40k: Tau Mont’Ka Campaign Latest Pics


There is a new set of images doing the rounds Grimdark fanatics.  Come see the Imperium’s revenge!

via SS (Advanced Tau Tactica) 11-19-2015



Looks like the Imperium is back and looking for payback!




Dethachment, Warlord Traits, Wargear and Objectives for:

  • Farsight Enclaves
  • Cadians

So just as we saw Raven Guard and White Scars get the love, again we will see a campaign slipcover set that basically gives the 40K community 2 mini-codexes.

Then we will get new datasheets for the Baneblade family and things such as The Eight.



Assassins (with new rules) hunting Etherials.  It’s getting serious now.



And the armoured might of the Astra Militarum vs the tech of the Tau. It’s like a sequel to the Taros Campaign.

It looks like if you bought Kauyon, Mont’ka is pretty much a must-buy.  I’m particularly interested in what the Cadian Detachment rules will be.

Weekly GW Releases Roundup

~Will Commander Farsight save the day, or will Aun’Va eat it?

  • Blightstar

    This will be interesting what command benefits Cadian “decurion” (sue me, give me a better term) will hold. It can pretty much be anything from pointlessly bad to free chimeras, preferred enemy, free wargear etc.

    All I hope it will be decent and will generate another working way to field your IG.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      More free men!

      • Spacefrisian

        Nah thats more of a Valhalan thing, send in the next wave….of meatbags.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          That’s an IG thing, sir.

          I do it every day. Millions die under my watch. Millions.

          • Spacefrisian

            Chenkov is proud of you.

    • Drpx

      Better term: Wallet Hoover

    • Byungwook Kim

      How about infantry platoon for free.

      Or like, 2points per meat shield.

    • Detachment. It’s not that freakin’ hard. Your subpoena is in the mail.

    • georgelabour

      it’ll probably give select units stubborn, maybe a few free command squad upgrades, and a likely boost to orders.

      Considering the Eldar and Tau ones both gave bonuses to certain special rules I’m willing to bet that’s what we’ll see here.

      Now we may also see a mechanized formation in a new codex sometime that does give free transports, but who knows.

  • Yellow Sigmarine

    …I might have to buy this bloody book.

  • Crablezworth

    If there is anything this game needs more of, it’s free units and abilities. Because reasons.

    • euansmith

      For this is the Age of Emprah!

    • ZeeLobby

      It’s just crazy that they can’t see what they’re doing…

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        They see perfectly well what they are doing.

        Which is why we will get a power creep re-set at some point in the future.

        • ZeeLobby

          Of course. I just can’t understand why they don’t see that it’s driving people away from their game, as their continually dropping profits indicates…

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            We don’t really know what is driving buyers away.

            I know locally lots and lots of people still play 40k on a regular basis.

            The difference between today and, say, 2010, is that people are much more comfortable buying stuff on eBay. Why pay for new models when you can get used models for cheap?

            I also think GW has fully abandoned the competitive scene, which has alienated a lot of the customer base, especially in the US where everything is more competitively oriented.

            The wargaming market has also grown substantially over the past five years, to the point where other games are regularly talked about and played to a degree we have not seen in a long, long time. The diversity of games has hurt GW because they are no longer the only company in town.

            People have simply taken their money elsewhere. It doesn’t even have to be people wholly quitting 40k necessarily, it could just be people spreading their limited budgets over multiple companies, which means GW sees a drastically reduce percentage of the market.

            I don’t actually believe formations are the problem. I really like them, most people I play with also like them. The people who really dislike them are competitive players (who want a simpler, more manageable system) and people who play armies with old/outdated codexes who lack awesome formations.

          • ZeeLobby

            All formations do is break competition, and tempt players to buy more. As a “fun” player why do you need formations at all? If you don’t care about power levels in the game just play unbound. If you really want, just say all rhinos are free? Doesn’t sound fun? Well that’s cause even fun players like the idea that they can win any battle. Formations, and total disregard if rules, ruins the game for fun and competitive players alike, so that you can take a combination of units easily available in unbound…

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            It is silly to assume non-competitive players do not like to follow the rules and use all of the options presented to them. In fact unbound is often times anathema to the way non-competitive players play (because the perception is that the people who enjoy playing unbound are most often the ultra competitive players who like to take the most broken combinations available).

            In fact, I think it is more silly for competitive players to not ban formations. High end tournaments are already creating their own FAQ’s and changing lots of other rules, why not just ban formations? While they’re at it – why not ban Allies, Super Heavies and Gargantuan Creatures too? At that point the game is basically back to what it was in 5th edition. The only real difference would be that fliers have their own rules rather than using the skimmer rules.

            Isn’t that what competitive people really want – an end to the zaniness and a return to regularity?

  • euansmith

    I like in the fluff piece were is says that the Imperium has but one thought in mind: vengeance! That really encapsulates the grim darkness off 40k.

    • Spacefrisian

      There other motto is most likely “why change a winning formula”.

      • JamesD

        That or “Hate everything that’s not you, and even those guys you should burn just in case”.

  • ChubToad

    I’m trying to think of one reason why I should not get the Special Edition Mont’ka. So far I find none.

  • georgelabour

    So this book is going to include (updated?) rules for the baneblade line of tanks? That would seem to indicate they’re phasing out escalation entirely, and that perhaps the Astra Militarum will not be getting as extensive an update to their codex as some.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      They just need some points re-jiggering, a new unit or two and some formations.

      • georgelabour

        I doubt we’ll see new units except maybe as variants of existing models. E.G: Drop sentinels being sentinels upgraded to have deep strike.

        Also I’m not sure how low the baneblade should get points wise. if you make it as cheap as a wraithknight then it’d become very problematic. Especially if it gets to be put into squadrons as the rumors have claimed.

  • Drpx

    Tau want a Warp drive? It’s a wonder Chaos don’t just give them several and say, “go nuts.”

    • Keaton

      No please. No warp drives. All the pyskers in the world aren’t worth having to discover that nurglings are a thing that exist. 🙁

  • Byungwook Kim

    But seriously.. If I was in charge, I would simply send kill-ships to tau homeworld.

    And wipe that tiny pixel in the star map out of existence.

    • But Tau are TACTICAL GENIUS with BEST TECHNOLOGY IN EVER. Warp drives don’t work in Tau space because Tau plot armor. The Imperium has never fought a fire-and-maneuver opponent with superior technology before (cough Eldar cough) because Tau plot armor. Space Marines are as bad as Guardsmen because Tau plot armor. Tau are inventing things humans invented millennia ago in-game but they’re all better and fresh and amazing because Tau plot armor. I’ve always loved 40K for the grimdark, and these last five years are doing everything they can to drive me away from the game.

      • georgelabour

        I’m afraid I couldn’t find a useful argument due to all the hyperbole masking any valid critique.

      • Keaton

        Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has more plot armor than space marines. How many dozens of bolter porn books exist? Kauyon states explicitly that billions of Tau died. This books states that Farsight, Shadowsun, or Aun’Va will die.

        The imperium stopped inventing things. Thats the whole point. They linger on, trudging through the centuries leaderless and hopeless. Thats the grim dark. The grim dark with Tau is that they’re on the exact same path, and that they have no idea the myriad of horrors this universe has to offer. That, and the subjugation of individuality and all.

        • BloodPact

          No, I don’t think you’re right on the billion remark.

          I believe the only time billion(s) is mentioned is in reference to the overall size of the army Shadowsun leads.

          A million Fire Warriors were killed when the Raven Guard and White Scars turned on the planetary lightning switch during Kauyon though.

          • Keaton

            Nope, it’s definitely a billion. It’s on one of the very last pages, talking about skeptics of the war effort, noting that the casualties were likely in the billions. “…that under the triumphant claims was buried a death toll that likely spiraled into the billions.” (P.101)

            I was surprised too.

          • BloodPact

            Ah, yes I remember that now. I stand corrected.

        • TheSilverPrince

          No, no one has more plot armor than Tau. Space marines die and they lose. When do the Tau lose? Even the Necrons a race who’s technology is beyond anything the Tau could conceive have lost. Farsight had earth caste scientists create a biotoxin that insta wiped a a splinter hive fleet of tyranids despite tyranids fluff saying that poisoning tyranids is impossible. Then the Tau defeated another fleet by Out evolving the Tyranids which you know beats the advantage that the Tyranids have…The terror of the Tyranids is they evolve to defeat you but don’t worry Tau… You out evolve them so the Tyranids are no threat to you.

          Also their style of war is not fluid. In fact it is incredibly rigid and completely unrealistic. You cannot fight by constantly running away because you create angles and give up ground that puts you into serious disadvantage. Fighting through space is a logistical strategy where you are attempting to force your opponent to over extend their supply lines, however since the Tau do not use indirect artillery and instead use LOS based weapons any enemy commander would start to control the taus movement until they were cornered and destroyed.

          • Byungwook Kim

            BIo…genetic…evolution… toxin… That was the most disturbing part in tau history.

          • Keaton

            Damocles crusade ring a bell? The very first thing Tau do is lose in the fluff, and lose badly. All of that is riddled with errors but I’ve seen you trolling around on here before and don’t think I have the energy to endure that crap. If you hate Tau, that’s fine. But Tau are just people who die. Their only advantages are their tech and their tactics. There is not bigger Mary Sue than the idea of a space marine. I’ll just leave it at that.

          • TheSilverPrince

            Bull, you blind Tau fanboy. The Tau are the ultimate Mary Sue. You dismissing and completely ignoring that they have robbed factions completely of their advantages is shameful. The Tyranids the ultimate Biological terror, a race that evolves to defeat its foe finds itself unable to deal with the Tau who out evolve their tech. They out evolved the Tyranids. Yeah that is a Mary Sue. How many worlds did the Imperium lose? How much did the Eldar lose trying to fight off the Tyranids? An Entire major craft world completely reduced to a shell of itself The Tau? Utterly annihilated the Tyranids.

            Lets see, you can only bring up the Damocles Crusade which was the only balanced time for them and even then the Imperium was completely and totally out of character. The Tau fleet is still inferior to every race and the Imperium did not exterminatus Dalyth because.. a race of super xenophobic, genocidal, and ruthless people decided to overrule individuals who’s authority outstripped everyone in the engagement and not subject the Tau planet to exterminatus.

            A Mary Sue is a character without flaws, who does not struggle, and always has the answer to the question posed. How are the Space Marines a Mary Sue when entire chapters have been wiped out? How Armageddon alone saw one chapter completely annihilated and multiple chapters completely on the brink of annihilation or crippled for the next couple of hundred years? Where is the Tau’s moment of crisis where they meet a foe with which they are terrified of or cannot beat? So far they are facing down the Imperium Toe to Toe like they have everyone and they are winning unscathed.

            Hell, in Kauyon it literally states that when the Imperial Guard landed on Prefectia they were absolutely 100% worthless as the Tau just avoided them with ease. That is a Mary Sue. The Tau are the ultimate mary sue who rely on a Deus Ex Machina and it is why most people do not like them.

          • Keaton

            The imperium is ravaged to its core, the emperor dies, and what changes? Do they lose any ground? Over 10,000 years, does anything ever seriously threaten them? They lose a company here, a world there. Gene seed is retaken and more space marines are made. They retake them in time. 3 times Armageddon has been assaulted. ANGRON was there for god’s sake. 3 times its defended. All the black crusades, fruitless. The only reason Tyranids beat up on Macragge is so the king smurf can get sown back together and fight the swarmlord and win this time, like a mighty ducks sequal. There plenty of chaos players who I’m sure would support the notion that the deus ex machina is much stronger with loyalists than anyone else.

            Look at Space Marines themselves. Genetically modified super soldiers. Immune to fear. Legendary warriors without equal. The force that took over the universe. Redundant organs. Fused ribs to form a wall of bone. Does that move the needle for you? Does that sound like a group of people with desires and fears and worries that make up interesting characters? No. They are the definition of Mary Sues. They are perfect.

            Tau are so inherently imperfect, which is why they’re so great. They’re just people, without the warp, without the emperor, without anything except belief in each other and their technology.

            Each faction you mention is in the same boat. The Tyranids never attack the Tau in force, thats why the loses are so much smaller.Why would Tyranids be immune to a poison? Immune to the same poison twice, sure. But theres no reason for them to be “immune to poison.”

            Tau NEED some victories so that they’re a big enough player to fail. That’s what all of this is setting up. Failure in the early days of their lore would have just meant the faction is eradicated and the planet seeded. And these victories are clearly not the imperium bringing their full might to bear. The Tau navy still desperate avoids the Imperial navy. They steal fear and always get owned by “mind science.”

            Finally, it never says that in Kauyon. They are there to cover the Space Marine retreat but the Raven Guard decide to get all fiesty and bring the knights and what not. Tau lore began with being bloodied by the imperium, and this book will see it happen again.

          • TheSilverPrince

            So your entire argument is that the Imperium able to retake ground is a mary sue? Yeah you have no argument. You are completely blind fanboy.

            “Look at Space Marines themselves. Genetically modified super soldiers. Immune to fear. Legendary warriors without equal. The force that took over the universe. Redundant organs. Fused ribs to form a wall of bone. Does that move the needle for you? Does that sound like a group of people with desires and fears and worries that make up interesting characters? No. They are the definition of Mary Sues. They are perfect.”

            Really? so they do not lose, right? Mary Sues do not lose. Saying that being a super soldier makes you a mary sue means you have no idea what a Mary Sue is. If They were Mary Sues they wouldn’t fall to chaos as a Perfect being cannot be corrupted. How does a Mary Sue become corrupted? The Very concept of a Mary Sue blows your entire argument away.

            The Tau being individually weak does not invalidate that they are a Mary Sue. Mary sue has no grounds on their physical weaknesses in the context of this argument Mary Sue applies to thier collective actions and their collective victories and defeat. They as a collective have not faltered against ANYONE. They have beaten everyone.

            You using the Damocles is laughable because what you are essentially saying is the Imperium cannot have back and forth wars and any of their victories is a mary sue. Invalidating the concept of Mary sue. However the Tau are completely given a pass because heck they lost their first fight with the Imperium…. Now they have won against every opponent with contemptuous ease and you are trying to justify it.

          • Keaton

            You’re just flat wrong.

            “…they have won against every opponent with contemptuous ease” is just not true. They lose billions in Prefectia, they just manage to take the planet.

            And again, Mary Sues do lose, but only to set up their eventually victory being all the more meaningful. Like Goku. Space Marines never lose, its just takes them some time to “find the will.”

            No sense in arguing if you’re just going to cling to things that are objectively false. Sorry to get you so riled up.

          • Deadlysin

            not to mention the imperium has literally won EVERY major engagement in the galaxy…..

          • TheSilverPrince

            And? They have won every major engagement against forces that statistically have no hopes of winning a war against them. I mean if most of the worlds of the Imperium are supposed to be over populated, they have over a million worlds, and trillions upon trillions upon trillions of human beings. Their military might would be at such that if they didn’t have inner rebellions, heretics, and daemons to deal with no faction in the entire lore would have any glimmer of hope of defeating them in a one front war.

            Even the core rules book states that which is the funny part.

          • TheSilverPrince


            The one objectively false is you. Your only argument is a “Nu-uh” defense and completely and totally ignoring the total evidence to the Mary Sue factor of the tau.

            The Tau lost billions in which they calculated and were aware of the losses. In fact, Shadowsun even says the only commander that took losses that were beyond what he shouldn’t have was Commander Swiftflame, page 72, who took more losses than expected to complete his mission.

            Under the criteria of Mary Sue, the Tau had every answer to every question that was posed to them. They even developed a battlesuit capable of doing an Up up and away and flew from Prefectia into orbit and land on an Imperial Battleship to where he ease dropped on Imperial plans. SO yes under the criteria the Tau are a Mary SUe.

          • Keaton

            Were they a Mary Sue on Voltaris? Or does that part of the fluff not matter because it doesn’t fit your narrative?

            Relax man. I’m done talking about it. You don’t agree, that’s fine.

          • TheSilverPrince

            DId Voltaris have any effect on them? No. They lost via crushing defeat and completely and totally brushed it off and came back in greater numbers. So it was really just a battle written to ensure they couldn’t take the home world of a House Terryn.

            Did it halt the Tau? No because they then came back in greater force and took the undefended world of Prefectia and turned it into the perfect trap where everything they planned worked in their favor. They even held back their stormsurges as they were waiting for the Imperial Knights to land. They somehow knew that Corvin Severax was hunting Shadowsun despite the fact that he unlike the Khan stayed in the shadows. How did they know he was coming? Never explained. Kosarro was hunting her.. out in the open and everything. Corvin Severax hunting Shadowsun? Did not get brought up until the setup before Doom of Heroes.

            Now they have to kill off Tau characters because GW faces alienating the player bases that is the bulk of their buyer base.

          • Keaton

            And what imperial defeat has had a lasting impact on them? Your logic eats itself.

          • TheSilverPrince

            The imperium is an empire of over a million worlds. The issue of the Imperium is not what enemy can inflict a killing blow but how long can it endure ever greater conflict that is slowly eating at it. Two of the most devastating wars was the Gothic Wars that saw Abaddon take the Black Stone Fortresses and the World Engine.

            Curious, how is an Empire of over million worlds supposed to react when it loses a major engagement? I mean i understand Logistics and you do not it seems but i cannot fathom a loss of a single world or hundreds of worlds would cause an empire that large to be crippled. Can you please explain what battle did the imperium lose that would logically cause their empire to just collapse within itself?

            I mean really, explain to me how an empire of over a million worlds is supposed to be slowed down by the loss of a subsector in a small sector in one of many many many sectors within one of five Segmentums. The only two forces in the Imperium that are true rivals is the forces of chaos and the Necrons.

          • georgelabour

            Istvan IV? 😛

          • Keaton

            Too soon!

          • Keaton

            Also, not relevant but curious: PLEASE tell me TheSilverPrince is a reference to Draigo, aka the slaaneesh slave?

          • TheSilverPrince

            It is a reference to Exalted.

          • georgelabour

            Actually space battlesuits were introduced in the the deathwatch RPG years before Kauyon was written…..

            And the tech dependent race developing technological solutions isn’t exactly abnormal. Unless you think the tyrannids evolving a new weapon beast is similiarly ‘mary sue’ material.

          • TheSilverPrince

            And those space battle suits were only used in space. Did the Coldstar not just super man launched into orbit? Yes. Past question. How did it feel to see your entire argument destroyed the minute i posted up exterminatus quotes from the space marine dex? You shut up really quick once you were proven wrong.

            Also, the idea that the Tau can out evolve their tech faster than the Tyranids evolve is a Mary Sue. You are literally saying the Tau countering the major factor that makes the Tyranids such a threat is rather funny. A technologically adept race who’s tech when found wanting just gets made better to trump all the advantages of the antagonists is a text book mary sue. The “always has answered to every question” is the definition of mary sue and is also a Deus Ex Machina.

            I understand that playing the Tau for 20+ years has made you a liar for your faction but come on. The Necrons are the epitome of technological supremacy and look at what the Tyranids did to part of The Travelers forces in Shield of Baal. It took a transcended C’tan to save the day.

          • georgelabour

            1) They actually were mentioned as what the Tau used in space warfare, and boarding actions. Specifically they were mentioned in regards to space hulks, and as escorts for diplomats onto Imperial vessels.

            2) There is no mention as to how the coldstar got into orbit. Only that he had made a long lonely journey, and used bulk landers for cover. page 50 of War Zone Damocles: Kayon, first paragraph.

            As such it’s safe to assume he either intercepted one during launch and locked himself to it, or that the anti-gravity portion of the Coldstar suit allows gradual orbital ascencion. Again, the specifics are not required except by lazy or purposefully obtuse readers.

            3) If by destruction you mean you posted a direct book quote that said exactly what I had said about the rarity and severity of Exterminatus..then yes you definitely did that and won with allll the points you can get.

            4) Look up Samuel Clemens quotes sometimes.

          • TheSilverPrince

            1.) Is just worthless talk about something that isn’t in contention.

            2.) He flew from the ground to the orbital fleet. Your conjecture again is just your fanfiction.

            3.) It must be an amazing feat to actually just dismiss everything that proves you wrong. How does this


            The Alpha Legion whip the populace of Krandor into open rebellion. A combined force of Imperial Fists, Fire Lords and Revilers are despatched to deal with the threat. Finding the world beyond redemption, they extract vital relics before subjecting Krandor to Exterminatus.”

            Support your argument? 3 Chapters cannot take a planet that falls to the Alpha Legion and exterminatus is. Prefectia falls to the Tau and 8 chapters cannot take the planet and it doesn’t warrant exterminatus? Yeah you are just a contrarian fool that refuses to admit he is wrong. That is why you shut up because only now can you claim in someway a victory because you hope no one can go back and read how flawed your argument was.

            4.) I would suggest you read Samuel Clemens but much like the people who spout off about Nietzsche but never realize that his philosophy is actually in opposition to their beliefs. You are a prime example that ignores and dismisses everything that goes against your view point and you attempt to always change the goals in hopes that no one notices how hopeless ignorant you are.

          • georgelabour

            4) I think you’re missing the point. Again, go look up one of his most famous quotes about arguing.

          • TheSilverPrince

            No, I know his quotes and your attempt to use him to make you feel morally superior and intellectually superior actual shows that you are even more of an idiot. People who cite others in an attempt to show off their intellect actually show off their boorish personalities that lack the wit and critical thought to actually come up with any comments of substance.

            It may work well in hipster circles and in little groups who think parading around a writer’s quotes showcases their mental acumen, but to anyone who bother paying attention in a psychology class knows, its actually a sign of a mind that doubts its own intellect.

          • Djbz

            They lost against the Dark Eldar.
            The planet of Rubikon had it’s entire population killed/dragged off.

            And they didn’t out-evolve the Tyranids they were having major trouble keeping pace with the Tyranid adaptions and were saved by the Imperial Guard showing up, which made the hive fleet unable to adapt as both forces weapons and tactics were too different.

          • georgelabour

            it’s also worth noting the tyrannids they’ve fought haven’t been as massive a force as the ones the Imperium has dealt with.

            They’ve been tendrils or splinter fleets rather than the full on invasions that did in the ‘you know whos’ , and did such a job on Macragge and Iyanden.

          • georgelabour

            Just a quick warning. Silver Prince is one of those guys who discards any canon, facts, or other information he can’t interpret to ‘win’ an argument.

            And when that doesn’t work he resorts to personal insults.

            So you might want to quite while you’re ahead.

          • Keaton

            Haha. I told myself that at the start and then I failed really hard =(

          • georgelabour

            They lose in the Ciaphas Cain novels. A lot. .

            Also..the novel title fire caste technically counts as a loss. And it’s named after the tau’s warrior caste…

            They also lost the final battle in the apocalypse war zone damocles book which leads into the events that take place in Kauyon.

      • Just_Me77

        I’ve always felt it was much more a matter of the fact that Imperium couldn’t be bothered with REALLY committing against the Tau. They are a strategic joke on the galactic scene, so for decades every campaign against them has been fought on a shoestring while they’re simultaneously fighting MASSIVE engagements against the Tyranids, Orks, and Chaos incursions. This was really illustrated in the Taros campaign lead-in where the greatest challenge from the start was scraping up enough resources to launch the punitive expedition and convincing the powers that be that is was worth doing at all. In short, the Tau have benefited greatly from being overlooked.

        • Keaton

          Definitely true, at least until lately. Everything suggests that they aren’t being ignored anymore which is bad news for Tau.

        • happy_inquisitor

          I have always thought the Imperium had long since lost the ability to really commit against anything. It has lost the ability to function as a whole – the Tau will develop myriad new technologies while some administrator sits on the paperwork for a few centuries.

          Or some sub-administrator will fail to sign the paper that supplies the bullets for the trillion guns carried by the trillion soldiers and they will accidentally be sent to entirely the wrong planet.

    • georgelabour

      And your decades old sci-fi war game setting is super popular right?

      Not to mention inspiring dozens of books, short stories, movies, video games, and multiple miniatures games…

      • Byungwook Kim

        Kauyon bothered me.. Tau was portrayed too powerful. Killing that (whatever his name) chapter master like he was a sick chicken.

        Fluffwise, chapter masters should be on par with TIATANS

        I hate Tau and Tau only. They don’t fit in 40k universe.

        • Keaton

          …why should Chapter Masters be on pat with Titans? People dying moves the story along. That’s what we all want. That’s fine to hate Tau, but don’t complain that Tau are too powerful and then say chapter masters should be titans. That’s some fanboy nonsense.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          It wasn’t that the Tau killed the Raven Guard Chapter Master. I can believe that. What I didn’t like was how he was portrayed as a Khorne Berserker rather than a Raven Guard. He went in guns blazing, then started patting himself on the back for killing Shadowsun.

          This is the Chapter Master of the Ninja Marines. He knows how to infiltrate. He knows not to gloat over a corpse while in enemy territory. He knows what an obvious trap looks like.

          • Deadlysin

            you forget that this takes place after countless months of chasing shadows and constant raids by shadowsun. both commanders literally became obsessed with hunting shadowsun. Last time I checked space marines were still susceptible to human emotions. theres a reason why they say rage can blind you.

          • TheSilverPrince

            The thing is for the Raven Guard the war was going exactly as they planned. Corvin and his Raven Guard weren’t exhausted from the struggle as everything was going their way. In fact, Corvin’s death completely was out of his character and all of Prefectia was out of character. In Warzone Damocles it notes that Corvin Severax takes control of all Imperial forces, that included White Scars. However, this man who in Warzone Damocles united all under his banner goes “Hey guys lets all fight as completely independent forces that aren’t supporting one another in the slightest… This is a great idea that doesn’t completely run contrary to the lessons we learned on Voltoris and Agrellan.”.

          • Deadlysin

            I think it was more of a matter of the white scars not wanting to work together. Both chapters suffered immense casualties and humiliating defeats. One constant thing about space marines is they have a fierce sense of pride and honor, both concepts that are for more or less quite foreign to tau. desite being secretive, even the Eldar will usually step up when an astartes calls them out. The tau on the other hand would rather just shoot the shiny guy with the big helmet who stepped out of the battle line.

          • TheSilverPrince

            Right, but that wasn’t the problem. the White Scars completely worked with the Raven Guard on Voltoris in which they inflicted a crushing defeat on Shadowsun’s numerically superior force.

            There was no reason that the Raven Guard and eight chapters of Space Marines would not work together just because the White Scars for some reason become belligerent. One Chapter’s Strike force lead by the 3rd Battle Company Captain deciding to do there own thing doesn’t make a convincing argument to why the other seven couldn’t work together.

          • Deadlysin

            I’ll be honest i can’t argue with you over the other chapters involved as I can’t seen to find a single shred of fluff in the book that mentions them more than a sentence or two. The book makes it feel like its just those two chapters fighting the war. With that being said, I think thats more of a failure to on the writers part to include the other chapters in the book rather than an inherent problem with the fluff itself.

          • TheSilverPrince

            Look the problem isn’t that space marines lossed. The battle of Armageddon proves the weakness of the Space Marine chapter setup. The War of Armageddon shows that the war was as much an Astra Militarum victory as much as it was a Space Marine victory. Read Helsreach.

  • Keaton

    Hopefully this book will help extinguish some of this Tau aggro that’s running rampant. Sounds like the imperium is coming in force and at least 1 major Tau character dies so, fingers crossed.

    • Deadlysin

      calling it right now. space pope dies. farsight is way too integral of a charactor in tau lore, and shadowsun has a vendetta against farsight, so i doubt shell die before that gets resolved. furthermore aun’va in all of his fluff has been built up as a villian. Just seems the most logical choice. his assassination would be a major deathblow to the tau, so much that it would probably halt their third phase expansion and buy the imperium some much needed time to reinforce their battle lines

      • Keaton

        Yeah, I’d be shocked if it were anyone else.

      • happy_inquisitor

        Well I get the feeling that Aun’Va is the only one expansionist enough to drive the war. If he dies the two Fire Caste commanders are probably quite happy to sit tight and wait to see if those sleazy Water Caste dudes can just seduce more planets over in their own good time.