Warmachine: October Mercenary Releases Unboxed

000 River Pirates Cognifex unboxing

Mercenaries go some fun toys this month. I got them to stand still long enough to get these pics.


Pirates? That are also goblins? Where do I sign up? While their packaging says Mercenary these guys are also Minions. I never know how they decide what part of the store wall these guys are going to hang in. They work for more Hordes factions than Warmachine ones. Well, I guess if you count Talion charter as a faction it’s a tie.

001 River Pirates Cognifex unboxing

Unfortunately this pack came with two of the same heads. Oh well. If the same thing should happen to you Privateer has a pretty great parts replacement department They look pretty great though so I don’t plan on requesting the other one.

002 River Pirates Cognifex unboxing

Gobber? More like Boglin. No not Bogrin I’m talking about these things from the eighties. I wonder what ever happened to the ones I had as a kid.

003 River Pirates Cognifex unboxing

You’d think from the hat that this is the guy in charge, but they’re solos. Each one is in charge of himself.

004 River Pirates Cognifex unboxing

A lot of detail for such a small guy.

005 River Pirates Cognifex unboxing

He even has a flask of grog.

006 River Pirates Cognifex unboxing

This guy has some things he’d like to axe you.

007 River Pirates Cognifex unboxing

What are all the little vials for.

008 River Pirates Cognifex unboxing

Must have took an arrow to the knee.

009 River Pirates Cognifex unboxing

Seriously why do all these guys have vials? I even checked their rules to see if it would offer an explanation. Maybe They’re just silk wrapped powder charges for the harpoon gun.


Whereas the River Pirates had kind of a silly feel to them, the Cognifex here is pure sinister evil.

010 River Pirates Cognifex unboxing

Lot of pieces for this kit. Fortunately it’s not as complicated as it seems. All those sharp bits go into the sockets on the torso.

011 River Pirates Cognifex unboxing

The Cognifex’s torso is covered in cool details.

012 River Pirates Cognifex unboxing

The back as well.

013 River Pirates Cognifex unboxing

It’s even worth showing a close-up of the side so you can take it all in.

014 River Pirates Cognifex unboxing

His carapace even has all these cool details that no one will ever see once the model has been assembled.

015 River Pirates Cognifex unboxing

Here are half of Cyphon’s ten arms. The other half are the same.

016 River Pirates Cognifex unboxing

Finally there’s the head. Do Cephalyx bump into doorways a lot or…?

~ Well – this batch of releases provides some reinforcements for two highly restrictive Mercenary Contracts. Both Talion Charter and Puppet masters get something new this month. I know the Cephalyx are still quite popular but are there still any of those rare pirate only players out there who are thrilled over the Gobbers?

  • zeno666

    Cognifex Cyphon is one mean mothertrucker

    • petrow84

      I’m not gonna buy that… “Yessss, you will, for the glory offff the Cephalyx” – One blister Cognifex Cyphon, please.

      • zeno666

        Haha, yeah. Why did I hear that in Cobra Commanders voice?

  • Richard Mitchell

    Agreed, I hate when that guy is on the opposite end of the table.

  • Graham Bartram

    are there still any of those rare pirate only players out there who are thrilled over the Gobbers?
    Damn righty ya landlubbers. Pirates rock!

    • Damon Sherman

      I honestly can’t imagine a whole lot of buzz about the pirates since the Galleon came out. Their army book seemed frustratingly self contained when it came out in MK.1.

      • Graham Bartram

        A pirate force doesn’t offer much sideways shifting into another force that’s for sure. I don’t mind that but I do like a new release from time to time and those Gobbo Sea Dogs look pretty cool.