AVP: New Releases INCOMING!

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The Hunt is heating up with these new add-ons for AVP. It’s Queens, Crushers, and Power Loaders, oh my!

AVP is hot off the presses and is available to order now. To follow-up with that news they have announced the first part of the kickstarter add-ons are now available for pre-orders. Check these out!

via Prodos Games, Gamewire

Welcome to Prodos Games Newsletter!

We have some very exciting news that many of you have been waiting for! Our new add-ons for the popular Alien vs Predator: The Hunt Begins are now available for pre-order!


Alien Queen

Leader of the Alien Hive, the Alien Queen is an iconic part of the AvP franchise! This monstrous beast will lead your Hive to victory!


Alien Crusher

If you thought the Queen was scary, well, the Crusher is terrifying! This gargantuan Alien is capable of smashing down doors and squashing enemies under its heavy bulk.



Alien Warriors

Fully developed Aliens, the Alien Warriors are the most numerous members of an Alien Hive. Though one of the smaller classes of Alien, they are scary nonetheless.


Predator Hellhounds
The preferred pet of the Predator Berserkers, Hellhounds are used to hunt down enemies and gore them in a terrible death.



Colonial Marine Power Loader

Employed by the Colonial Marines to move heavy items, it is not unusual for Power Loaders to be re-purposed, in dire circumstances, to fighting any combatants!

All of these items are available for pre-order now and will be shipped on November 5th!

Grab them from your Local Gaming Store, or get them on our webstore!

And just when you thought it was over Prodos Games also released these two new videos showcasing these new beasties:

I’m pretty stoked about the Alien Queen and the Predalien. I’ve always wanted to see if the Colonial Marines can stick it to those Xenomorphs. Hudson, grab my sharp stick…it’s party time.


These Ugly Mothers come mostly at night…mostly.

  • Tyler McGinnis

    where do i preorder at?

    • adamharry

      there is a link to their webstore – it’s highlighted:

      “Grab them from your Local Gaming Store, or get them on our webstore!”

      it’s under the power loader pic

  • Kenneth Portner

    The models look great. Anyone know if the game is any good?

    • miniwar monger

      Nothing special. I found them rather poor with a lot of issues and unclarities.

      Space Hulk is a much better game after all.

      The queen has such a bad pose and is pretty small.

      • Paulo Picolomini

        You’re right. When I receive my Alien Queen, she will go through some dramatic reposing.

        • miniwar monger

          Reposing works great on Prodos material. Dipping it (carefully) into hot water you can do quite a lot, since the limbs are so thin.

          With the base game I had to repose practically all of the alien minis.

    • dubhgilla

      I’ll tell you when the idiots at Prodos finally send my kickstarter copy. Front line gaming did a Bat-rep and it looked rubbish.

    • Vomkrieg

      Normally, I only buy figs if I have a game to play them with. But being an Alien fan since forever, i’d buy these if the game was rubbish and write one 🙂

  • 28mm Xenomorphs… hell yes.

  • Alhazred TheMad

    Wow those are the coolest Warzone figures! Can’t wait to play them in my Legion army!

    Sorry, I’d put quotes around that statement to better indicate sarcasm but I just won the rights to semi colons and need to develop those instead now.

  • David Leimbach

    Power loader – no. Just no. The whole coolness of the scene in the movie was that it was a futuristic utility vehicle that was re-purposed. Not that somehow future soldiers use these loaders to fight in all the time.
    I get capitalizing on existing franchise, but this is just squeezing the toothpaste tube long after it’s empty.