Warmachine: New Pins for November

Privateer Pins

Hey collectors! Check out these limited edition chibi pins!

This month’s pins include a special ’Jack Marshal Ability Icon pin EXCLUSIVELY available via our website and at WARMACHINE Weekend (November 13–15), as well as the VERY LAST of Chibi Eiryss alternate version and Chibi Kaya & Laris alternate version pins that were available for a limited time in early October! Get these while you can; they will be gone in no time!

Alternate Chibi Eiryss


Alternate Chibi Kaya & Laris


The remainder of our November releases expand your Cryx and Circle pin collections: the symbol of the dreaded Asphyxious and a bust of the monstrous KromacChampion of the Wurm!



Check out all of the new release pins here!

  • Joe D. Foster

    Love the Chibi pins – but they are too expensive and too hard to track down for cheap little pins.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    I don’t get why Pins have become all the rage recently but… I really want the Chibi Kaya and Laris pin. She’s my favorite Circle caster.

    • zeno666

      I don’t get it either

  • Victor Hartmann

    I’m not into the game but the pins look great!

  • Does someone knows a place on the web to find WarmaHorde tee shirts? I would like one for my brother christmas ..