Age of Sigmar Battle Report – Raze to the Ground


In this episode we bring out the Overlord Bastion and Skull Keep in the battleplan “Raze to the ground” from the Dreadhold Battletome.

The might of Sigmar besiege the Chaos stronghold in an effort to lay waste to their fortifications, Join us to find out if they will succeed!


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What do you think of the Dreadhold?

  • zeno666

    I think I’ll go back to watching paint dry

    • Monnster

      Wow, clever dude. Let me see if I can put together what you are throwing down… You don’t like Age of Sigmar. You don’t like other people liking Age of Sigmar. You don’t appreciate all the effort these gentlemen put into creating beautifully painted miniatures and scenery, nor do you much care for their well filmed, high quality, battle reports.
      Also maybe you need a hug?
      I’m sorry your life has devolved into clicking on articles about a game you don’t like and trying to make people feel bad. Maybe you should just feel bad?

      • zeno666

        Well Dr Phil, you are correct on some parts.
        I think AoS is a slap on the face for Fantasy-players. So no, I’m not too fond of it.
        The video did have those bland miniatures and scenery from AoS, but they where nicely painted which is actually the reason why I bothered to watch the battle report.
        But I started to skip through it because I did find the gameplay very, very boring.
        The second half was sigmarines punching a wall, the camera was fixed and people where rolling dice.

        So you can tell your friends which part I did find very boring, or perhaps you don’t need to because you’re one of the creators of the video yourself?
        Because you seem to care way to much about it.
        Either that or you’re taking yourself way too seriously.

        • Jared Swenson

          The problem is your comment contributed absolutely nothing. It benefits not the wargaming community. It was only meant to troll. You’re just an internet troll. Plain as that. Some of us are getting pretty tired of it. Nobody is asking you to like AoS, only that you keep your hating to yourself.

          • Agent OfBolas

            since when you can post only positive opinions?

            Guy did not like the report, he wrote about it… where is the issue? What’s more, instead of pure “hate” he used quite funny sentence.

            Be tolerant.

          • Razerfree

            He’s right on at least one part though, the minis are gorgeous. Unfortunately the game is anything but. And attacking walls isn’t exactly exciting either. So basically you could say I just came to see the miniatures.

          • zeno666

            Stop putting words in my mouth.
            I don’t hate AoS, but I do find it amusingly silly.
            There are a lot of good things about the game, the main one beeing the surge of new players starting with Warmachine and other games. Players that finally decided that enough is enough.

            Don’t you worry, I got four siblins, I can keep this up forever 😉

          • Gridloc

            He did contribute, it was a response to an article.. He watched the video and left his comment. If you don’t like the comment why did you respond? wouldn’t that be the same thing he did? See something, and write your opinion even if not contributing to his point? I get the AoS crowd is tired of the negativity, but its like if someone doesn’t like it, the AoS fanboys are still attacking those people.

  • euansmith

    Those are nicely painted and minis, and Fat Elvis looks really spectacular there with his super-white wings.

    The Deardhold terrain chunks are pretty massive. I didn’t realise they were that huge. I guess explains the price.