Even More Black Friday Deals!


Why wait till Friday – these deals are live now!


Arena Rex: 25% off storewide


Warlord Games: Bolt Action buy 3 get 20% off


Terra Tiles (great for adventure games!): 10% off of an entire order


Battle Front Miniatures: 33% off all Flame of War and a cap on shipping costs 

Not a true Black Friday sale, but this one is going on now…


Good Old Games: Up to 50% off Classic D&D Games

And don’t forget the ones I mentioned earlier this week:

Spartan Games Black Friday

Spartan Games: Major discounts on Halo Fleet Battles, Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada, and Planetfall


Wyrd Games: Offering new pre-orders, free model giveaways… and check out those colored sprues!


Angry Mojo: A nifty looking gaming table bundle – terrain and a mat – at an equally nifty price


BlueBot Masking Stencils: 30% on orders over $30

Battle Bag

Bare Bones BattleWorks Co: Deals on bags, foam, and shipping… and pick up a gift card for your favorite gamer while you’re there!

Am I missing an awesome deal? Let me know in the comments!

  • Sebastien Bazinet
    • nurglespuss

      Good point! 😀

      • Erber

        Your username… just xD wow

        • nurglespuss

          Lol 🙂 it is weird when you think my username is older than any forum or group I currently belong too! Ha maybe I am Grandfather nurgles cat after all ;p

          • euansmith

            I guess the age of a user name doesn’t count when it is on my birth certificate?

  • BonesoftheDesert

    I was just at my local GW store…they were packing those Munitorium sacks, and pretty much emptying the shelves. Manager said $100s dollars off on these deals. He mentioned a Necron deal, somewhere around $600 guesstimate. Deals are limited, x-number, once they’re gone they’re gone. I’d guess at least one deal per army, based on how empty the shelves are.

    The sacks look…cheap. I’m sure someone thought it would make a good sandbag, but…oh well. Guess we’ll see.

    • Erik Setzer

      It’s not really hundreds of dollars off on them. There’s some discount, but you’d have to buy multiples to save hundreds of dollars, and if you have that much money, I have to admit some envy.

      The sacks aren’t terrible, I got one for picking up a couple sets of Betrayal at Calth. Given nowhere else to put the stuff at the moment and nothing else to put in the bag, I stuffed mine full of my airsoft equipment… it’s a good bit of stuff, not that light, but the bag’s holding well. It does smell like you’d expect a bag like that to smell, though (if that actually bothers anyone).

  • James Smith

    Heres ours!