FFG: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Gaming Mats


Join the Dark Side – they have pie! They also have some SWEET looking gaming mats. Check these out!

Hey BoLS Readers! AdamHarry here with a quick PSA – Fantasy Flight Games just released some awesome new gaming mats featuring the power of the Dark Side!

via Fantasy Flight Games

The Kylo Ren Gaming Mat and First Order Gaming Mat partner bold and imposing images from Star Wars: The Force Awakens with the convenience of no-slip gaming surfaces. Protect your cards. Immerse yourself more fully in your games. Harness the power of the dark side.

Designed for use with Star Wars™: The Card Game and other card games, these gaming mats are made by FFG’s Factory (formerly In-House Manufacturing), utilize natural rubber, and measure approximately twenty-four inches by fourteen inches.

Most importantly, both mats are available now!


With its dark and powerful imagery, the Kylo Ren Gaming Mat makes it easy for gamers to tap into their dark sides, whether they’re playing as the Sith faction in Star Wars: The Card Game or pursuing their own, nefarious goals.

Best yet, as much as its imagery conveys the danger and menace of the dark side of the Force, the playmat’s black borders and Kylo Ren’s black clothes won’t clutter your playing space with a barrage of shapes and colors that might distract your eye from the cards that count.


Your deck doesn’t rely upon a single card. It relies upon each and every card working together toward a common goal. You want synergy, and you want strength in numbers.

These ideals are given life in the First Order Gaming Mat, which depicts waves of the First Order’s armored Stormtroopers surging forward with their guns raised and ready. Clad in suits of white and black armor, these Stormtroopers push relentlessly toward their goal, and plumes of black smoke in the background hint at the devastation they have left in their wake.

Framed at the top and bottom with black trim, and decorated with the First Order’s symbol in red band black, the First Order Gaming Mat is a model of style and efficiency, making it an excellent choice to decorate your gaming surface without overshadowing the cards you place upon it.

I know we don’t typically cover the Star Wars LCG – but these 24″ x 14″ gaming mats were TOO COOL not to show off. If you enjoy playing any card games, not just the Star Wars ones, and you want some stunning, no slip gaming mats for competitive or casual play these are worth looking into! Will they intimidate your opponents? Maybe. Will they bring you luck? Perhaps. But really, the play surface is great and they look awesome no matter the card game. The First Order mat is calling my name…


I could play Conquest 40K on a Star Wars mat! I’ll explode more heads than an Ork Weird Boy! MWAHAHAAHA!


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