Tactica: Khorne Daemonkin – Part 19 – The Goreguard


The Badasses of the Khorne Daemonkin! Today is all about the Goreguard Formation! Get ready for another installment of Tactica Khorne Daemonkin.

Hey guys! In this installment of Tactica Khorne Daemonkin I will be discussing the one of the Formations available to the Khorne Daemonkin and ways in which I feel it can be used to its utmost potential! I will do a separate article for each Formation so I can go into detail on army composition and tactics execution.

The Goreguard


This formation is absolutely insane, it is another formation that combines Imperial Armour 13 units and Khorne Daemonkin units in a single formation, An’ggrath the unbound has the Chaos Daemons faction while the Bloodthirsters have Khorne Daemonkin faction, I cannot think of any other formations that combine multiple factions… can you?

I see this as pretty much an apocalypse only formation as the absolute bare bones cheapest way to field it is 2888pts I mean yeah if your opponent is happy to play to 3000+ points you could squeeze one in I suppose, but it would be a jerk move! I mean 8 bloodthirsters and An’ggrath would be hard enought to take down as is, let alone after they all pick up formation special rules!

Special Rules

Formation wide Feel No Pain! Save your blood tithe for other rewards because these bad arse bloodthirsters come with FnP as standard! Use your blood tithe to gain extra attacks 🙂

Rampage! When outnumbered all units in this formation gain an additional D3 attacks! That is on top of charge benefits, other blood tithe boosts etc! All of these rewards can really stack up 🙂

The Chosen of An’ggrath, this is insane, it gives all Bloodthirsters within 18″ of An’ggrath Adamantium Will, counter attack and +1 attack! If you have an insensate rage bloodthirster charge a unit of 2 or more you could strike with up to 13 strength D attacks at WS 10 that is enough to reliably destroy almost everything!

Fear made manifest, this is less exciting but still pretty cool, if an enemy unit fails a fear test caused by one of the units in this formation it immediately suffers a number of wounds equal to how bad it failed the test with no saves allowed.

An’ggrath the Unbound


Lets take a look at An’ggraths rules, he is a Flying Gargantuan Creature with Toughness and Wounds characteristics of 8 meaning without Gravition weapons he is very hard to drop, poison will not help you, force will not help you…. you really need specialist weapons to take him down. He also has a 2+ armour save with a 3++ invulnerable save that can be boosted to a 2++ with the grimour of true names or cursed earth. So yeah he is harder than nails.

He strikes at Initiative 5 with up to 16 strength 10 attacks at weapon skill 10. He has 7 attacks on his profile, gains +D6 when charging instead of +1 and thanks the the formation gains a further +D3 if he is outnumbered. While he is not strength D i am sure the sheer number of Strength 10 attacks makes up for it 🙂

He also has a Bloodlash of Khorne which is 12″ range strength 7 Ap3 assault 3, nothing special really, kinda pointless since whatever he charges is going to die anyway but whatever.

Also worth mentioning, he has assault grenades so cover will not help your opponents hide and he can deny the witch on a 2+, so no using Banish or Enfeeble to make him more manageable 🙂

The Bloodthirsters

Bloodthirster Bloodthirster Bloodthirster

In this formation you get to field 8 Bloodthirsters in any combination, my advice is to get as many Bloodthirsters of Insensate Rage as you can afford points wise, I did an in depth analysis of the bloodthirsters here. The exception in this formation is you have no anti-horde, so if you do not plan to bring in another detachment / formation as support you may want to add a couple Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirsters for those flamer attacks.

In my opinion this formation is way too powerful to be used in standard games, especially when combined with other elements like say allying a Chaos Space Marine CAD with 2 Sorcerers and a bunch of cultists, you have sorcerers for cursed earth and cultists for ObSec then Bloodthirsters to wreck stuff up! You could add Be’lakor and throw invisibility on your Bloodthirsters or even An’ggrath… the list goes on. Unless your opponent tailors his army to counter this he will struggle. Thats just my opinion, i would love to hear yours in the comments below or over on my facebook page!

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  • BrotherCaptain

    Unfortunately you have to be very rich indeed to run this formation…

    • Agent OfBolas

      and still, it have crappy performance 🙂

      I wonder when Bols is going to stop convincing us that Khorne in WH40k is … at least medicore army, if not bad. Why waste cash for such ineffective models?

      • Eh, if in an apoc game you can’t find 8 thirsters between your whole gaming group, then yes, it’s unreasonably expensive, but I know at least 4 khorne players at my FLGS who have 2 thirsters. Wouldn’t be a stretch to run the formation, it’s super fluffy

      • Underoath6

        Khorne Daemonkin lives in the precise design space that all GW books need to live in. It’s fluffy as well, and it rewards players for playing to the fluff. It doesnt encourage skews or any kind of spam, and it can be powerful if played properly.

        It’s not that KDK is weak, its that there are other armies that overperform to a hilarious level.

        • kingcobra668

          “any kind of spam”

          ^^8 Bloodthirsters

          Just busting your balls of course. I agree with you.

          • Underoath6

            Well, to be fair, that formation isn’t in the KDK book. 🙂

        • Agent OfBolas

          I can agree about fluff. It’s great.

          But fluff alone can’t win games… unfortunately.

      • Anggul

        Most Khorne is bad, but that’s mainly because Chaos Marines in general are bad.

        Khorne Daemonkin are a strong army, it’s just a shame about most of the marine units.

        • Andrew Thomas

          Try my Fandex. It’s getting to be par with Space Marines, with as few freebies as possible.

      • Dean ‘Sinny’ Sinnbeck

        Agent OfBolas, you just displayed exactly what is wrong with this hobby today. Comments like “why waste cash for such ineffective models” demonstrates the type of bad sport that runs out and buys the most OP unit at the time so they can power game thier way to false sense of superiority that only comes from being a WAAC type of player.

        • Agent OfBolas

          I can’t agree.

          All armies should be on the same “power level”, same as all units within one codex should be playable – only in this case we could focus on fluff part of the game.

  • Some Guard Bloke

    The rich get richer and the poor get orks.

  • Herkamer63

    Coming soon: Tactica: Korner Daemonkin part 75- Dem Fancy Axes

  • Abadon58

    I have 4 only with An’ggrath, Skarbrand, old metal and new plastic would be insane to get another 4 all looking the same

    • Options: borrow 4, convert (a shaggoth with added wings would be cool), buy 3rd party (ultra forge, creature caster if they ever start shipping etch), don’t run formation

      • Abadon58

        I have looked at getting the Ultra Forge one and another from somewhere else that would fit in OK

  • Badtucker

    there is a knight + mechanicum formation if i mind right…. 😀