Battlegroups of Legend: Cyphon is here!

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In today’s Battlegroups of Legend: Cyphon is here! Get ready Cephalyx fans!

Cyphon is the 2nd in line of the cephalyx warcasters.  While Thexus is very board control oriented, Cyphon  gives some of that armor skew and hard hitting power to the monstrosities.  He wants to take advantage of monstrosities with his feat.

The Armylist

Here is a 35 point Cyphon list can really cause some pain!


-Wrecker 7

-Wrecker 7

-Wrecker 7

Mind Slaver  + 5 Drudges 4

Mind Bender + 9 Drudges 6

Mind Bender + 9 Drudges 6

Agitator 2

Using the Army

Wreckers get the most out of his feat because they have Reach with 2 hard hitting attacks.  Cyphon needs a decent amount of Drudges if he wants extra range on his spells.  The main idea is to get the Wreckers onto anything that needs armor cracking.  Cyphon can use his spells and the Mind benders can use their spells to clear any infantry.  Shooting is a little bit of an issue for this list.  In contrast, Thexus is more prepared to handle shooting with deceleration.


What do you think BOLS?  Have you had Cyphon with a feat enhanced wrecker wreck your day?  Please tell us in your comments below?

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    I really like the look of this model.