Mantic: MASSIVE Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sales!


Mantic is throwing up some HUGE savings for the holiday season, but you NEED to act fast!

Take it away Mantic:

A very happy thanksgiving to everyone – we hope that all of our friends across the pond have had a great day gorging on turkey.

It’s our turn to give a little this weekend, with some exclusive offers for Black Friday Weekend – it’s time to get ready for Christmas!

Wave 1 of our offers are now up, with the standout the enormous:

50% off the Deadzone Boxed Game

Deadzone is the futuristic skirmish game played in nightmarish urban quadrants and cities, and for this weekend only you can get the boxed game for just £32.49 / $49.99 – 50% off.

The set includes:

  • Two complete Enforcer and Plague faction starters, including a monstrous Plague 1st Gen. These sets are worth £20/$35 each.


  • A battlefield in a box: Your fighters will battle it out in the depths of an urban battlezone, brought to life with the Battlezones Urban District (£24.99/$39.99) included in the box. These plastic tiles allow you to clip together buildings and walkways easily. The system is fully modular, meaning you can unclip your tiles and build something completely different, and looks great on top of the high quality gridded deluxe gaming mat (£15/$25) included in the box for playing the game on. The mat is both tear and crease resistant and folds away for easy storage.
  • Everything you need to play: rulebook, counter sheet, two card decks, and dice!

Add all of this up and the game is worth over £90/$150 – and you can get it all for just £32.49/$49.99 this weekend only.

That’s all of the scenery, a deluxe gaming mat, half a faction starter and all of the game components for free.

Get yours Now

Offers end 11:59pm GMT Monday 30th November!

But that’s not all there is in Wave 1…

Deadzone Books – 50% off

Half-price Deadzone not enough for you? Add extra missions, backgrounds, mercenaries, units and more with the Deadzone expansion books, available at 50% off.


Go loco for LOKA – 50% off the game and sets

With ready-to-play chess pieces inspired by the four elements, and an elegant scaling dice system, take command of the four elements this Christmas in this strategy game of fantasy battles. Find out more.



  • Watch and learn GW.

    • Angel Grinder

      but if GW did that level of discount surely the internet would be shouting “the end is nigh if they are cutting that deep”

  • euansmith

    The building sprues are very nice and solid. There is a great series of tutorials on The TerrainTutor’s channel for how to get the best out of them.

    • I’ve only got the landing pad, they didn’t include enough clips to build the picture on the box and when I emailed about it they told me you have to buy an extra set to build the box image. Definitely wish I’d just bought the GW one lol

      • euansmith

        I glued my stuff together without clips. You are not alone in suffering clip shortage; though I now have piles of them 😀

  • The reason I wasn’t buying manic minis before wasn’t the price lol