Is the New Tau Tidewall HOT, or NOT?

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Tau Empire TideWall RampartBOX

Is the new Tau Tidewall really worth all the hype AND insane market prices we’ve experienced this week? Come see what we think about the new terrain kit!

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Tau Tidewall: Hot or Not?

In our latest podcast we talk break down the new Tau Tidewall from both a hobbyist, and a competitive perspective!  Is this think worth all the hype?


  • …can we please have articles?

    • JP


    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      you’d think a written summary wouldn’t be beyond people, and its obviously what a lot of people at BoLS want.

      I appreciate the effort that goes into videos and podcasts, but on a blog I want WORDS!

      • zemlod

        I usually read faster than people speak. Also I want to be able to skim over the article. I flat out *prefer* text with pictures to videos. Duncan Rhodes possibly excepted.

    • Victor Hartmann

      I don’t see anything wrong with BoLS posting that their video is out and ready to be watched. They should have a graphic or title (probably both) so that people can easily see what to expect. Then if they’re not wanting to watch a video they can skip it or if they are looking for one, they can easily find it.

      Knight of IR has a good idea, a summary would be nice. That would give something to guide the discussion with as well as give a better idea of what all is in the video.

  • Alhazred TheMad

    I think it’s awesome, for Tau. Lots of rules for them, and fluff wise it makes sense. Little justification for others to run it, which is sad since I’d have bought two and had fun converting. Even if there was a points decrease when taken by other armies of snatch it up, but there’s not. Hell, might still do it. Orks really aren’t about common sense anyway, and I’d love to convert a Grot falling off it.

  • Ferenc Szőke

    Its a fortification, so good luck using it with proper terrain:)

  • Byungwook Kim

    Its good maybe. But most of the people who can afford it would just buy another stormsurge instead. In cash & point wise.

    Stormsurge just turned from a ugly pooping tuna to a true STORMSURGE

    Hate that D..

  • DragonZnork

    It’s a nice piece of terrain… In only you could still order it.
    Hopefully, it looks quite easy to craft.