Hordes: Aradus Soldier 101


The Aradus Soldier is the other half of the new warbeast kit for the Skorne horde. Let’s take a look.

Guest Article by JohnheV

Like the Aradus Sentinel, this beast has an impressive stat line (except for speed) and a moderate point cost. With the abilities: Carapace, Steady, and Advanced Deployment, this slow and steady beast can make it across to the enemy and have an impact.


Heightened Metabolism: Grants snacking: a small heal each time he kills a living model. Can be useful for its remove from play and I have also found it to be helpful if he takes a few pot shots on the way in to combat or to make him almost unkillable against standard infantry units.


Advanced Deploy: Considering this is the slowest warbeast ever if it didn’t have advanced deployment I do not believe it would be playable, but it does so the speed 3 doesn’t really affect it at all.

Carapace: Grants a significant increase to shooting and free strikes defense.

Steady: Always being on your feat is never a bad thing.

Barbed Claws (Weapon): Pull, a strong bite with 2 “weak” arms make this guy surprisingly good in combat.

Overall: I have found the soldier to be a strong addition to the Skorne stable the twin reach attacks. Although somewhat soft and slow, Skorne has plenty of fixers for both. It can be hard to justify taking him over a bronze back, but the one point cost reduction and reach have come in handy more often than not. Overall not as good as his brother but still a good model.

  • WildWingZero

    Uh what? Dude if you’re going to write this you may want to list potential synergies. This was just pathetic.

    • JN7

      You are complaining about free content on a free site. Don’t like it? Submit your own.

      • WildWingZero

        So I’m not allowed to be critical when the article is nothing more than what’s on the card? I can the same or more information from battle college, the book and my cards. These are legitimate gripes as this article contributes nothing than what is already known by looking at these sources.

        • JN7

          Perhaps attempt to be critical in a positive manner rather than just calling something pathetic. Then, maybe, you can call your complaints “legitimate.”

          • Moppers

            He did actually provide a specific complaint. He said the article lacks information on synergies. Which casters would you play this guy with? What other models would combine well with it? Warmachine is a game where synergies are quite important and no model can be considered in isolation.

      • nicklinc

        Synergies will cost you 99 cents on Patreon.

    • cudgel

      Your approach to constructive criticism reminds me of someone with asbergers i.e. you don’t understand how to talk to people/think that you can talk however you want on the internet.

      This article seems to me to be for people that already know how the game works, not to teach people how to play.

    • crimzzen

      I agree, this is just terrible. Why not just post a picture of the card?

      What about synergies or how to maximize its effectiveness. What about counters and playing against it. This is just lazy.

      Sure it’s free, but I wouldn’t accept a free turd either.

  • petrow84

    Ermm, SPD3? It’s OK to be tough, but even with charging all day, SPD buffs, and pushes, like ATGM shots, seems like serious issues for this bug.

    • tfkimmortal

      There are skornegies that can make this guy charge for 12 inches. I have been on the receiving end of this. It’s not fun.

      • petrow84

        Makeda’s movement tricks and a rush animus?

        • tfkimmortal

          Pmorgul was the caster, If I remember right it was rush and abuse. Perhaps something else, its been a couple of months since I have played. Haha! I just remember it charging across the table and eating a stormclad. 🙁

        • paxter

          There are many ways to get it now, xerxis epic mount has a spell that gives every beast 2″ speed bubble add the gladiator bonus monster skorne list don’t have a speed issue suddenly

    • zeno666

      It does have AD, which really helps it out.
      But yes, against ATGM you need to place some stuff behind it or play a warlock with speed buffs 🙂

  • cudgel

    Like the article, its nice that you posted the beasts abilities.

  • paxter

    Get a gladiator to cast its animus and also the spell from xerxis (epic mount) and your slow monster has speed 7 pathfinder