Signals From the Frontline Episode #385 (with Goatboy)


OMG Goatboy is the special guest on this week’s episode! The Goat commands you to watch…

Big thanks for GoatBoy for stopping by! We love our special guests!

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~ Have fun and tune in next week for more!

  • Bugsculptor

    GMCs and MCs shouldn’t be tank shockable by anything less than a super heavy. If a rhino can’t tank shock a rhino, it shouldn’t be able to push a hierodule or carnifex around. Have you seen the 4th edition tyranid codex cover and what a carnifex should do to a rhino?

    It’s ridiculous that GW haven’t fixed this themselves, but please don’t make it worse with a FAQ ruling.

    • PrimoFederalist

      MC/GC rules are already grossly better than vehicles rules. You won’t see many people shedding tears over the silliness of this rule while the overall discrepancy remains so vast.

      • Bugsculptor

        MCs are costed as if high toughness and armour are worth something, and grav rains on that parade.

        It’s totally ridiculous that a 35 point rhino could instakill a 200 point tervigon. Just as ridiculous as allowing it to push the same model off an objective.

        The only thing people are really taking in tyranid armies these days are flying MCs and maybe mawlocs, as keeping the foot slogging ones alive long enough to do any work is practically impossible.