The emperor’s beard #67: Remember the rules

67 remember the rules

“Home Brew – it’s not just for Rules you know.”

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  • nurglitch

    Cheers! *hic*

  • Superstew

    My brother plays the tie fighter engine fly-by sound effect from his phone ever time he moves his TIEs in X-Wing. We don’t have any house rules about it. He just does it.

    • Victor Hartmann

      If it makes the game more fun, it’s all good

  • Another Biased Opinion

    One of the best things I have ever seen is a friend of mine who has a PhD and is a lecturer and researcher, who has been quoted on the BBC news website, “flying around” a tie fighter going “pew pew pew”.

  • Dave Bacon

    A friend of mine plays 40k Necrons, he plays the Terminator theme every time he moves them.

    Another guy plays Orks and yell Waaaaarghh! every time he moves or charges, before adding “I’m not calling a Waaarghh this turn!”.

    • petrow84

      I’m tempted by the thought of adding an MP3 player into the stand of the thunderfire cannon, and play Prodigy’s Thunder every time I fire it.