BREAKING: New 40K Minis & A Heresy Price Hike?


My, it’s busy out there Grimdark fans.  Take a look at the latest product and pricing doing the rounds and the secrets it holds.

image via Sepulcre of Heroes 11-11-2015


This is clearly a page from Warhammer Visions, look at the lower right corner.

New Minis

We get confirmation of the 4 assassins coming in clampack form at long last – 6 months after the Execution Force boardgame hit the shelves.

Each Assassin clocks in at $32 

Then we get the fantastic Blood Angel Chaplain arriving at $33

Blood Angels Terminator Captain at $33

Then the interesting one, something called Astra Militarum Leman Russ Tech-Command for $75 “2 miniatures – add a scion of mars to your collection with this tank and the Tech-Priest??”

A Horus Heresy Price Rise?

Take a look at those prices listed for Betrayal at Calth:

UK: £115 as opposed to the current GW webstore price of £95

USA: $185 as opposed to the current GW webstore price of $150

Europe: 150 € as opposed to the current GW webstore price of 125 €


~ It might be a typo or out of date information as the magazine was going to press – or maybe something else entirely…


UPDATE: Robomummy in the comments reports the prices in the magazine were the original prices before GW decided to bring them down to the current and correct webstore prices.  WHEW!  Put down the torches folks.


  • Spacefrisian

    A pricehike…thats not realy news i think.

    • It is when the box is still in preorder!

    • vlad78

      No, but still ludicrous.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      if it isn’t a misprint, well I won’t be buying one at this price. Everyone who missed out on the initial run will feel very aggrieved, well done GW, you’ve found a new way to annoy your customers!

      • Mike Linke

        “Aggrieved.” The sense of entitlement sometimes shocks me.

        • euansmith

          Yeah, I know, “Aggrieved”; some people just aren’t entitled enough for my liking… I am incandescent, vexed… I wax wrath…

        • An_Enemy

          Expecting a company to not raise its prices $35 in the span of one week before said product even ships is entitlement? You’re a ridiculous human being.

          • euansmith

            Had GW said it was a reduced price for the pre-order (as many companies do) this would perhaps have rankled less with potential customers. If they planned to sell at a higher price, then they seem to have missed a trick with the pre-order. I guess we will see how it all shakes out.

        • Gridloc

          Mike these are the reasons people are leaving 40k. The company pulls things like this, then its fanboys come on here and tell people its their fault for being upset….

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          its not entitlement, its a sense of fair play. I run a small business, if you came to my shop and said I really like that doohicky, I’ve been looking for one for years, and knowing that I decided I would put the price up 20% immediately even though it says a lower price on the label, you would have every right to feel p1ssed off!

  • I hope it is a typo, but my guess is that it will change on release because preorders did better than even they thought they would (especially coming off of AoS). And with the holidays approaching… Sure they have never done a different preorder from release price, but Mr. Rountree has shown he is willing to do things a little differently already.

    • somewhatdamaged

      my guess is it’s a mistake. a similar thing happened to one of the lizardmen dinos when it first got released and they used the original release price. The issue is that Visions gets completed before the actual release so the price was probably changed after the printing was done.

      • let us hope so. I wouldn’t put it past GW either way though (price gouging vs incompetence?). I imagine this had a price in mind for far longer than the repacked lizards though.

        • somewhatdamaged

          Nah it was for the original lizard release a couple years ago, not the repack ones. From memory it was the bastiladon that was listed with 2 prices when it first came out

          • Ah. Well, it is a pretty big mistake this time if it is a mistake. This is a HUGE release

  • brainbugga

    Is the Terminator Captain the same as from the Shield of Baal Box?

    • Yes. It is Karlean. Models match and the description is “Master of the First”

      • kaptinscuzgob

        neat, hopefully Grukk and Stormgaze get released too

        • Chris. K Cook

          And the Non Poxy Broodlord.

      • amaximus167

        Wait, so the limited edition, can only get them during this release models are going to start getting regular releases? Excellent.

  • Pointed Stick

    ooh, new leman russ, I am all over that.

    • From pictures it looks to be a standard Leman Russ with the Apocalypse command sprue, a new Engineseer and a new officer for the turret.

  • SundaySilence

    How much for the assassins!? Damn that’s steep.

    • vlad78

      Will someone really pay that much?

      • DeadlyYellow

        Someone will. Personally, new poses do little to justify doubling the price.

      • Bill

        Yes, and that’s the problem. A product is worth what the market will pay for it. As long as people continue to pay, GW will continue its pricing policies. The biggest surprise here is that people are still surprised by GW’s pricing philosophy.

        • dodicula

          Or that they are paying when there are so many better alternatives

      • dodicula

        Someone will, someone else will switch to KOW, Malifaux, Armada, Warpath, X-Wing, DZC or any other of a dozen better and cheaper games. And hence the falling revenue of GW

    • euansmith

      I work cheaper… I can’t guarantee results… but I do supply my own cloak, mask and stiletto…

      • Dennis J. Pechavar

        Also whips and chains but that’s not work it’s more of a hobby for the weekend…

        • euansmith

          I’m a professional… but not that sort of professional…

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            So modest.

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      How much for the mechanicus HQ? This is why I can’t afford to dip into armies I don’t play and just want to paint a random model. $36 for a single model is tough to splurge on.

  • An_Enemy

    You guys just don’t understand how much their costs have risen in the span of a week. They have to stay in business somehow!

    • Simon Neil Westerby

      “You guys just don’t understand how many of their customers have left them in the span of a week. They have to stay in business somehow!” – there I fixed it for you

      • zeno666

        I approve this comment with the stamp of “Truth”!

      • DeadlyYellow

        Sales must be dropping, they’re raising prices again.

  • Erik Setzer

    WTF?!? The game just came out! Are people seriously going to claim over 20% inflation in, what, two weeks?

    That’s even more ridiculous than the $125 board game’s four Assassins costing $128 (it’s a better deal to find one of the games that haven’t sold, of which there are many, even at retail price). Or releasing the Terminator Captain from Bloodstorm (wasn’t he an “exclusive?”) for 1/4 the price of that entire box set.

    • Erik Setzer

      Looks like from another source this is from Visions, so could be a misprint. At least that’d save that bout of stupidity.

      The Assassins costs more than the game they game in? Nope. (And if they really “have to” charge that much because of “costs,” then why did they sell a game with a lot more packaging and materials and additional models for less? You don’t take a hit like that in the hopes it’ll help sell the exact same models later when the models involved are usually only needed individually.)

      • euansmith

        I guess it is the coffee shop pricing model, where you want to get $x out of each customer to cover the costs of staff and premises. The price of the raw materials is negligible, so you can offer a massive cup of coffee to justify the price. In the same way, getting $125 out of a customer for $25 worth of raw materials, or getting £33 out of a customer for $5 worth of raw materials is a going to be win for the company.

        • G Ullrich

          Maybe the price hike on the individual assassins is to help encourage people to clear out the boxed Assassin games still in the stores

          • euansmith

            Great idea 😀 Bring out individual assassins at an inflated price, clear out the boxes and then drop the price of the minis to a more reasonable price… ah – well, the last bit won’t happen, will it 😀

          • Talos2

            Nor will the first to be fair

  • Talos2

    If they put it up immediately I won’t buy one. Simple. Sure the prices are good if you compare them to fw resin, but if you compare them to plastic 40k marines it’s not that impressive. The assassin prices are hilarious

    • Hilarity indeed. I can’t believe anyone would actually pay that.

  • Benoit Tremblay

    220$ CAN. for a game is too much. I don’t care how many miniatures are included.

  • Robomummy

    Its been confirmed by GW that this price was the original price before they brought it down to $150. The WD/WV was printed well in advance of the release. Nothing to worry about.

    • Michael R.

      uhhhh good, 4 boxes would break my budget for this year 😀

    • Ben_S


      • Robomummy

        Faiet 212

      • Someone

        And games workshop from anyone who actually bothered to ask them instead of jumpin g on the Internet to scare monger like our ‘good’ ‘friends’ larry and co.

  • dodicula

    Wow price hike before a product is released… I’ll call it Dodicula’s theorem, GW Marketing and Satire of GW marketing are interchangeable.

  • rfinkle

    If this is true, looks like my plan to only buy 2 will be set in stone. Good job Games Workshop.

    USA has the TPP with the rest of South East Asia. Maybe England is trying to help out the Chinese economy with it’s own trade deal.

  • Jax Tolmen

    There is no price hike. Like most things – if you had bothered to ask anyone who actually works for Games Workshop, such as the guy/girl at your local or even asking them on Facebook – you’d find that it’s a misprint and THERE IS NO PRICE HIKE.

    I love the knee jerk reactions people have to unconfirmed things.

  • A Legalist

    GW been ramping the prices up with their new model sets for years. They think we’re idiots and we have untold sums of money. Weather this box price is right or wrong is relevant. GW other models are stupid expensive now. You can not convince me that a plastic figs are more expensive than metal. When I can metal figs of the same quality for roughly the same price or less I say BS to GW. This company set the standards on price gouging.