Review – Kromlech SciFi Orcs and Goblins



I’v been a big fan of Kromlech’s for many years.  They have some of the best Orc conversion bits on the market.  I recently picked up some new goblin assistants and a couple of Orc characters I thought I would share.

This follow here is the Orc Freak Psychic Combat Specialist.  AKA a Weirdboy.  I’m pretty happy with the figure over all.  He’s got some great details, like the cabling on his staff, misc doodads hanging off him all over the place and best of all his scalp is peel back to reveal his squishy orc brain.  The only thing I am not wild about is the metal diaper thing.  I’m not really sure what that’s supposed to be but it just looks odd to me.

Orc Freak

Next up is the infamous rc general Otto von Rehrborg.  This fat bloke is sporting a power claw and a force field generator.  This figure has so much character such as his monocle, chain hanging from pants, loads of cables coming off his power kcaw and force field generator.  I love his little control box in his right hand meant to control the force generator.  He would obviously make a great Big Mek but you could remove his back pack and have a warboss or nob as well.

General Otto von Rehrborg

Closer look at his force field generating back pack.  It got a big coil on the right side, and large toggle switch, gauges and of course the spheres where the force field is created from.

General Otto von Rehrborg

Here we have the Orc Field Chirurgeon.  He’s a nice looking orc medic which is a great addition to have since there is only 1 GW doc at the moment.  He’s got the aprine on with his handy dandy tools hanging down which include a bone saw, sheers, calipers and a knife.  He fits in perfectly with the rest of the Kromlech orcs but would also look good in a mob of GW boys.

Orc Field Chirurgeon



Orc Field Chirurgeon



Here are the goblin assistance.  There are 3 specific types which fullfil 3 different roles.

First up are the Goblin Ammo Dealers.  These little guys are over burdened with rockets, bombs, and grenades.

Goblin Ammo Dealers

Secondly we have the Goblin Grease Monkeys.  Sporting wrenchs, cutting torches, rivet guns and misc nuts and tool these little guys are ready to give the mek boys a hand with any task.

Goblin Grease Monkeys

Last but certainly not least are the Goblin Nurses.  These little buggers are ready to lend a helping had to the orc medic whether it be sawing off the leg of an unsuspecting patient, injecting them with squig juice and just knocking them over the head they are there to do the medics bidding.

Goblin Nurses


Here’s a nice shot of the Orc Medic and the Goblin Nurses ready to save an injured patient or, if there are no injured orks around, than to try some new experiments on some unsuspecting fool.

Orc Field Chirurgeon with Goblin Nurses


I’ve got a lot of the Kromlech great coat orks including the tank hunters.  It’s a great theme for an ork army and these guys fit right in.  Even if your not building a great coat ork army these figures are great additions to your regular army or just to paint up for fun.



  • Mikillangelo

    I freaking LOVE Kromlech Orks- errrr… Orcs. They have so much character are so fun – and the detail is stunning. GW Orks used to be much sillier years ago and these feel like a continuation of that.

    I have the Medic and not only does he look awesome, but I’m pretty sure he gets better dice rolls than any other Painboy model I have.

  • Snord

    I have some of these too. The detail and casting quality is superb, and they have loads of character. They look a bit out of place next to GW Orks, which have become a bit blander over the years.

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