Star Wars X-Wing Battle Report: Kavil vs A’bhat


It’s Kavil’s Merc Company vs a Rebel Task force led by Etahn A’baht & Lt. Blount – Never trust a space pirate!

Hey BoLS Readers! AdamHarry with another back again with some more Star Wars X-Wing Battle Report action! This one pits an early version of Kavil’s Scarface list vs a SUPER DODGY Etahn A’baht and some cheap back-up fighters.

This game takes a stab at the age old question of who wins: Unstoppable Force vs Immovable Object. It’s a MASSIVE amount of offense vs an AMAZING amount of defense. I guess we’ll let the dice decide!

The Lists


A’baht’s Boys – 100 points

Etahn A’baht – E-Wing – 45 points

  • R2-F2
  • Predator
  • Sensor Jammer
  • Stealth Device

Lieutenant Blount – Z-95 Headhunter – 20 points

  • Ion Pulse Missiles

Bandit Squadron Pilot – Z-95 Headhunter – 12 points

  • No Upgrades

Rookie Pilot – X-Wing – 23 points

  • BB-8

Kavil’s Merc’s – 100 points

Kavil – Y-Wing – 40 points

  • Proton Torpedoes
  • Veteran Instincts
  • Shield Upgrade
  • Twin Laser Turret
  • Unhinged Astromech

Black Sun Ace – Kihraxz Fighter – 30 points

  • Cluster Missiles
  • Glitterstim
  • Wired

Black Sun Ace – Kihraxz Fighter – 30 points

  • Cluster Missiles
  • Glitterstim
  • Wired


Don’t Do Drugs, Mmmmkay?

  • Agent OfBolas

    Terrible Rebel list… and terrible Scum list… This kind of build is OK if you play in the kitchen with open beer and some snacks.

    In tournament they are free points for your opponent.

    • vlad78

      And? That’s the best way to play imho. ;p

      • Agent OfBolas

        On tournaments?
        I don’t think so.

        • Ted

          He meant playing for fun and not caring about min maxing your list.