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Warzone: Resurrection’s mechanics mean that it is easy to play a multi-player game (three or more players at the one time). Let’s get playing!


Warzone: Resurrection- The Prize

While most battles are things that occur between two (not always equal) sides, there are occasions where a battlefield becomes so complex that it nearly descends into a free-for all.

In truth, conflict between multiple sides isn’t too uncommon in a Warzone. Whenever the Dark Legion appears, the corporate forces aren’t always willing to put aside their disputes for the common good, and where something valuable is found, all bets are off.


The Scenario

This mission is a race between four equal forces, all competing to get a hold of The Prize. Feel free to make up what that prize is exactly, but for narrative purposes all four forces are equally motivated to gain possession of it. Maybe it’s a crashed satellite? An artifact of immeasurable power? A cache of money or experimental tech?

Each of the four forces have been dispatched to find and retrieve the prize, whether for personal glory, to keep it out of the hands of others, to use it for nefarious purposes, or just for good old Profit. All are motivated. All are well-equipped. Who will win out?



For this game, you want to have four players available. The scenario will still work with three, but the players that have a gap next to them will benefit and so you may want to give the ‘surrounded’ player a few more points.

As this is a force designed for specific retrieval tasks, you’re more likely to see specialist units. Each player must take one Warlord and one Support unit as compulsory choices. They can take up to an additional two support choices and four troops choices, and up to three Lords.

We would suggest that you keep your points value small (800 or less) for each player, in order to prevent the game from taking too long.



The Setup

For this game, place one objective in the dead centre of the table and mark out the convergence zone. The objective contains The Prize, and all of the various forces want to get to it- ensure that the routes in and out from The Prize can be well guarded, and that the terrain offers ambush opportunities. I would suggest a pocket of terrain (see CTC Magazine issue #2, be set up around the

All four players roll at the same time to determine an initiative order- they then set up in order from highest to lowest rolls. If any players roll the same amount, they will need to roll again to break any ties, with all other players retaining their place in the initiative order.

All forces are to be deployed according to Quarters deployment, with players choosing their corner to deploy in according to the initiative order. Additionally, no model can be deployed within 12” of an enemy model that is already on the table. Once all forces have been set up, Infiltrators can be deployed as per the initiative order, although no model can be placed within the Convergence Zone.

The Prize setup

Playing the Game

Once the game starts, play proceeds in initiative order, with each player activating one squad before play passes to the next player. All opposing models are to be treated as the enemy. If a model shoots into engaged models where there are no friendlies, they will be a little more careless than they would be with friendlies. After rolling a hit against an engaged model, roll again- on a 1-14, you hit the intended target, otherwise you hit another randomly assigned model.

Due to the wariness that all troops feel in such confused situations, all squads have a -2 Leadership penalty but can shoot and engage in their rear facing, and when on Sentry can react to things that occur in their rear facing in the same manner, including making CC attacks.

All four forces want The Prize. This is an object that must be retrieved from its resting place and returned to friendly lines. Any model can pick up The Prize by using 1 AP while in base contact with it. They then have to move the objective back to their own deployment zone to win.

The model can move as normal, and perform all actions they usually can. All CC and RS attacks by the model carrying The Prize receive a -4 penalty, and if they have to take a Con test for climbing they do not receive the +4 modifier.

If the model carrying The Prize receives a stun or wound effect, is targeted by a successful Psychic (D) power, climbs or crosses any piece of light or heavy terrain, the model must take a Con test to hold onto The Prize. If it is failed, place The Prize 1” away in any direction and the model then resolves any further effects from the wound or similar. If the model passes this test but is removed from play for any reason, place The Prize where the model used to be.

Finally, just as no infiltrating units could deploy in the Convergence zone, no unit can RD within that space either. This will have the added benefit of forcing players to think a couple of turns ahead with their movements.


Winning the Game

If any player has a model in possession of The Prize make it back to their own deployment zone, they win the game. If the game ends with Disengage, any player that has The Prize in their possession (currently being carried by one of their models and no enemy models within 12” of it) wins a partial victory.

If you want to add more complexity to the game, feel free to roll for Secondary and Corporate Agenda missions. However, as there is only one objective on the table, they will not need to identify the target. For narrative purposes, maybe The Prize is the best part of the Ammo Dump, and once it is retrieved the rest can be destroyed? Maybe there’s a cache of experimental tech and The Prize is simply the best piece that needs to be evacuated immediately?



Go Get It!

So there you have it. A quick and dirty mission that should erupt into utter chaos. As usual, we would love to hear about anyone playing this scenario. Send us a battle report and some pics!

This article first appeared in Cartel Tactical Centre magazine, issue #4. Have a look at the CTC Magazine archives here, or get a hold of their latest issue here. Also check out their Facebook Page.

What’s your favourite Rapid Deployment tactic? What squad(s) do you use to pull it off? What’s the best outcome you’ve had from Rapid Deployment on the battlefield?

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