FFG: Star Wars: Imperial Assault is Returning to Hoth!


The latest Imperial Assault Expansion is as Cool as ICE – come see the latest from Fantasy Flight Games!

Fantasy Flight Games has pulled the covers off their latest “Big Box” Expansion for Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Return to Hoth!

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The world of Hoth is covered in an unending blanket of ice, making it inhospitable to nearly any lifeform. Yet this natural hostility means that many pass by Hoth without closer examination, making it the perfect place for the Rebellion to hide from the Empire. In Return to Hoth, an upcoming expansion for Imperial Assault, you can face the dangers of this icy planet yourself. 

Return to Hoth is filled with new adventures in the Star Wars™ universe for your campaigns and skirmishes. With an entirely new full-length campaign, rules for multiplayer skirmishes, thirty-seven double-sided terrain tiles, and sixteen sculpted plastic figures, this expansion offers new missions and thrills in every game.

Today, we explore the new Rebel heroes that can join your team with Return to Hoth


Most of the heroes in Imperial Assault are naturally focused on combat. Though they all approach battle in different ways, these heroes are ultimately concerned with dealing the maximum amount of damage to your enemies. InReturn to Hoth, you have the chance to play a different kind of hero with MHD-19.


This medical droid can undoubtedly engage in combat alongside other heroes, but his true calling lies in tending other heroes’ wounds. MHD-19’s Medical Loadout allows him to search the Supply deck for any Medical card by spending an action and suffering a strain—essentially giving you cards like Artificial Stimulants or Emergency Medpac exactly when you need them. The flip side of this powerful ability, however, is that MHD-19 is a Mechanical being; Medical cards cannot affect him at all. Together, these two abilities lead you towards altruistically aiding  your fellow heroes and playing the role of a competent combat medic.

Loku Kanoloa

Joining MHD-19 in Return to Hoth is Loku Kanoloa, a deadly marksman and a member of the Mon Cala Special Forces. Although Loku lacks the health to go toe-to-toe with many Empire forces, he’s an expert in reconnaissance and striking from afar.


By suffering two strain at the beginning or end of your activation, you may use Loku Kanoloa’s Set Your Sights ability to place a recon token on any hostile figure in his line of sight. These recon tokens have no inherent benefits, but when you or a friendly figure attacks a figure with a recon token, Loku’s ability lets you apply an extra damage to the attack. More importantly, you don’t need to discard the recon token to gain this benefit, meaning that you can benefit from extra damage until the figure is destroyed. As Loku Kanoloa fires his shots from long range, you can  also benefit from his Clear-Minded ability, which applies a constant accuracy boost to all of Loku’s attacks.

Verena Talos

While Loku Kanoloa prefers to stay at a distance and cover the other heroes, the final hero introduced in Return to Hoth wants to be in the thick of the battle. Verena Talos is a Rebel operative, and she’s most dangerous when she’s right beside her foes.


Verena Talos’s first ability is Close Quarters, which cements her ability to quickly dispatch an entire team of Stormtroopers or other Imperials. When an adjacent hostile figure is defeated, you can suffer two strain to immediately perform an attack using the defeated figure’s attack type and attack pool. What’s more, you can spend a surge during this attack to gain extra accuracy and damage! By rushing into a group of tightly massed figures, Verena has the potential to chain attacks together until she’s the only figure left standing.

But that’s just the tip if the Iceburg! Naturally you can also use these new editions in the skirmish game side of Star Wars: Imperial Assault. They add some new tricks and traps to play around with when you’re going head-to-head vs a friend on the table top!

I’ve already said my bit about how awesome Imperial Assault is to play. This expansion just adds more to the fun so if you’re already enjoying the game pick this up – it’s more Star Wars Adventures for everyone to enjoy. And if you’re not playing Imperial Assault now is a great time to jump in with this Big Box expansion as well as the core game. You’ll get to take on the adventure with all the toys to choose from at the start!

Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Return to Hoth $59.95



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  • euansmith

    FFG must be in hog heaven; there are some many cool locations and characters to revist from the movies. They should be able to keep expanding this game for far longer than X-Wing.

  • vyrago

    I just love everything that FFG is doing. Star Wars is for certain a magical cash cow for them.

  • jasonsation

    Does anyone play the “skirmish” rules of this game? I’ve never heard anyone talk about them. Just the campaign (which is all I’ve done).