BREAKING: New Blood Angels Out of Nowhere!


Like a bolt from the blue – a new AMAZING Blood Angels Chaplain hits the scene.  This Death Company plastic dudesmen must be seen!

via Lil Legend Studios (facebook) 11-10-2015

blood-angel chaplain-0

And here are two enhanced images to make things clearer:

blood-angel chaplain-1 blood-angel chaplain-2


I would assume that this guy is one of the handful of character models that is said to coming alongside the Imperial Assassins in the upcoming Mont’ka Campaign book – headed your way in a week or two.

That is just one stunning mini!  Look at that winged jump pack!  Look at the dracula-style muscled armor.  Plus a nice pose. It’s so awesome it almost makes you nostalgic for the days of that terrible, terrible original Chaplain Lemartes…


~Have at it guys!



  • Christopher Fingerbang

    Dem wings.

  • Hey, I love the old Lemartes. However I will likely use this guy to replace him. Such an AWESOME model and much better than the current Lemartes IMO

    • ChubToad

      I like the actual Lemartes, but this guy is great.

      • I just hate jump pack straps. To me they obscure the model and are less logical than bolting a jump pack on “hey let’s strap this ROCKET to your back and hope that inertia of you 1 ton armored form doesn’t keep you sitting on the ground as this metal harness rips through your armpits and tears your arms off”

        • faolan_conall

          Then it’s a good thing there’s no jump pack straps on this boy.

          • nurglitch

            Jump Pack straps look pretty awesome on Devastators.

  • Paulo Picolomini

    I’m sold. Add to Cart. Pay Now. Confirm Payment. Where is my package GW?!?!?!

  • Looks like Karlean is finally being released separately too

    • Here’s hoping Krom Dragongaze, Grukk and the Broodlord won’t be far behind.

      • Amen… err I mean for the Emperor

    • I find ol’ Karl to be pretty useful as a basic BA captain with SB/TH instead of using his redundant rules.

      • Yes. You can also convert to give a SS instead

  • wow, amazing model. I’m Imperial Fists but I’ll def still be picking this up just to paint or convert

  • Andrew

    I was gonna comment just to mock the hyperbole; but that model does look pretty cool.

  • Troy Buttke

    Well, looks like I will be adding this guy to my Blood Angels. That is one sweet model. Very unique. That isn’t Lemartes, though. Lemartes has a Bolt Pistol, not an Inferno Pistol. So the Blood Angels must have acquired another Death Company Chaplain somehow. Maybe on their way to the Damocles Crusade that they never participated in. Hopefully this signals some new stuff for Blood Angels like a new Formation-based detachment. I would buy that book in a second if it came out.

    • TweetleBeetle

      Their codex would be easy to update to match the current, post-Necrons format too. Much like Tau, I could see them getting squeezed in soon.

      • Aled Mathias

        I hope to god we get a proper decurion-style detachment….I love my Blood Angels but its so disheartening that we got to be the last codex before these new detachments became a thing. Not to mention how restrictive and in most cases- unplayable the Blood Angel formations are compared to all these new ones.

        • Charon

          Still better than Dark Eldar.

    • Shane Mankiewicz

      It could just be a new whizzy-wig chaplain though, not necessarily a death company chaplain. The red X signaling that he has been assigned to lead a DC unit into combat.

    • He doesn’t have to be in the DC. Chaplains always lead it though in the fluff.

    • BT

      With updated Scouts and Dreads to boot? Heck ya. Now I just need them to do my Lamentors right (as in no Red Thirst) and I can stop using the Vanilla Codex.

  • Alexis Thouin Bourdeau

    As a CSM player, I am once again jealous of the loyalists 😛

    • DeadlyYellow

      Dunno why, works just as well as a model. A bit more for Khorne than anything.

      • Alexis Thouin Bourdeau

        Converting a loyalist model to a csm one ? Oh my… that’s some sweet heresy.

        • BT

          My entire EC list is usable as a Vanilla Chapter, CSM Legion, and HH legion. Just avoid the stuff that only one codex can use and your golden.

      • BT

        Would make a neat Raptor if converted properly.

  • Andrew Thomas


    • Alexis Thouin Bourdeau

      Oh Canada.

  • Michael Tite


  • Thomas Gardiner

    How was that old Lemartes “terrible?” I much prefer it to the current Lemartes! The old helmet was much more readily identifiable.

    • ace01uk

      Posture. Gravity/wind defying purity seals and dangly bits. Uneven, ‘not quite Chaos’ helm. ‘Unusable as a weapon’ Crozius.

      Think that should be enough to start with.

      • amaximus167

        Yeah, what he said

    • Ebon Hand

      I like old Lemartes too, but this new guy is outrageously awesome.

  • dodicula

    More space marines, yeay

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    This model looks amazing.

  • Nameless

    the pictures on the right of the split page seem to be of a Terminator model (with a cup/chalice on top of his armour) is that a new model or do I just not know the current Blood Angel range well enough?

  • Shiwan8

    For a second there I thought that I’d go and convert that to something. Then I realized that it’s so count spatula that it’s impossible to put outside team twilight without so heavy converting that one might as well just sculpt a whole new one. It’s nice though, for bangles.

  • Brian Griffith

    That’s no Blood Angel.

    That’s a Night Lord someone painted the wrong colors.

  • Autumnlotus

    As always : another chance for chaos marines to get updated models wasted on a recently updated codex instead. Obviously still think it’s an awesome mod, just salty xD

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      I need my Chaplains, go be salty at the Tau!

      • Autumnlotus

        I’m salty at everyone who gets a new release xD all I want is chaos marines sculpted like the DV chosen, I would buy several boxes

  • Thatroubleshootah

    Looks cool. Won’t pay thirty bucks for it.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      *waves hand*

      You will pay 30 dollars for this model.

      • Thatroubleshootah

        Not with starter sets for three games i want coming in at around a hundred each.

        • zeno666

          All of them most likely better games as well 😉

          • Thatroubleshootah

            better is subjective. I know I’ll have fun playing them and I’ll get two real starter armies in each starter set. I could also say I’d never pay 33 bucks for one little man when a tac squad costs 40.

  • Michael McCarthy Kellerman

    That’s terminator armour in a cape on tbe right of the page… Looks like there is more to come… 🙂

    • Byungwook Kim

      That will be karlaen from the shield of baal. Both are $33.

  • nurglespuss


  • mudduck9000

    Generally not a huge fan of Blood Angels sculpts. Especially the overly vampire looking ones, the nipples on the chest plates, the excessive use of gold and muscle texture, but this miniature is the exception. It’s really nice.

    • mudduck9000

      Oh, I forgot to mention the stupid bowl hair styles. The Sanguinary Guards also look ridiculous.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        As opposed to the Space Vikings and the Marines with Mohawks?

        • amaximus167

          mohawks are cool. bowl cuts have never been cool.

        • mudduck9000

          I have to agree that some of the Space Wolves minis are a little much. I have to disagree on the mohawks though. I especially like the Forgeworld Red Scorpion Marines with mohawks.

      • amaximus167

        I also hate the bowl hair cuts

      • nurglitch

        You mean the tonsured heads?

    • BT

      I used a ton of those bits, /specially/ the nipple armor for my EC. They look fabulous.

      • mudduck9000

        FABULOUS is a good word for them.

    • euansmith

      “You are looking at my nipples, aren’t you… stop looking at my nipples…”

  • Frank O’Donnell

    A very nice bit of work by GW, I wonder will there be a big axe in the pack.

  • David Leimbach

    I hope it’s not Lemartes. The current Lemartes is badass, and that armor is all wrong.

    This is much less ‘realistic’ looking.

  • Pricing. Looks to be $33. More importantly though, Calth is getting an increase.

  • BT

    Looks like I found a great Chaplin for my HH/40k EC.

  • James Hall

    That is an epic figure. One of GW’s best recent models, I think.

    Of course he’ll probably cost about £80 or something.

  • mark hearne

    I smell a Dante conversion

  • tartangreek

    It was posted on tartan paint stufios facebook originally

  • euansmith

    That actually looks rather nice and dynamic. I like the articulation in the legs and the skull helmet doesn’t look too daft; even the skull on a stick doesn’t look terrible.

  • Erik Setzer

    I like him. Just a little iffy on the right side being “exposed muscle” molded into the armor. Seems to be even more overboard than a molded torso.

  • zeno666

    Yay, red marines that sometimes are black…
    I wonder which colour the next marine release will be. Exiting times indeed.

  • Secundum

    This will make a nice base for my Necron Phaeron!

    • Ebon Hand

      How dare you…

  • ChubToad

    In the words of Mr. Michael Corleone: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in”