GW: Next Week’s Products – Tau & Scaly Friends!


Get in here, we have the last of the Tau Empire and an unexpected return…


Multiple retailers are chiming in with the upcoming week of releases from Nottingham:

As expected, the Tau Tidewall is appearing 2 weeks in it’s individual components:

Tidewall Shieldline £30

Tidewall Droneport £30

Tidewall Gunrig £35

Age of Sigmar Returns!  We’ve been hearing for a bit of the switch to the existing WFB races and of another campaign book to come out before the end of the year.  It looks that both of those come true with a 1 week return to Age of Sigmar:

Seraphon Battletome £30

144 Hardcover book with full history of the Seraphon, thier journey from the old WFB world to the Age of Sigmar and thier eternal battle versus Chaos.

Thunderbeast Host £125

Seraphon boxed set (existing range minis) at a 20% discount.  Includes:

1 Carnosaur w/rider

2 Stegadons

3 Terradons

~ It’s this week then onto HORUS HERESY!


  • benn grimm

    The Lizardman(not using the dumb name) box set looks pretty cool, and good value for a change; I feel an Exodite war-host coming on… 🙂

    • ytook

      Lizardmen is truly the pinnacle of graceful naming :P. Personally I actually prefer Seraphon, fits the ‘daemons of order’ theme, I’m very aware I’ll be in the minority there.

      • benn grimm

        Its Malekith’s dragons name; as a name for a dragon its not bad, as a name for a race of Lizards who are also like Men, I think it is slightly dubious; the obvious worked pretty good, and if ain’t broke don’t fix it n all that jazz.

        • Emprah

          Seraphon sounds , to the layman, as something that Diablo 2s angels would be.

          • ZeeLobby

            Agreed, nothing about that name screams lizard people.

      • John Bower

        Plus I guess it’s something they can copyright, hard to do that when DnD beat you to the name.

      • Alhazred TheMad

        I think your spot on. In “Under The Black Thumb” the lizards now blow up in pure healing starlight. Hope they explain how that happened to them in the codex, though it was pretty funny in the story when one dying completely healed a Nurgles Lords arm from disease (he was horrified by it of course)!

  • Chaos_Unbound

    Is my math off or is that Tidewall pricing cheaper in pieces than it was as a single kit? 45 for the Wall and Drone port and 50 for the Gunrig, that only comes up to 140 before taxes where it was 150 all together.

    • The single kit has two Sheldlines 😉

    • DeadlyYellow

      Which currency? US usually sees $5 – $15 additional cost on top of exchange adjustment. (Rampart for instance: £95 to USD is about $146, msrp was $160 US.)

      From native pricing, buying the rampart pieces individually is £125. Rampart kit basically had a free shieldwall.

  • Spacefrisian

    Yes more Age of Sigmar, awesome game.

    • dodicula

      obvious troll is obvious

      • Barimbino

        I miss the days when trolls used to live under bridges and make people solve riddles in exchange for their life. These new internet trolls would make their predecessors roll over in the grave.

      • Matthew Selig

        I don’t get it? I like age of sigmar.

  • Tiberius

    So are there rules available for using fewer pieces of the Tidewall? Or can you only field it in the full set up?

    • ZeeLobby

      They have to be available individually, maybe in a WD, maybe in the box. Otherwise selling them separate just makes no sense. My guess, probably in WD.

    • Chaos_Unbound

      They will be in the box, as right now the only place you get the Tidewalls rules is in the Tidewall, they arnt in the new codex.

  • Sebastian Schumacher

    I agree, Lizardmen is a very bland and boring name. It’s like calling Orruks Greenguys. They will still be called like that anyway whenever the bodies of Seraphon are being described in the fluff.

    • Jonathan B.

      Or calling Astra Militarum Imperial Guard.

    • crusader284

      People moan too much over trivial matters such as names. I honestly laughed at all the controversy involving the Imperial Guard being renamed.

    • You mean ‘Greenskins’ right? They practically are (or were) called that anyway. 🙂

  • Insert_nickname_here

    I’m quite interested to see the Lizardmen book, it will be interesting to see what happened between the old world and the mortal realms. On the other hand, I only have so much hobby budget and HH is coming out the next week, so…

  • cudgel

    Just in time to make a scaly KoW army.

  • JP

    SERAPHON? They’re really going with that? I think they could have come with something that reflects the army a little better than that.

  • Erik Setzer

    I might have to pick up Warhammer Armies: Lizardmen – AoS Edition just to see if it answers WTF happened to get the setting that they now have. So far, the fluff doesn’t really make sense, and the more you actually think about, the more incoherent and ridiculous it gets.

  • Cameron Karge

    I am super pumped for more factions to come out for AoS. Can’t wait for the Aelfs.