REVEALED – Tau Burning Dawn Rules Pictures

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Someone let the Tau’s cat out of the bag! Come see the new rules for the Tau in the Burning Dawn Campaign booklet, and a look at some of the new minis!

Get our your German to English translators cause there’s a lot of ground to cover!

Via 10-20-2015

pic-44998-popup pic-44997-popup pic-44994-popup (1)

There are a ton more rules from the book below in the roundup. Check them out!

New Tau Roundup

  • kaptinscuzgob

    that sure is in a format i cant easily copy into google translate

  • Kefka

    okay so the formation gets Scout as a whole, Scouts get Infiltrate. In formation Aun’Do can once grant two buffs at once.
    Aun’Do has the ethereal buff in 12″ and can once per game grant all friendly tau units seeking cover to not count as such.

    • ncathers

      So it gives the enemy free ignores cover? Ok what am I missing here?

      • Kefka

        It says they are allowed to move and shoot and assault, but it’s really awkwardly worded…why not just say they may act as normal instead of “they dont count as…” sigh…

        • hauskrebs

          That’s actually what it says.
          “All models which have gone to ground count as no longer having gone to ground, and may move, shoot and assault as normal.”
          Edit: make that “all friendly Tau models”, not “all models” 😉

          • Kefka

            aah they meant Gone to Ground, silly me. thanks

      • snakechisler

        I read it as being able to go to ground then get straight back up again with no penelty

        • hauskrebs


        • ncathers

          Ok so like the current Tau warlord trait then? Makes more sense.

  • Nocturus

    Maybe it’s just me, but if I were going to post this as an “article” on a mainly english speaking site, and not just a post of “look what I found” on a forum. Perhaps I should provide the translation myself?

    • Victor Hartmann

      Because a lot can be figured out just from the stats and they’re far more likely to find someone willing to translate by opening it up to everyone that reads this than their own circle of friends. Presumably, they would have already translated it if they could. Or are currently translating (which does take time) and will post a follow up article. But really, I’m pretty sure none of the BoLS guys or their willing friends are fluent in German. So they throw it out to the internet for help.

      On a side note, isn’t this how “news” is “reported” these days, even by the national new networks? Just get the “story’ out there as quickly as possible without research or even verification? That’s not a dig at BoLS, that’s a dig at the modern news industry.

  • varyn

    The stealth team get precision shots, (but must take a ML drone and shas’ui with fusion blaster). The pathfinder shas’ui seems to get relentless and ignores violation(?) (but must take a full team of 10 pathfinders with 2 rail rifles, 1 ion rifle, recon drone, grav inhibitor drone and pulse accelerator drone), the piranha is simply +1BS (but must take a fusion blaster)

    • SiameseCookie

      The pathfinder shas’ui special rules are stubborn and feel no pain.

  • life of adept brian

    My German is a little rusty, but I think Aun’do translates to Adu’no…