Age of Sigmar Battle Report – Skaven vs Stormcast


Skreech Verminking takes on the Celestant Prime in this struggle to prevent the Stormcasts from getting through using the ‘Breakthrough’ Battleplan.

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What do you think of the army balance?

  • Zingbaby

    C’mon rats! …I love your battle reports guys.

  • Xodis

    Love it guys! Curious how you guys keep having fun when AoS is supposed to be so bad? lmao

  • dodicula

    AoS still sucks even if you put it in bold shiny letters

    • standardleft

      hush now

    • Markus Beckers

      You didn’t try it yet i suppose.

      • dodicula

        i read the rules and scrolls thoroughly and decided not to waste my limited gaming time. In the end the number of things to try is infinite and “you haven’t tried it” is ultimately a pretty lame arguement when defending the quality of something. I havent tried driving an 18 wheeler to work but i can still pretty much tell my car is a better option. I havent tried living in the tunnels beneath sf but i am pretty i prefer my house….

        • dodicula

          if i have any regrets its the opposite of what youd expect which is that i wasted my time reading the rules and scrolls

  • Raph84

    Love these battle reports. Tabletop is half of what taught me how to use my eternals.

  • It’s surprising how you use few units for Skavens.
    I’m enjoying all your batreps.