Warlord: Japanese SS-Ki engineering vehicle INBOUND!


Warlord Games shows off the latest tool in the Japanese WWII arsenal – The SS-Ki engineering vehicle!

Talk about a “Swiss Army-Knife” in tracked form the SS-Ki engineering vehicle certainly looks like it’s up to the task. This thing “V” is versatile!

via Warlord Games, Gamewire

Reinforce your invasion armies with the latest engineering marvel to roll out of the Imperial Japanese Army’s factories….

Japanese SS-Ki engineering vehicle

The Sōkō Sagyō Ki – also known as the SS-Ki – was a fully tracked engineering vehicle, designed and brought into use in the 1930s in preparation for the Japanese war against the Soviet Union.

It was designed to perform a multitude of engineering tasks to overcome the fortified Soviet positions along the Manchurian border – including trench digging, mine clearance, barbed wire cutting, mass decontamination, chemical weapons employment, use as a crane/recovery vehicle, as a flamethrower tank, and as a bridgelayer – and it was therefor considered by the Imperial Japanese Army to be one of its most versatile multi-function support vehicles.

The SS-KI actually had three flamethrowers (five on the ‘Bo’ variant!) mounted on the hull, each pointing in a different direction!
WGB-JI-117 Japanese SS-KI Engineering Vehicle e



You can use this awesome flame thrower variant in Bolt Action –  the rules for which can be found on page 30 of our recently releases Empires in Flames – the Pacific and Far East Bolt Action supplement.

WGB-JI-117 Japanese SS-KI Engineering Vehicle f

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Add this machine as a Tank choice to your Imperial Japanese Army


Japanese Starter Army

On a related note – if you’re looking for ideas on how to paint up this or other Japanese vehicles from WWII as well as Infantry you can check out Warlord Games Downloadable Painting Guides right now!


These are highly detailed guides and are great sources of inspiration as well as painting tips and tricks from some of the best in the industry. Check them out!

  • Snord

    I think most players would have preferred a plastic kit of one of the more common Japanese tanks.

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