GW New Releases 10-31-2015 First Looks


It’s the return of the Tidewall (in parts) and the return of the Lizardmen SERAPHON!

Looks like ALL of the (race formerly known as Lizardmen) Seraphon units got reboxed AND the Tidewall formation is getting chopped-up and parted out.

via Games Workshop

Tidewall Gunrig


Tidewall Shieldline


Tidewall Droneport


Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur

ScarVeteranOnCarnosaur06 99120208017_ScarVeteranOnCarnosaur04

Battletome: Seraphon (Limited Edition)


Skink Starseer

SkinkStarseer03 SkinkStarseer04


There are TONS more Lizardmen Seraphon re-boxes on the way! Former Lizardmen players rejoice…At least you’re getting your entire army at once plus a new Battletome. Those poor Stormcasts Eternals and Chaos Players had to wait for 3 full months of releases to finally be done. Heck even the Tau players from 40k had to wait to get their book for almost a full month after the first units started showing up.

This is the first “mass” release for an army in months – maybe even years from Games Workshop. Did GW suddenly turn a new leaf? Is this the future of all of Games Workshop’s releases? Why would they want to drop all of these units at once? Were they making room for something BIG? I guess we’ll have to wait and see…


It’s almost like Heresy is around the corner…

  • euansmith

    Do the Slaan get a look in. They were a favourite bit of 40k for me.

    • Lost on nocturne

      They’ve been renamed but the grand toads are all still there. Only Lord kroak survived as a named character though.

      • euansmith

        The Grand Toads? FFS…

        • Kevin Maloney

          On the one hand, I like that the Lizardmen’s backstory now has them as Space Lizards emerging out of portals to save the day. They’re doing a lot more to tie them to the ancient technology of the Old Onesand I like that.

          But I agree…Grand Toads? Seriously? Who the hell has been doing the renaming for AOS?

          • Xodis

            lol thats his personal name for them.

            Lord Kroak (Probably not that much better)
            Slann Starmaster
            Skink Starseer

            are the real names.

          • Kevin Maloney

            Oh, I take it back then. “Slann Starmaster” actually sounds pretty epic.

        • Lost on nocturne

          They aren’t actually called that, it’s just what I’ve been calling them.

  • Alhazred TheMad

    I like that some of the old specials are getting repurposed as new generics. They couldn’t all be immortal, apart from Chaos that is.

    • Lost on nocturne

      Immortal orcs is a terrifying prospect.

  • Xodis

    These are awesome….I dont need another army…I dont need another army…crap! lol

  • Barnabus

    They released all the stuff together because it’s mostly all reboxed stuff with no new models.

    Also, it sounds really dumb to be talking about the “future of GW’s releases”, when they change their trajectory every three books. You know this.

  • Autumnlotus

    I…may buy this. I love lizardmen, and love to see that all the unique characters have uses beyond one gimmick. I’m hoping for some redone miniatures (or painting tutorials) to remake some of the models to be more interstellar daemons rather then astec warriors. Heck maybe they will finally make some massive saurus/kroxigar elite units to contend with those other two armies

  • Thedinosaur

    Getting real tired of the lizardmen strike through gag. Move on.