Painting The Devil’s Colors – Red & Yellow Tutorial

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Red and Yellow are two of the hardest colors to paint, and Kenny shows you know to do BOTH in this epic airbrush painting tutorial!

Kenny’s changing up his tutorial format and showing you in his first series video how to get the a good table top standard that’s easy-peasey. Then in his follow up videos he shows you how to take it to the next level past table-top quality and beyond!

Checkout this hobby quickie on starting and taking your Red and Yellow game to the next level!



Yellow & Orange???


Red & Orange???

Kenny from Next Level Painting has your back when it comes to airbrushing. Plus he can get those tight conversions like a Chaos Knight Titan done for you too!

Checkout the latest installment his airbrushing tutorials below!

Simple Tricks For Airbrushing Yellow & Red

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  • bogger3k

    “Way too thin” is code for “Don’t want to take my time.” Then again this guy is all about slapping stuff on thick and dirty.

    • Donzo Schenk

      nothing in the above statement is true or accurate of the work done in his videos. yes he is an army painter, but that doesnt mean his work isnt stellar. Please post tutorials showing the world your fantastic paint jobs as i suspect you dont know what your talking about. Then again after looking at your post history you just spew words out via your keyboard.

      • bogger3k

        If I did would you believe it was me? Probably not so trying to show you evidence of my painting skills is kind of pointless. Kenny just doesn’t like to have to make multiple passes with a color, which I understand because that takes time. However that just means that the minitaire paints (which is funny because most people who have looked over them say their too think normally, which I actually agree with) just doesn’t fit his technique… which is a quick, high contrast, low effort style. Which is fine for some people. Me, I don’t personally care for it because to me it looks lazy. That’s just my opinion however. I do post tutorials though, but as I said, there is no point in sharing because it doesn’t matter how good they are because I highly doubt you’ll believe its me.

  • Scharfinator

    He paints really well, but his voice grates on me.

    • CMAngelos

      Yo dawg, you just ain’t gangsta enough for the true beauty of his hardcore speech, dawg.

      He seriously needs to hire a narrator that didn’t fall out of a crappy 90s early 00s rap video.