pressure anymore.

          • euansmith

            Who can forget that scene…

            “Its not you, Dante… its me… I’m an inhuman killing machine bent of Universal Genocide… it would never work… eventually I would have to kill you… 01001001 00100000 01110111 01101001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01100001 01101100 01110111 01100001 01111001 01110011 00100000 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101…”

      • Adam Murray

        Bridget Chrome’s Diary

        • euansmith

          Sleepless in Szarekhtal?

  • vlad78

    Of course the HH novel series is not intended to reach completion soon. It makes money. First they will milk every dollar until the quality reaches the bottom, then they will relaunch the series with one major advance in the timeline.

    Haven’t you noticed how the story is now going nowhere? All major episodes have been told, only the push towards terra is missing.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      I think the series will continue on in perpetuity. Even after the big battle between Horus and the Emperor concludes, you still have all the battles that took place after the Heresy ended, as well as showing how the Imperium government formed and solidified into something very much opposed to the original dream held by the Emperor.

      Also, you can always go back and do stories set during other events.

    • I’d argue that the story *is* going towards Terra already.

      Horus just got a major power-up in Vengeful Spirit, the Iron Hands were set up again with Meduson, the Salamanders are back at Nocturne with Vulkan returned to them, Sanguinius and the Lion are getting fed up with Guilliman, Russ is making for Horus, and will meet up with the Lion soon, I believe. The White Scars are getting another novel to bring them closer to Terra, the Dark Angels are getting two novels in the near future (Angels of Caliban by Gav Thorpe and Dreadwing by Abnett), dealing with both the conflict at home and with the Lion leaving Ultramar.
      The Webway War is being tackled by AD-B in Master of Mankind, which is being written again, and The Crimson King by Graham is having Magnus finally pledge his allegiance to Horus rather than flip-flopping and observing.
      Really, the only Legion *not going anywhere* are the Imperial Fists, because they’re already at Terra.

      So what exactly do you expect them to come up with next to make it go to Terra more quickly? All the pieces are moving into place over the coming novels. Will there be some padding? Of course. There’ll be stories filling gaps and showing different angles, but those are hardly going nowhere either. All the major conflicts are covered, as you say, and now it is about bringing all the factions from A to B, setting them up for the finale.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Why do people suddenly want GW to finish the Horus Heresy? Those books are so good! Why wish for the end of something you love? It’s not like we’re getting filler content in the series. Everything is important, interesting and fun to read. Let the creative team work their magic at their own pace.

    Meanwhile, GW/BL have likely realized that the old guard is writing the Heresy books. Those writers are all finding work outside of GW, and finding success with it as well. If GW/BL isn’t careful, they won’t have a wide breadth of writers. To me, this definitely feels like GW is trying to get new blood into the company and have them start pumping quality content out.

    I am all for this. Super pumped!

    • Barty

      You can have too much of a good thing. And the problem with the Heresy is that it’s continually branching outwards, and kinda losing it’s focus? Some kind of refocus would be nice at this stage, to at least give the impression the series is getting close to an end. That’s why I liked the battle for Molech one, because it actually was focusing on advancing the plot, not expanding the universe.

      Don’t get me wrong, expanding the universe is fine in moderate doses, but you need to keep the books focused on actually advancing the overall plot.

      • 6Cobra

        I’m with Barty on this. In the early years of the Heresy novels I was waiting-in-the-cold-for-bookstore-opening level of hooked on the series. Now? I don’t even bother reading, let alone buying, quite a few of the novels and almost all of the other masses of digital/audio/limited edition content. They diluted my bookocaine to the point I’m not addicted any more. I’m tired of reading about the misadventures of the Perpetuals and who within the Alpha Legion knows that we know that they know that we know that they know. I want to read about the Siege of Terra before my hair all turns grey.

        • effinger2

          Amen brother!

      • GaryT

        Spot on. It just feels like they are milking that cash cow for all its worth and going over the same ground time and time again. Seriously, how many more books on the Istvaan massacre do we need? I for one would love to see a closing trilogy of books for the Siege of Terra, all written by Abnett and Demski-Bowden.

    • TweetleBeetle

      You don’t understand how the internet community works with all things GW.

      If it’s ending, they’ll scream that it shouldn’t end.
      If it’s ongoing, they’ll say it’s too much and should wrap up.

      If there’s too much action, they’ll cry for more dark/deep content.
      If it’s dark/deep, they’ll ask where all the action went.

      If a hair on someone’s head is parted a different way than in a previous story, we’ll hear how GW screwed up “canon”.
      If nothing changes, we’ll hear how GW needs to come up with different perspectives.

      If the stories of each Legion get fleshed out, we’ll have to put up with complaints about the lack of xenos presence.
      If we get xenos stories, the complaints will be about wanting to find out how the Legions sagas conclude.

      If more books come, we’ll read posts about how disinterested everyone has become, and how they don’t spend money on them anymore; yet those same people will contradict themselves and declare each book a “cash grab”…even though no one is allegedly buying them anymore.

      We will always have posts about what GW isn’t doing, or didn’t do, even if there were no expectations to begin with.

  • Level Twelve

    This “diverting of resources” is silly.

    How do these books differ from Space Marine Battles novels? Random Eldar/Dark Angels/Macharius/something-trilogy?

    Black Library never did only HH.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Exactly. It just gives the next twelve books a dedicated theme and focus.

  • yoash barak

    30k-ish orks and eldar. a bit of xeno presence.
    No chance for my tau though :

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      39k? No. The Horus Heresy was in M31. 1500 years later would put it in the middle of M32. 🙂

      • Simon Neil Westerby

        So somewhere in the suburbs ot Bris’ol….


    • euansmith

      Say hello to the Tau Chrono Caste! Fighting for the Greater Good across all of Space and Time! “Get to the TauDIS!”

  • latro990

    Actually quite looking forward to this, have they found a way to write from an orks perspective i wonder?

    WARRRGHHHH said Gazrock
    WAAAAARRGGHHHHHH said Grimteef
    *SQISH, Ahhh EEEEee’ went Snotfeet the ammo runt

    seriously the time in between the HH for me is the coolest part of 40k next to making fluff up in the current universe… thousands of years of mystery and decline but still clinging on!

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Going from a Gretchin’s perspective would work.

      • latro990

        yea, i’v considered that in the past my self. A makari of old style grot that just wont die and is actually pretty smart.

        as would a calidus assassin posing as an ork… could imagine they’d have some sweet language interpretor

      • euansmith

        Li’le Orphun Aaaghie: Itz an ‘ard Grot life…

    • euansmith

      Something like this? Although I guess they could just watch some Guy Richie movies…


  • jazeroth

    about time theyfocused on somethin new. i hope the Orks get a really competitive codex and new units out of this

    • TweetleBeetle

      They will. Every codex since Necrons has.

  • Bradley Macduff

    the imperial fist dude looks like randy orton

  • kaptinscuzgob


    really hoping for some ork protagonists like that one short story in Xenos

  • calmsword

    So us xenos don’t feel left out… And Tau.

    • TweetleBeetle

      Because Tau isn’t in the middle of huge releases both from GW and FW or anything…

      Oh, and Tau is irrelevant to the history of the Imperium. They only recently gained a significant place in the galaxy, and still don’t have the total population of even one hive world system.

    • Seb

      Well.. in the 35th Millennium, an Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator fleet discovered the Tau homeworld of T’au
      and determined that its population at Stone Age level of development had only just mastered
      fire.. so no, I do not expect Tau to feature at all.. for several thousand years. 😉

  • euansmith

    Tsk… typical… Orkz getting a bad rep as per usual!

    I like the cover to “The Emperor Expects”.

  • Shiwan8


  • eldarconvert .

    I greet this news with dread, remember the end time’s, how it destroyed all including our fantasy hobby.

  • m3g4tr0n

    Green is best.

  • Warrior_of_Sound


  • JJ

    is it just me or is this guy holding a powersword with a powerfist?

  • Svenone

    With how scattered and disjointed the HH books are at this point I think it’s REALLY clear they don’t intend to ever publish anything about the final battle until they absolutely need to. If anything it’s sort of a trump card if things really head south. Just about everyone involved with this hobby will buy that book, and I imagine it would be tied in with the release of the Custodes as a faction (another thing people would buy)

    • To be fair, the Horus Heresy series has been disjointed from the start. You got the opening trilogy and The Flight of the Eisenstein branching off from it. Fulgrim already went all over the place from pre-Heresy to Isstvan V, then you got Great Crusade Dark Angels, the Furious Abyss, pre-Heresy Alpha Legion…. it *always* went all over the place.

    • euansmith

      Haven’t they already released the Custodes..?

  • nurglitch

    The Traitor Legions had faded into legend by that time, and returned as discussed in the Talon of Horus, where Abbadon destroys Sigismund.

  • eehaze

    I thought the whole point of playing 30k was that you didn’t have to deal with stupid Xenos.