Knight Models: Arkham Knight Batmobile

batmobile Knight

The best car in the DCU just got it’s own model – Here comes the Batmobile!

The Batmobile has been brought to the tabletop by Knight Models. This is a take on the Arkham Knight Batmobile from the video game of the same name.

via Knight Models, Gamewire

As we promised before, this end of this year comes with tons of novelties and surprises; one of these is this spectacular Bat Mobile, which will be one of the first products of the new Knight Models Legends brand.

As you can see it looks awesome! It’s a clear example of our intention to bring all the magic and spectacularity from the Batman Universe and the rest of the comic world to our boards. Knight Models Legends will enable us to create new ranges of products that we hope will be as well received as the Batman Miniature Game. The Bat-family grows every day and for 2016 we are sure we will number many more!

What do you think about our Bat Mobile? As always, we are interested to know your opinions!

batmobile painted

Looks pretty cool to me! Here is a picture of a full scale replica that was made for the Arkham Knight Video Game.


That’s a really good translation in scale. If I saw that zooming down the street in Gotham I’d certainly get out of the way! After all this particular Batmobile is packing a “Vulcan Minigun, a 60mm Cannon, Missiles and Non lethal riot suppressors.” I guess Batman only has a problem with handguns these days.



Vengeance…night…He’s the guy with the Billion Dollar Tank.

  • uatu13

    Sorry, the batmobile is not a god damn tank.

    • Dave

      Rubber bullets…honest.

      • “It’s like getting punched by an angry gorilla!”

  • Alhazred TheMad

    Love the model. Love the Arkham model kit even more, just wish I could afford it.

  • Dave

    Now…how to incorporate this into a Frostgrave warband…..hmmmm.

  • Batman breaking the gun…Frank Miller sure didn’t heed those same words, huh?